Top 20 Garage Storage Cabinet Solutions in Sydney, NSW (2024)

Do you need some extra garage storage space? Maybe your garage is cluttered and crammed full of boxes and tools, making it difficult to park your car inside. If this sounds like your problem, don't worry – we have the perfect solution. 

In this blog post, we're going to recommend the best garage storage cabinet solutions data-preserver-spaces="true"> in Sydney, NSW. So whether you're looking for a small cabinet to store a few items or a large cabinet that can hold all of your belongings, we've got you covered. Keep reading for more information!

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    Ultimate List of Garage Storage Cabinet Solutions in Sydney

    GarageSmart Storage Cabinet Solutions Sydney


    1800 517 294


    We’ll turn your cluttered garage into a premium, fully functional extension of your home in just 1 day! 

    GarageSmart® provides comprehensive “do-it-for-you” storage solutions along with old-fashioned customer service. Our experienced employees are experts in-home consultation, 3D-design and the installation of our premium GarageSmart® products. 


     GarageSmart® is the premium one-stop garage renovation & organiser company in Australia servicing Melbourne, Victoria & Sydney, New South Wales. We specialise in superior done-for-you garage storage solutions, cabinets, SmartWalls and garage de-cluttering. All ideal for both residential and commercial applications. Custom designed cabinet and organisation solutions for ideal garage, basement, storage and utility spaces.

    In 2004, GarageSmart® pioneered the garage storage category in Australia. Since we’ve built a reputation of providing a premium product along with friendly and professional service. GarageSmart® is the nation’s leader in complete garage fit-outs. We are a privately owned company, and we are very proud of that. GarageSmart® is a complete “do-it for you” premium garage fit-out company.


    Over 40% of Australian homeowners park their cars in the driveway because the garage is too cluttered. Does this sound like you? GarageSmart was founded on the principle that garages were intended first and foremost to store your vehicles. Let us help you to reclaim your garage from the clutter with the best garage storage in Australia.

    GarageSmart Australian garage storage and organising solutions have years of experience using modern technology and perfected techniques to remodel elite garages for satisfied customers. We work tirelessly to ensure that all our customers receive exceptional customer service and are fully satisfied with their premium garage renovation.

    Our professionals provide a high-end variety of remodelling solutions, including garage shelving, flooring, cabinets, SmartWalls, lighting, parking lifts, custom garage doors, garage wall hooks and more.

    Australian garages are not just for storing vehicles; they are storage hubs for many items which can turn your garage into a disorganised mess. GarageSmart Australian Garage Storage Solutions can help organise your space without hurting your wallet.  

    Garage storage solutions have been brought together from all over the world at GarageSmart. Need more garage storage space? Try hanging your bicycles, tools and gardening equipment from wall and ceiling mounted brackets. We have garage cabinets solutions for timber, ladders and fishing rods.

    It’s not uncommon for our garages, workshops, and garden sheds to become the place where everything that doesn’t have a place gets put. And without the right storage solution and an easy system for organising stuff, this can only mean one thing – chaotic mess and frustration. At GarageSmart, we offer an affordable garage solution.


    Our years of providing elite garage storage solutions for Australian garages make us confident that we can turn your cluttered garage into a clean, crisp and highly functional area for your home. We offer a wide range of products to cover all dimensions of your garage. Store your belongings on the walls with custom-built cabinets, pre-built steel cabinets or a wide range of adjustable shelving, free-standing shelving or fixed shelving.

    You even can store your stuff on your garage ceiling with a range of ceiling storage systems. Wouldn’t our work be complete without a custom flooring solution for your garage with the choice between Epoxy Flooring – feeling a bit overwhelmed? GarageSmart also offers complete Australian Garage Storage Solutions for all budgets; we can provide a garage transformation for anyone looking for a complete garage makeover.

    GarageSmart’s tailored storage solutions are a highly effective and much-needed addition to the familiar chaos of household garages. Our Australian expert garage de-cluttering team will guide you through every step of the process, from the designing to the remodelling and organisation of your space.

    If your goal is to turn a cluttered garage into a premium, fully functional extension of your home, we will turn your vision into reality. Our experienced and dedicated staff pay close attention to detail when providing renovation solutions to our clients.


    GarageSmart® is a team of friendly, professional garage organisers committed to creating the perfect customised storage solution for your garage.

    GarageSmart® is owned by Enficet Group, a 100% Australian owned and operated company. GarageSmart® aims to bring great products to the Australian market.

    GarageSmart® pioneered the ‘SmartWall’ garage storage system in Australia in 2004 and has built a reputation for providing a premium product along with friendly and professional service.

    At GarageSmart®, we love nothing more than seeing our happy customers being able to clear up the clutter and reclaim their lives.

    CabinetSmart Garage Storage Cabinet Solutions Sydney

    cabinetsmart garage storage solutions

    1300 794 434

    Smarten Up Your Garage

    Improve the functionality of your garage with a sophisticated CabinetSmart cabinetry storage solution. CabinetSmart provides a variety of garage cabinetry configurations that not only look great but also help you achieve your goal of having a tidy and organized garage.

    CabinetSmart DIY flat packs are high-quality cabinetry at a low cost that are delivered to your garage for free by company employees. Our cabinets are simple to assemble and come with assembly videos. Simply choose the solution that best meets your storage needs and budget from one of our three sizing categories.

    If you have any questions about our products, please contact us via e-mail, phone, or by filling out the contact form.

    GarageFlex Garage Storage Cabinet Solutions Sydney

    garageflex garage storage cabinet solutions sydney

    1300 655 801

    No Garage Too Big Or Too Small

    The system is completely adaptable; you can move cupboards, racks, and hooks as needed and add more storage accessories as needed - all without drilling a single hole. If you move, you can take the fixtures and fittings with you and use them in your new home.

    For over 15 years, we have been installing custom garage solutions. We provide solutions for your garage wall, ceiling, and floor, assisting you in making your garage space a cleaner, streamlined, and organized environment for the entire family.

    Our services include a full Design and Install solution, in which we design your garage layout using specialized design software and then have our professional fitters install it for you. We also provide floor tiles and the option to install your garage yourself by purchasing our products online from our store. We have offices all over Australia.

    Garage Storage Cabinet Solutions FAQs

    Clean and Functional Look

    One of the main reasons to install on-wall garage cabinets is the aesthetics. The area will look cleaner with everything neatly arranged on the walls.

    Apart from enhancing the garage’s appearance, wall-mounted cabinets are also quite functional. For instance, those worried about dirt entering the lower compartments can eliminate this concern with elevated shelves and drawers. They’re much easier to reach, too, allowing for simple access to essential tools.

    Easier to Clean

    Cleaning a cluttered space can be a struggle as it makes it hard to maneuver a broom or vacuum around heavy objects, including garage cabinets that sit on the floor. Moving the cabinets to tackle the surrounding surfaces is also a pain in the neck.

    Build the cabinets onto the walls to save yourself a lot of time and hassle. It provides direct access to dirty areas and makes cleaning much easier.

    Saving Space

    Another benefit of installing wall-mounted cabinets is to save floor space. It enables homeowners to accommodate larger equipment or tools on the ground, essentially increasing the garage’s storage capacity.

    Fewer Bruises

    One of the biggest problems with floor garage cabinets is the risk of tripping. Getting them off the floor and out of the way can help prevent bruised elbows and stubbed toes.

    Keeping Your Knees and Back Safe

    Wall-mounted shelving does not just free up floor space — it also reduces knee and back strain. No more kneeling to reach for your stuff by feel. Instead, having everything at eye level can relieve weary bones and joints.

    Yes, you can use kitchen cabinets in the garage, but it will depend on the type of cabinets. The garage environment is different from the kitchen, and some kitchen cabinets might not work. Also, since the garage is moist, you need cabinets that are moisture resistant. 

    Depending on what you plan to store in the garage, you will also need to get heavy-duty cabinets. Some of the kitchen cabinets share properties with garage cabinets. However, you can still modify your normal kitchen cabinets for use in the garage.

    You probably don’t need garage cabinets, but you might want them. While open shelving is less expensive, very strong, and easier to install than cabinets, cabinets offer a more finished look and keep your things out of view. 

    Additionally, when installing cabinets, you can potentially keep dangerous items behind locked doors, making your garage safer. If you’re interested in making your garage look more organised and function more efficiently, cabinets may be for you. However, before you jump into this project, there are a few things you’ll want to consider.

    • Make a plan that fits your garage. If you’re like most people, your garage is a bit of a catchall for all of your extra stuff. When you’re making a plan, think about why you want cabinets. How much stuff do you need to store? How heavy are these things, and how much room will they require? You’ll want to make sure that the cabinets not only have enough space to store your belongings but also have sturdy enough shelves to withstand the weight of what you want to store. Do you plan to set up a workshop area, or are you just looking to declutter your garage space? How will you use your garage? Once you answer these questions, you’re ready to move ahead with your project. Sketch out your ideas and in the next step, fill in some measurements.
    • Measure your space. Decide where to put the cabinets and how much space you have to spare. Will you use base cabinets? If so, you’ll need to allocate floor space. How deep should the garage cabinets be to make the best use of your space, considering the things you need to store? Garage cabinets are made in a variety of widths, heights, and depths, so you’re sure to find some that fit your space, but you must bring accurate measurements with you when you pick out your cabinets. If you’re planning to hang wall cabinets, make sure they won’t interfere with the operation of your garage door. Think about options like rolling cabinets or cabinets built to fit into a corner so that you can make the best use of your available space.
    • Consider a purge. Another way to make the best use of your space is to free some of it up before starting with cabinets. By getting rid of things you haven’t used in a while, you will reduce the amount of stuff you’ll need to store in your cabinets.
    • Think about the garage’s environment. Your garage is not like your kitchen or laundry room, so that it will require sturdier cabinets. Think about how much rain and snow come into the garage with your car, and then consider which materials would be sturdy enough to stand up to the environment inside your garage.
    • Decide if you want new or used cabinets. Is your garage useful, or is it a showplace? Do you just want to contain your stuff, or do you want to create the ultimate workshop? Think about how you plan to use the cabinets, and you’ll be able to easily decide whether you need to buy new cabinets or if reused will suffice.

    Once you’ve measured, sketched up a plan, considered the materials that will work best, and decided between new and used cabinets, it’s time to go shopping. There are several different ways to go if you’re in the market for recycled cabinets. One extremely cost-effective way to install new cabinets in the garage is to repurpose them from some other room of your home. For instance, if you’re redoing your kitchen, it might be a good idea to move some of the kitchen cabinets into the garage.

    The standard mounting height for cabinets, including both garage and kitchen cabinets, is approximately 96 inches from the floor’s surface to the top of the cabinets in question.

    This particular height means you can reach the top of the cabinets by either standing on your toes or using a chair or stool, just as you might do with common kitchen cabinets.

    This height also provides some space between the top surface of the cabinet and the ceiling so that the cabinets can get proper ventilation.

    A word of warning on both MDF and plywood: they both contain formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds (VOC). These contaminants are lung and nervous system irritants.

    Painting, priming, and sealing or staining both materials will help reduce the off-gassing of the irritants. However, this does not entirely remove the problem. Plywood can be purchased in a formaldehyde-free option, but it is much more expensive than normal plywood.

    When it comes down to deciding between MDF and plywood for your garage storage cabinets, it is important to keep in mind your budget, your plan, and the location of the cabinets.


    GarageKing Storage Cabinet Solutions Sydney


    1300 208 503

    Sydney’s State of The Art Garage Shelving Designer

    GarageKing creates cutting-edge garage storage solutions for Sydney residents and businesses. We manufacture high-quality components and accessories from first-rate materials to ensure quality and longevity. Our range is ideal for DIY enthusiasts, home maintenance enthusiasts, weekenders, and athletes, with a variety of products that simplify your space and provide ultimate convenience.

    We only make products that we guarantee will optimize your home's space and make it clutter-free as one of Australia's leading garage storage system manufacturers. GarageKing is your one-stop shop for everything intuitive inventory, from workbenches to cabinets, fishing rod holders, and wine racks.

    All of our products are delivered throughout Sydney, as well as to Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Hobart. Check out our collection and discover why Sydney residents prefer Garageking to maximize their space.

    Garage Organisers Storage Cabinet Solutions Sydney

    garage organisers storage cabinet solutions sydney


    Welcome to our website. We provide GARAGE STORAGE SOLUTIONS to our clients in SYDNEY. Our company believes that the garage is where home storage will go in the future, so let's get it done right the first time. To that end, we use cutting-edge garage storage products, clever designs, and high-quality professional installations.

    GARAGE STORAGE SOLUTIONS IN SYDNEY is becoming increasingly popular. Property lots are shrinking and houses are growing in size, but the GARAGE remains the same size. The good old days of a NSW house with a shed to store all your gear and give you somewhere to potter around are quickly fading, but the clutter keeps coming.

    With the right design and GARAGE STORAGE PRODUCTS, you can transform your GARAGE into the workhorse that it was intended to be. A place to park your cars at night and when they're not in use, an area that not only safely stores all of your past, present, and future belongings, but also provides you with an ORGANIZED space in your home to do whatever you want with.

    Garage Magic Storage Cabinet Solutions Sydney

    garage magic

    0448 951 732

    Custom storage solutions for all of your individual needs. Allow me to turn your garage from a battleground into an organized masterpiece. Perhaps you simply want more space and storage, as well as the ability to park your car in the garage.

    Garage Outfitters Storage Cabinet Solutions Melbourne

    garage outfitters

    1300 843 420


    With simple garage storage solutions, our garage storage systems can transform your Sydney Garage, Shed, or Work Space into a place of order and tidiness. Garage storage systems are becoming increasingly popular in Sydney, and with the right garage storage system, you will not only be the envy of your friends and neighbors, but you will also increase the value of your home.

    Our garage storage systems can be professionally installed by our team, which has over 25 years of experience with storage systems in and around the garage. Most of our products can be installed with relative ease using our handy installation guides and videos, and if you run into trouble, you can always give us a call.

    If you've always wanted innovative, high-quality garage storage systems in your Sydney garage, don't wait any longer; we are experts in the field and are here to organize your garage with friendly service, quality installations, and competitive prices.

    Garage Shelving Storage Cabinet Solutions Sydney

    garage shelving solutions

    0428 714 947

    Our products range in size, color, and weight rating, making them suitable for all customers and businesses, large and small. We currently deliver and stock locations throughout NSW and QLD. We offer high-quality products at a reasonable price.

    Garage Shelving Solutions only offers the best products for all of your storage and shelving needs. Our extensive selection varies in size, color, and weight rating, making it ideal for any garage, workshop, or warehouse. Our product line is comprised of various suppliers who select only the highest quality products at the best prices and make them available all in one place, backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 12-month warranty policy on all of our new products.

    Gladiator Garageworks Storage Cabinet Solutions Sydney

    gladiator garageworks storage cabinet solutions melbourne

    1800 452 341

    Gladiator Garageworks Storage Solutions features an innovative wall system with heavy-duty sliding wall components such as hooks, garage shelving, and stylish, durable steel cabinets designed to securely and neatly hold your gear in place.

    Whirlpool held an innovation day in August 2001. Marketers, engineers, brilliant ideas, and people dressed in suits and lab coats gathered in a room to 'think.' They were mixed together, divided into smaller groups, and then assigned to different rooms of the house. Gladiator Garageworks was created by the garage team and released in the United States in 2002. Until that group of Whirlpool designers decided to think outside the box, the garage was just... well, a garage... a place to park your car and pile up clutter that wouldn't fit anywhere else. Gladiator Garageworks, on the other hand, can completely transform your garage. You'll want to spend time there.

    Interex Custom Joinery Garage Storage Cabinet Solutions Sydney

    interex custom joinery garage storage cabinet solutions sydney

    1300 943 669

    Interex Custom Joinery takes pride in providing excellent service that ensures every project is completed on time and within budget, with a quality product that exceeds expectations. We believe that if a job is worth doing, it should be done well. And it's not so much what we do as it is how and why we do it.

    The Interex Story

    Interex Custom Joinery is a company that specializes in the design and installation of large-scale, detailed joinery and high-end quality fit-outs for both residential and commercial projects. Interex was founded in 2013 with the intention of providing excellence in joinery and cabinetry to custom-home builders, architects, building designers, and high-end developers in the residential and multi-family industries.

    Gareth, the owner, is originally from New Zealand and worked as a cabinet maker in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Italy before returning to Australia to establish Interex. The company began operations in Wentworth Point, then moved to Melrose Park, and is now based in Kingsgrove.

    Oz Shelving Garage Storage Cabinet Solutions Sydney

    oz shelving solutions

    02 9750 6650

    Premium Quality Retail Shelving Units & Fixtures

    Inventive shelving designs and top-notch shopfitting displays can enhance your retail space. Oz Shelving Solutions provides a wide variety of practical and custom solutions to fit your needs as Australia's top experts for high-quality retail display shelving and shop fittings.

    With dependable and long-lasting display shelving and shop fitting supplies, you can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your store design while still meeting your shop floor and visual merchandising needs.

    Silva Wardrobe Co. Garage Storage Cabinet Solutions Sydney

    silva wardrobe co. garage storage cabinet solutions sydney

    02 8074 5741

    High-Grade Garage Storage in Sydney

    No matter how hard you try, garage spaces frequently lack design attention. In many homes, they serve less as places to park cars and more as convenient places for homeowners to keep items they don't use frequently. But that doesn't have to be the case, not when "Silva Wardrobe Co" experts can offer you personalized solutions for Garage Storage in Sydney.

    Every homeowner has different needs, and we are aware of this. For this reason, our professional designers work closely with you to fully grasp your vision for this area before developing custom Garage Storage in Sydney solutions that go above and beyond your expectations. Every element we create and install for you will improve your way of life. The majority of people do want to be able to park their car in their garage, and with our fantastic and useful garage storage ideas, you will be able to do just that.

    SPAR Racking Garage Storage Cabinet Solutions Sydney 

    spar racking garage storage cabinet solutions sydney

    02 96309195

    Established in 2009, SPAR Racking is a family-run business that provides a wide variety of storage products and related accessories to customers in homes, offices, and warehouses. The SPAR brand was established in the market with the highest standards of customer service while offering a variety of storage products and accessories at the best value price points.

    Every day, we provide our customers with special, stable prices. At all times, we do make an effort to match prices as closely as we can. Compared to the dull colors offered elsewhere, our products are more appealing, excellently priced, and provide excellent value. If you can't come to us, just place an order, and our product will definitely be delivered to you. We also offer the best prices on delivery throughout Australia.

    Steelspan Garage Storage Cabinet Solutions Sydney

    steelspan garage storage cabinet solutions sydney

    1300 851 374

    For the shed, garage, and home workshop, Steelspan offers a selection of storage options for the garage. Your needs for garage storage can be met by Steelspan, which offers everything from metal pegboard panels to steel shelving, garage cabinets, workbenches, and tool drawers to complete storage systems.

    The simplicity of Steelspan, which has only 12 essential parts, is its strength. You can create a garage storage solution that is unique to your space and usage needs using these integrated modular components. View our selection of pre-made garage storage solutions or use the Steelspan Garage Storage Solution Designer to make your own.

    Storage Sam Garage Storage Cabinet Solutions Sydney

    storage sam

    0405 713 999

    Shelving and Racking experts. Hello and welcome to Sam's Storage. Storage Sam specializes in storage solutions. We offer shelving and racking to meet a wide range of customer requirements. Our shelving and racking are both reasonably priced and of high quality.

    About Us

    Storage Sam is a Sydney-based Australian company. We have specialized in providing high-quality storage solutions at reasonable prices since our inception in 2007. Our products are made in Australia and provide storage solutions for both the home and business. We are committed to offering high-quality, dependable, versatile, and cost-effective products.

    Our commitment to providing excellent customer service backs up our high-quality products. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us and is critical to the success of our business.

    Stratco Garage Storage Cabinet Solutions Sydney

    stratco garage storage cabinet solutions sydney

    1300 165 164

    With a network of home improvement stores spread across the nation, Stratco now has cutting-edge manufacturing facilities in each of Australia's mainland states. A. E. Stratton, then a young man, founded a plumbing business in Adelaide at the start of the 1940s.

    Following years of hard work through difficult times, he established Stratco Metal Pty Ltd in 1948 to manufacture sheet metal products for his plumbing company to install. He was encouraged by his success and the unwavering support of his wife Mavis.

    The Box Thing Garage Storage Cabinet Solutions Sydney

    the box thing

    1800 017 248

    Apartment Storage Systems manufactured and owned in Australia The Thing in the Box Choose from one of our standard garage storage solutions or inquire about made-to-measure options for the ultimate in garage and apartment storage systems.

    We have a wide range of storage solutions and ideas to meet all of your requirements, from simple storage cabinets to large over bonnet storage, as well as car park storage, basement storage, and garage storage.

    If you need storage, protection from the elements, or simply want to reduce noise from your pool pump, Apartment Storage Systems Pty Ltd has the solution: The Box Thing.

    The Box Thing is the ultimate solution for garage and apartment storage. If you need storage, protection from the elements, or simply want to reduce noise from your pool pump, Apartment Storage Systems Pty Ltd has the solution: The Box Thing.

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