Top 10 Retaining Wall Companies in Melbourne

top 10 retaining wall companies in melbourne

Melbourne, a beautiful city in Australia, is growing fast. With this growth, there's a rising need for companies that build strong walls to support land and prevent erosion. These walls are called retaining walls.

In this blog, we'll make it easy for you to find the best companies in Melbourne that do this work. They're experts at making sure your property looks great and stays safe.

Join us as we introduce you to the top 10 retaining wall companies in Melbourne. You'll learn about their work and how they can help you create sturdy, attractive walls. Melbourne, get ready to meet the best experts for all your retaining wall needs!

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    National Masonry 

    national masonry

    National Masonry is a prominent manufacturer and supplier of retaining walls in Victoria, offering a variety of styles, structures, and functionalities. Their retaining wall range is designed to cater to different landscaping needs, providing options for garden edges and decorative walls. The company's offerings include a variety of textured surfaces, patterns, and colours to suit any landscaping project, aiming to give it a significant aesthetic boost. They emphasise the importance of consulting with local councils for design requirements prior to construction, especially for walls over 0.5m in height or near surcharge loadings like driveways or houses.

    The services offered:

    • Modernstone® range for sleek, vertical walls with a split face finish, suitable for walls up to 2 meters high.
    • Gardenwall® system is a versatile single block system ideal for DIY projects, suitable for walls up to 1 meter high.
    • Borderstone® range is a double-sided block for small garden walls, suitable for walls up to 375mm high.
    • Accessories and expert advice for retaining wall design and construction.

    Phone: (03) 9361 6400



    RWSteel is a key supplier in Melbourne for retaining wall steel and sleepers, serving the needs of both the trade sector and private customers for many years. Their expertise and experience have made them a go-to choice for cost-effective galvanised steel posts, timber, and concrete sleepers. The company prides itself on providing everything needed to build a retaining wall, from materials to advice, ensuring that customers receive the best possible service and products for their projects. RWSteel's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is evident in the positive testimonials from clients who have benefited from their excellent knowledge, products, service, and competitive pricing.

    Services offered:

    • Supply of galvanised steel for retaining walls, including posts and beams.
    • A variety of wall sleepers are made from timber and concrete.
    • Deliver materials directly to the customer's location.
    • Expert advice and support for retaining wall construction.

    Phone: (03) 9720 7773

    Dwyer Brick Fences

    dwyer brick fences

    Dwyer Brick Fences offers specialised services in building, constructing, and repairing brick fences in Melbourne. Their process begins with a detailed consultation and design phase, followed by planning and obtaining necessary permits. It culminates in the construction phase, where they handle everything from demolition to installing gates and infills. They provide a variety of brick fence styles, including traditional red brick, modern rendered fences, and environmentally friendly recycled brick fences. Additionally, they offer other styles and combinations, such as timber and brick, and formed concrete finishes.

    Services offered:

    • Brick fence design and construction
    • Brick fence repairs and reinforcement
    • Retaining wall construction
    • Gates and infill installation
    • Permit application services
    • Full excavation services

    Phone: 0403 137 060

    Aspect Concrete Constructions

    aspect concrete constructions

    Aspect Concrete Constructions is a Melbourne-based company specialising in various concreting and outdoor landscaping constructions. They are adept at completing projects within stipulated time frames and are committed to delivering high-quality services within budget. The company uses the latest tools and technologies to ensure clients receive top-notch services, and they are licensed and insured to design, install, and repair a wide range of concrete structures. Their services cater to aesthetic and functional needs, enhancing outdoor living spaces and providing durable residential and commercial properties solutions.

    Services offered:

    • Construction of driveways with a choice of decorative styles
    • Creation of garden paths, including access paths and difficult side access paths
    • Exposed aggregate finishes for outdoor living spaces
    • Concrete slabs and pads for garages, carports, sheds, pergolas, or new outdoor BBQ areas
    • Install and repair patios, driveways, timber decking, pathways, retaining walls, and shed slabs.

    Phone: 0402 677 864

    Eastern Sleepers

    eastern sleepers

    Eastern Sleepers is a Melbourne-based company specialising in supplying concrete sleepers for retaining walls and other landscaping projects. With over 30 years of experience, they offer expert advice and high-quality products to help transform backyards from planning to completion. They pride themselves on a large stock of galvanised steel posts, drainage solutions, and an extensive hardware range to support the construction of retaining walls. Eastern Sleepers is known for its retaining wall expertise and offers a variety of concrete sleeper styles to suit different aesthetic preferences and functional requirements.

    The services offered:

    • The Classic: Smooth, clean-lined concrete sleepers for a practical and durable retaining wall.
    • The Ghan: Concrete railway sleepers with rustic charm, replicating the look of timber.
    • The Heritage: Split stone concrete sleepers that offer a traditional and natural look.
    • The Grange: Stack stone concrete sleepers that serve as retaining and feature walls, popular among landscape designers and councils.

    Phone: 03 9761 7123

    D2E Landscaping & Concreting

    d2e landscaping concreting

    D2E Landscaping & Concreting is a comprehensive outdoor service provider in Hoppers Crossing, Victoria. They offer a wide range of services to enhance outdoor living spaces, including landscaping, concreting, decking, fencing, and the construction of retaining walls. With a focus on delivering top-quality service, D2E Landscaping & Concreting is known for its competitive rates and a friendly team that is committed to providing first-class service. The testimonials on their site speak to their ability to deliver on projects, with many customers noting the ease and satisfaction of working with them.

    Services offered:

    • Landscaping design and implementation
    • Concreting services for driveways, paths, and more
    • Decking solutions tailored to customer needs
    • Fencing installation for privacy and security
    • Building retaining walls for both aesthetic and functional purposes

    Phone: 0401 429 402

    Gorilla Wall 

    gorilla wall

    Gorilla Wall in Melbourne specialises in providing high-quality concrete sleepers for retaining walls, catering to both DIY enthusiasts and professional builders. With over 15 years of experience in the construction industry, they offer a range of concrete sleepers designed to last a lifetime, resistant to rotting, termite damage, and warping under harsh weather conditions. Their products are engineered for strength and durability, with some capable of retaining walls up to 4 meters high. Gorilla Wall prides itself on its reputation as the highest-rated sleeper company in Melbourne, committed to customer satisfaction and providing products that stand the test of time.

    Services offered:

    • A variety of concrete sleepers, including standard and heavy-duty options
    • Steel beams and posts for retaining wall construction
    • DIY retaining wall supplies with delivery options
    • Professional advice and support for DIY retaining wall projects

    Phone: 03 8751 7063

    Adbri Masonry

    adbri masonry

    Adbri Masonry is a leading provider of concrete products for retaining walls, offering various solutions to suit various landscaping needs. Their products include Besser Block Retaining Walls, which are ideal for engineered and load-bearing walls, Segmental Retaining Wall Blocks that are perfect for DIY projects due to their easy stackable design, and Concrete Sleeper Retaining Walls, which are a durable alternative to timber and suitable for vertical garden walls. Adbri Masonry's retaining walls come in various colours and textures, providing functional and aesthetic benefits to any outdoor space. They also provide a gallery for inspiration and a comprehensive FAQ section to assist customers with retaining wall projects.

    The services offered:

    • Besser Block Retaining Walls for engineered and load-bearing applications.
    • Segmental Retaining Wall Blocks for easy DIY installation.
    • Concrete Sleeper Retaining Walls for durable vertical garden walls.
    • A gallery of retaining wall ideas for backyard landscaping inspiration.
    • A detailed FAQ section for customer support on retaining wall construction.

    Phone: 1300 365 565

    Spray On Professionals

    spray on professionals

    Spray On Professionals is a Melbourne-based company that provides high and low-pressure cleaning services to a wide range of clients, including homes, shops, schools, retirement villages, car parks, and driveways. They use the latest cleaning equipment and products to remove stubborn build-ups like stains, mould, bird droppings, dirt, and dust, which not only improves the appearance of external surfaces but also addresses potential health and safety issues. Their cleaning services can help prevent slip hazards caused by the accumulation of dirt, mould, algae, oils, and fungus. Whether it's for adding value and appeal before selling a property, providing a safer workplace, or simply enjoying clean surroundings, Spray On Professionals can revitalise various surfaces.

    Services offered:

    • Driveways
    • Paths
    • Patios
    • Pool areas
    • Car parks
    • Sporting facilities
    • Retaining walls
    • Fences
    • Decks
    • Walls

    Phone: 1300 769 365

    Altona Fencing

    altona fencing

    Altona Fencing, a family-run business based in Altona Meadows, specialises in both fencing and landscaping services. They are known for their high-quality workmanship and customer-centric approach, as evidenced by the positive testimonials from clients. Customers have praised the company for its efficient and timely completion of projects, excellent communication, and the ability to handle complex layouts and designs. The company's services are not limited to fencing alone; they also offer comprehensive landscaping solutions, assisting customers from the design phase to the actual construction of their dream gardens.

    Services Offered

    • Fencing Services: Including the installation of colorbond fences, timber paling, and picket fences.
    • Landscaping Services: Covering garden design, tree planting, garden bed creation, and more.
    • Turf and Artificial Grass Installation: For natural-looking lawns and gardens.
    • Mulching and Garden Bed Preparation: Enhancing soil health and garden aesthetics.
    • Retaining Wall Construction: For both functional and decorative purposes.
    • Concrete Work: Offering various forms of concrete installations based on customer preferences.
    • Customised Services: Tailoring services to fit customer budgets and design preferences.

    Phone: 0404 162 222

    Yes, retaining walls can be built in cold climates, but they may require special consideration for frost heave and drainage.

    The frost line is the depth in the ground to which the soil freezes in winter. Proper foundation depth should be below the frost line to prevent movement.

    Alternatives include gabion walls, crib walls, and vegetated retaining walls.

    Yes, retaining walls are commonly used to create terraced landscapes on sloping yards.

    Signs may include leaning, bulging, cracking, or displacement of the wall, as well as drainage issues and erosion.

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