Top 20 Epoxy Flooring & Coating Companies Melbourne, Victoria (2024)

Epoxy Flooring and Coating

Epoxy flooring is a great way to protect your property from damages, and it's also an easy do-it-yourself project. 

Epoxy floors are low maintenance, waterproof, and can last up to 15 years!  You must take the proper precautions when working with epoxy flooring because it can be harmful if not used correctly. 

We hope this list of Melbourne's best epoxy flooring and coatings companies will help you get started. There are plenty of options out there, but we want to make sure that you end up with a good product for both your home and the environment!

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    Ultimate List of Epoxy Flooring & Coating Companies in Melbourne

    A1 Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne

    a1 epoxy flooring

    (03) 9912 0553

    We work on flooring projects all over Melbourne and occasionally Australia. We have extensive knowledge of all types of flooring systems and concrete coatings.

    Epoxy is a fantastic solution for giving an old worn-out garage floor a new lease on life. Covers old oil stains and creates a long-lasting floor! It can be difficult to find a flooring solution that will last, especially in garages that are subjected to heavy use.

    If you're looking for a cost-effective way to transform your garage floor into a smart-looking, highly durable, stain-resistant surface, our specialist epoxy garage floor services in Melbourne will meet all of your requirements. Our professional epoxy treatments can transform your garage floor into a strong, attractive, and easy-to-maintain surface.

    Betterseal Flooring & Coatings Melbourne


    0411 487 330

    Epoxy Flooring Melbourne

    Betterseal is a name that Melbourne businesses and companies are familiar with when it comes to epoxy flooring and concrete repairs. Because we offer such a diverse range of flooring solutions, you can be confident that no matter what situation you are in, our team of experts can handle it.

    MS Epoxy Flooring & Coating Melbourne

    ms epoxy flooring & coating

    0423 341 140

    Melbourne’s Premier Epoxy Flooring Contractors

    MS Epoxy Flooring & Coating is one of the most renowned names in Melbourne, offering a wide range of epoxy flooring solutions.

    We have some of the most qualified and skilled specialists on our team, who will use the most up-to-date tools and techniques to provide the best solutions to meet our clients' functional and aesthetic needs. This customer-centric approach, combined with our determination to provide perfect, on-budget solutions, distinguishes our epoxy specialists in Melbourne as the best in the business.

    Our perfection, professionalism, and customer-centric approach, combined with the quality of work that we always adhere to, have earned us the title of Melbourne's most adored epoxy flooring contractors.

    Epoxy Flooring and Coating FAQs

    Epoxy is an adhesive, paint, plastic, or other material created as a polymer of epoxides. The term “epoxy” is used to describe coatings created from two components, meaning a combination mix of two different chemicals, referred to as “resin.” This classifies epoxy as a copolymer. Chemically, the resin is composed of short-chain polymers, which at their end contain an epoxide group.

    Many benefits come with using an epoxy floor coating compared to using other types of resins for flooring. Most importantly, epoxy is known to be the highest strength resin in the industry. They offer the strongest bond between the resin and reinforcement and allow the construction of the lightest part and most durable modules.

    Epoxy is typically chosen for its excellent mechanical properties and its dimensional stability. When properly cured, epoxy flooring offers good chemical and heat resistance and extremely low shrinkage. 

    Epoxy resins are an excellent option for repairs since they bond to dissimilar materials and previously cured materials. Most epoxy resins can be post-cured with heat to improve strength, service temperature, and dimensional stability. 

    Parts should be cured at a temperature that matches or exceeds their maximum service temperature; otherwise, the epoxy might warp or distort. The bonding of epoxy paint offers a strength that cannot be matched by other common materials, such as vinylester or polyester.

    Epoxy is becoming more and more popular as a flooring option in residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Epoxy floor coatings are typically two-part systems consisting of a Part A resin and Part B hardener.

    Specialty additives like flow control, UV inhibitors, adhesion promoters, accelerators, etc., are added to create coatings that perform well in a wide variety of flooring applications.

    Epoxy floor coatings are formulated using these specialty additives to achieve different desired performance characteristics like a more rapid cure, increased abrasion resistance, higher chemical resistance, higher or lower viscosity, and many others.

    In addition, different pigments, decorative coloured quartz aggregate, vinyl flakes, glitter, and other additives are added to the epoxy floor resin to achieve different performance and aesthetic characteristics. 

    Lastly, different types of aggregate sand blends (slurry, trowel, broadcast, etc.) can also be added to the epoxy as well to create thicker, more durable flooring systems and add non-slip texture. Epoxy Floor Coatings are an extremely versatile flooring option and can be made and applied in a large variety of performance and aesthetic characteristics.

    More precisely, epoxy resin is the result of the chemical reaction which is known as curing. Curing is the chemical process that involves chemicals together with epoxides, knowing as curing agents or hardeners. 

    The hardening mechanism is created through the cross-linking of polymer chains. This curing result creates epoxy thermoset polymers, which hold distinct resistance, durability, versatility, and adhesion.

    Epoxy curing is initiated through heat and high temperatures. In other words, epoxy is a thermosetting substance. If the surrounding temperature is not sufficient to create the curing process, then curing will not occur. Epoxy cannot be uncured once it has been cured.

    There are different forms of epoxy resins that can be merged, depending on an individual’s desired outcome. A more customised epoxy solution can be created by mixing plasticisers, fillers, or additives. These additives are used to adjust the final properties for individual uses.

    Typically, epoxy flooring lasts 2 to 3 years in heavy traffic. Commercial properties—like garages, restaurants, or factory spaces—with lots of daily foot traffic can expect this experience. However, with proper care and maintenance, your epoxy flooring may last much longer.

    For residential spaces that use epoxy flooring—like patios or garages—homeowners can expect to keep their epoxy flooring looking great for even longer. Typically, residential epoxy flooring can last up to 10 years with proper care!

    Want to extend the life of your epoxy flooring beyond its expiration date? Here, we’ve tracked down advice from our past customers on how to treat your epoxy floors to last.

    Complete regular maintenance tasks. 

    Once you have an epoxy floor installed, the length of its lifespan is truly up to you. To maintain its initial quality, you should plan to sweep the flooring daily to remove any grit, dust, and dirt. Clean it with a mild scrubber once per week to maintain shine. 

    Reapply coating, if necessary.

    When your epoxy flooring receives lots of daily traffic, you might have to create a plan to reapply the coating in a few years.

    This is typically the case for commercial properties with heavy vehicles or foot traffic. To maintain your current look and feel, reapply as necessary. 

    Choose a professional epoxy installer.

    When it’s time to install an epoxy coating on your floors, don’t opt for do-it-yourself. Instead, hire a professional epoxy installer to ensure quality products are being used.

    Professional installers are trained to create and apply the perfect floor coating for your residential or commercial property. And, you’re sure to receive an excellent return on your investment. 


    Knights Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne

    knights epoxy flooring



    Are you planning to resurface your office, workplace, or home floor with a long-lasting, sleek, dust-free, and non-slip surface? And, once again, do you want to ensure that it digs a hole in your coffer?

    Concrete epoxy flooring, on the other hand, will serve you best. It is a liquid resin composed of two different ingredients. When these two ingredients are combined, they form a strong plastic film that, when applied to the concrete surface, creates a long-lasting non-slip surface. It is unaffected by hail, rain, or shine, and you can walk on it without fear of slipping. It also requires no maintenance.

    However, when it comes to epoxy flooring in Melbourne, Knights Epoxy Flooring is one of the best. We provide a seamless service that not only meets but exceeds your needs and expectations, thanks to our experience and knowledge.

    Tuff Build Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne

    tuff build

    0432 521 28

    Epoxy Flooring Contractors

    Very strong, modern appearance, acid resistance, and suitable for heavy loads! Are you concerned about scratches or floor damage in your warehouse? Epoxy floors tip the scales in your favor. Epoxy flooring is a hard floor that is ideal for industrial applications. Commercial spaces, warehouses, offices, basements, and garages are all excellent candidates.

    It is an excellent choice for coating industrial floors due to its liquid-tight properties and strength. This floor can be found in modern interiors because of its sleek appearance and seamless character.

    Do you need epoxy flooring contractors in Melbourne for your office, business, garage, or factory? Tuff Build is an excellent option. Our epoxy flooring is not only chemical and acid resistant, but it can also withstand the weight of heavy vehicles and machinery without scratching. Our years of flooring experience ensure that your floor is perfectly tailored to the needs of public spaces.

    Johnsons Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne

    johnsons flooring


    Johnsons Epoxy Flooring Melbourne

    Want a long-lasting epoxy concrete floor? Johnsons Flooring provides a wide range of concrete flooring solutions, including Epoxy Floor Coating, concrete sealing, grinding, and more. We provide a variety of suitable options for residential, commercial, and industrial floors. You can be confident that whatever finish you choose from us will be of the highest quality.

    Johnsons Flooring's flooring experts are passionate about flooring and will provide you with the best quality epoxy resin flooring in Melbourne. We take pride in our work and will collaborate with you to ensure you get the desired result.

    Allgrind Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne


    0407 682 579

    Whether your concrete is internal or external, new or old, Allgrind has a flooring system that will meet your needs at an affordable price. We can transform your tired old concrete into a durable yet elegant showpiece without using wood or tiles.

    When it comes to polished concrete that is of the highest quality and is created with care and attention to detail, the family-owned and operated professionals at Allgrind are unrivaled. We have been in the industry for several years and have established ourselves as a leader in the concrete polishing industry. Our goal has always been to provide nothing but the best for our clients. We treat everyone with respect and honesty, just as we would our own family. This is why people trust the Allgrind team.

    Baker Technical Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne


    03 9543 6883

    Baker Technical Epoxy Flooring Services is a commercial flooring company in Melbourne. We are a Melbourne-based company that serves industrial, commercial, and government clients throughout Melbourne and the state of Victoria. With over 40 years of combined experience, our team is well-equipped to meet your requirements. Baker Technical Epoxy Flooring Services will provide you with accurate advice, quotes, and quality service for any floor coating applications.

    Durable Concrete Coatings Epoxy Melbourne

    durable concrete coatings

    (03) 9052 4873

    Our company is also concerned about the environment, which is why we are proud to offer a wide range of environmentally friendly water-based solutions that include very low and no VOC technology.

    Concrete Surface Coatings Melbourne

    concrete surface coatings

    0472 505 556

    There are numerous floor coatings and sealers available for industrial factory flooring. The floor's use and environment will be determined. Coatings can be made of epoxy resin, polyurethane resin, polyurea resin, or an acrylic sealer. Please contact us if you require advice or a quote.

    Epoxy Floor Coatings

    The most common resin used on an industrial floor is epoxy resin coatings on concrete floors. Epoxy resin is durable and has a significant positive impact because you can choose any color to complement your business. Please see our recent projects for some examples.

    ArmourCoat Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne

    armour coat

    03 9702 3309

    Looking for industrial and commercial flooring in Melbourne? We specialize in epoxy flooring and can tailor a solution to your specific requirements. Choosing the right surface for concrete covering has numerous advantages, including increased durability, increased efficiency and safety, improved visual appeal, easier cleaning, and lower maintenance costs.

    ArmourCoat provides a comprehensive range of low-cost commercial epoxy resin flooring solutions to meet your specific requirements, whether you have an existing surface or a new construction project. Our knowledgeable staff offers a full range of industrial resin floor coating solutions, from initial consultation and planning to surface preparation, application, and ongoing maintenance, all at the most competitive prices.

    Epoxit Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne



    With over 20 years of experience, Epoxit specializes in Epoxy floor coating, Polyurethane membrane, Anti-corrosion coating, Concrete coating, Polished concrete, Concrete repair, Stencil concrete, Flake epoxy system, Decorative epoxy system, and Resin based coating.

    The company was founded by a chemist and is still family-owned and operated. With the best information from materials and application methods, we produce quality products for customer needs and concerns.

    We have fully trained manpower, expert supervisors, and dedicated management to complete all types of projects on time and in a professional manner, from the largest to the smallest.

    Concrete Resurfacing Systems Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne

    concrete refursing systems

    1300 139 091

    Concrete Resurfacing Systems cater to the Industrial, Commercial, and Residential Construction industries. We offer complete solutions for all aspects of concrete preparation, treatment, and coating. Our services include everything from concrete preparation (concrete grinding and blasting) to the application of protective coatings and concrete sealers. Industrial-grade epoxy floor coatings and polyurethane concrete sealers are used in this process.

    Because of our extensive experience in the concrete treatment industry, we have risen to the top of the market for the application and installation of decorative concrete floors and coatings. Polished concrete floors, stained concrete, decorative concrete overlays, decorative self-leveling floors, concrete resurfacing, and decorative epoxy flooring surfaces are among our decorative concrete surfaces. If you need a quote for polished concrete floors in Melbourne, contact Concrete Resurfacing Systems.

    Mr. Grind Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne

    mr. grind

    0478 047 404

    Epoxy Flooring

    Epoxy is used primarily as a floor covering and forms a hard, shiny surface upon application. Due to its durability and resistance to damage, epoxy flooring is especially common in garages and showroom floors. Like all epoxy products, it is a two-part system, composed of both a resin and a hardener, with colour added to provide the desired finish.

    Compared to other flooring types, epoxy flooring has a number of benefits. Epoxy can be used to coat or fill in rough or uneven surfaces because it serves as both a filler and a coating. Additionally, it is highly resistant to rust, acid, chemicals, heat, and corrosion. It is also waterproof. Epoxy-coated surfaces can also withstand greater traffic and abuse, such as that caused by cars, forklifts, and large machinery. Epoxy is non-staining and is simple to clean. In contrast to its relatively low cost, epoxy paint application is very strong and long-lasting.

    In2 Floorcoatings Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne

    in2 floor coatings

    0430 224 961

    With over 25 years of experience, In2floorcoatings is a leader in floor applications throughout Victoria. We are committed to collaborating with you to provide you with the best advice, competitive pricing, and quality service for your projects.

    Dean has extensive experience and diverse knowledge of epoxy flooring products and building/construction materials for the commercial, industrial, and private sectors. Dean founded In2 Floorcoatings in 2013 and is now a leading applicator and contractor of a wide range of epoxies, cementitious, and concrete flooring products.

    Mainliner Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne


    (03) 9302 4679

    Epoxy Floor Coating

    Non-slip flooring coatings protect against slips, keeping your employees and visitors safe at all times. One of the best anti-slip coatings available is epoxy flooring Melbourne, which provides an easy way to resurface concrete floors. They not only keep the floors safe, but they also add a charming touch to their appearance.

    We understand the importance of non-slip floor coatings at Mainliner, which is why we provide epoxy flooring in Melbourne for industrial and commercial floor applications. Polyamine hardener and epoxy resin are combined to make epoxy flooring. Multiple layers of epoxy floor coating are applied to the flooring rather than a single layer. Epoxy resin is a long-lasting material that is resistant to stains, abrasion, and chemicals.

    Complete Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne

    complete epoxy

    0410 777 413

    Do you intend to renovate your home? or do you simply want to redo your home's flooring? Then select epoxy flooring that is both durable and appealing. It is simple to maintain and comes in a wide range of patterns and colors. Furthermore, this type of flooring lasts longer and is simple to maintain with regular care.

    So, if you've decided to have epoxy flooring installed in your home by the pioneer Flooring Contractors In Melbourne, you can go with Complete Epoxy, a family-owned and operated service provider in Australia. Throughout Melbourne, we have been providing high-quality flooring and epoxy services at the most affordable and budget-friendly prices.

    Austech Epoxy Systems Melbourne

    austech epoxy systems

    0431 808 725

    Epoxy floor coatings are made up of a combination of polymer resins and hardeners. It produces a smooth and shiny finish when applied to concrete flooring. Epoxy is both durable and visually appealing, making it suitable for a wide range of residential and commercial applications.

    Das Epoxy & Resurfacing Victoria 

    das epoxy & resurfacing victoria

    0430 376 359

    Epoxy Floor Coating

    Das Epoxy & Resurfacing Victoria offers hygienic and long-lasting epoxy floor coatings. With seamless designs and flooring solutions, the options can be customized and decorated. We offer the best flooring materials based on cutting-edge technology. We are the industry leaders in epoxy and other resurfacing industries. Whether it's epoxy, concrete, or topcrete, our experts can install the right products in the right order.

    NuLook Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne

    nulook floors melbourne

    0423 853 985

    Das Epoxy & Resurfacing Victoria offers sanitary and long-lasting epoxy floor coatings. Customization and decoration are possible with seamless designs and flooring solutions. We offer the best flooring materials available, based on cutting-edge technology. We are the industry leaders in the epoxy and resurfacing industries. Whether it's epoxy, concrete, or topcrete, our professionals can install the right products in the right order.

    Your NuLook Floor solution will have your neighbors jealous with its low fire rating, low slip rating, and UV resistant topcoats. We listen to you and make sure you get what you want, when you want it, because customer satisfaction is our top priority.

    Liquid Steel Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne

    liquid steel

    Melbourne’s Experts in Epoxy Flooring Solutions

    Liquid Steel Coatings and Membranes was founded in 2008 in Melbourne by industry experts. The owners have a technical and experienced background and have entered the market to provide exceptional quality of work and technical expertise as a trusted epoxy flooring contractor.

    For many years, we have provided exceptional service to our clients and delivered quality results with warranties to put their minds at ease. We take pride in our knowledge of the waterproofing and flooring markets, and we offer epoxy floor solutions even in the most difficult of situations.

    There are numerous products, manufacturers, and suppliers in today's market. It is critical to achieve quality results by selecting the right product for the right application. At Liquid Steel, we collaborate with manufacturers of all product ranges, innovating and comparing market leaders' products. Years of advice and feedback have been provided to manufacturers, chemists, and suppliers in order to get the products just right.

    National Floor Coatings Epoxy Melbourne

    national floor coatings

    1300 014 940

    Building/construction materials and epoxy flooring products for the commercial, industrial, and private sectors. They merged in late 2006 to form National Floor Coatings, which now operates as a leading applicator and contractor of epoxies, cementitious, and concrete flooring products.

    We can offer timely and cost-effective solutions by utilizing a diverse range of products and services. National Floor Coatings can provide sanitary, long-lasting, seamless, and aesthetically pleasing floors that are only limited by your imagination. We will make certain that your floor meets your needs and fits within your budget.

    Granicrete Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne


    Transforming Every Space With Seamless, Elegant Flooring

    The Granicrete team specializes in the design and installation of modern epoxy flooring and polished concrete. Throughout Victoria, we create solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial needs.

    Our team has seen every kind of cracked, stained, and damaged floor over the last two decades. Whether you need a tough new factory floor, a stunning floor to boost your company's image, or a one-of-a-kind talking point that matches your personality, our team of floor artists and installers will turn your space into a walk-on masterpiece!

    C.C.R Australia Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne

    c.c.r australia

    0435 288 221

    For many years, C.C.R Australia has been revitalizing concrete in homes and businesses. We take pride in our work and have over 15 years of industry experience. Because we only use the highest quality products on the market, our motto is Quality Coatings Without Compromise.

    C.C.R. Australia has the industry knowledge to provide the best option for giving your concrete a new look, having worked with customers throughout Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula.

    Fortis Adhesives and Coatings Melbourne

    fortis adhesives & coatings

    (03) 9706 5443

    We take great pride at Fortis Adhesives and Coatings in developing new products and customizing adhesives, floor coatings, and repair systems to meet the needs of our customers. Check out our industry-leading Adhesives, Coatings, Epoxy Coatings, and Waterproofing Membranes, as well as our new Aerosol Canisters, Concrete Densifiers, and Repair Systems. Our goal is to find the best technical solutions for our customers. We take pride in our work as well as the work of our customers.

    All Purpose Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne

    all purpose coatings & epoxy supplies

    1800 437 690

    Excellence in Formulation & Manufacturing

    All Purpose Coatings Pty Ltd is a privately held Australian company that specializes in the design, formulation, manufacturing, and supply of high-performance protective coatings products and systems. All Purpose Coatings is Australia's largest network of seamless flooring installers.

    The products of All Purpose Coatings are made in our Brisbane facility to the highest standards set by the industry to guarantee longevity and unmatched quality.

    Australian Made and Owned, ISO9001 (Quality Management System), ISO45001 (Occupational Health and Safety), and APAS are among the certifications and accreditations held by the company (Australian Paint Approval Scheme). Additionally, All Purpose Coatings has a Federally recognized RMU (Registered Manufacturing Unit) on our entire line of epoxies, ensuring our commitment to high-quality systems, products, and the security of our employees and clients.

    Allsafe Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne

    allsafe coatings

    (03)9762 7816

    Why? Because Allsafe guarantees its work, having full EBA compliance you can rest assured Allsafe Coatings offer professional and high-quality services. Having successfully performed works for Industry Icons, Allsafe knows the cost of downtime & the inconvenience of repeat works. So, whilst you can be confident because of Guaranteed works, you can relax too because it’s unlikely you’ll ever need it.

    Able Floors Epoxy Flooring & Coatings Melbourne

    able floors

    03 9738 0741

    Able Industrial Floors specializes in floor coatings and concrete resurfacing for industrial, commercial, and residential environments. Food processing plants, aerospace facilities, electronics/robotics, pharmaceutical/biotech, chemical processing, and a variety of other facilities are examples.

    Able Industrial Floors is a well-known installer of industrial seamless epoxy flooring and polyurethane floors. We have over 30 years of experience and have installed millions of square metres of industrial flooring systems in Australia and around the world. We also offer expert flooring consultation to help you achieve your goals with the best solution possible.

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