Why Is It Important To Renovate A House?

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After spending many years living in your home, it is most likely that some parts are broken and need renovation. Maybe the roof have termites, the walls have cracks due to bad weather conditions, and the furniture needs to be refurbished. It is common practice for people to renovate their homes to show love and how much they relish their surroundings. Renovations may include improving, redecorating, extending or redesigning a home. 

One of the best benefits of owning properties is the ability and the freedom to renovate in the manner you choose. Property renovation can help you as a property owner add value to your property, improve its appeal and appearance, get more sense of satisfaction, or even improve your lifestyle.

Home renovation can be expensive, complicated and time-consuming. However, after a period, you will be required to renovate your home to make it look appealing to you and your visitors. The importance of home renovation may differ from one homeowner to the other. This article provides you with the primary or critical reasons as to why you should consider renovating your home. Check out our range of dual occupancy builder for your dream house.

What Are The Benefits Of A Home Renovation?

A home renovation may not be something you are thinking of if you are relatively happy with the way your home is, and there are not any significant repairs that need to be carried out. However, a complete surrey custom home renovation can have many benefits that you may not have thought about.

Making Your Home More Comfortable And Functional

When you undergo a home renovation, you have the opportunity to make your house something very unique that reflects your tastes. It is possible to create your dream home on top of having a more usable and valuable space.

Home renovations can include anything you want as long as it is possible structurally. This could consist of adding a home theatre, changing the property’s layout by removing walls or just creating the type of home you have always wanted. This is sure to make your home a more enjoyable space, as well as being somewhere that lives up to its full potential.

Feeling comfortable in your house is very important. You want to live in a place where you will always be looking forward to going back at the end of the day. Your home should be the best living space, and therefore renovations aimed at creating comfort are necessary. When a house is new, it will most likely have the required features that will generate comfort. However, as it becomes old, the comfort will peel away, and you’ll start desiring your previous home. Your comfort at home should be an essential factor that will push you into making house renovations.

Lowering Your Energy Costs

Energy costs have already risen for the majority of homeowners, and this is likely to continue. Renovating your home could mean that you can save money on your energy bills. If your home’s doors and windows are old and worn, you may be losing heat through them, so you will need to use more energy to heat your home to the required temperature.

If your doors and windows are replaced as part of your home renovation, this can help your home become more energy-efficient. Upgrading your appliances to more energy-efficient ones can also make a big difference in the energy you use.

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Raising The Value Of Your Home

If you plan to sell your home in the near future, then a renovation can increase the property’s value. It can also increase the amount of interest that the property attracts from potential buyers.

Even a simple lick of paint to freshen the home up can affect the asking price. The idea is to make the home look as appealing as possible. Buyers will also be on the lookout for new things that they will not have to replace themselves, such as HVAC systems and kitchen appliances. Additional living space in basements and attics is also a big plus for a buyer.

Restore Former Glory

We have all seen time repeatedly that old homes can turn out to be some of the most appealing structures if renovated. If a home was built a long time ago but features some unique architectural designs, renovating it could reinstate its lost glory. We have all seen abandoned houses and looked inhabitable being renovated and turn into structures worth millions of dollars. Although old structures can present significant challenges to designers, they can turn out to be essential investments. Planning for a new look for your house? Look no further!  MJS Construction Group  is here to help in your dual occupancy builder Melbourne.

Make Home Eco-friendly

Many people are renovating their homes so that they can meet the needs of a green environment. There are modifications, such as installing low-flow showerheads and taps that can make your home more eco-friendly. It is also worth noting that today, different government agencies are supporting homeowners interested in making environmentally friendly modifications to their homes. Although making these modifications can be costly at times, it is essential to note that such cost will be recovered due to factors such as reducing energy-efficient appliances and designs.


After living in your house for more than 20 years, there is no doubt that it is likely to be damaged. One of the reasons you would be interested in renovating the home would be to boost your safety. You do not want to be hurt by a falling roof or wall. Your safety and that of your family is paramount, and therefore every homeowner should make it the responsibility to ensure that renovations are done to their old houses. This way, you will make your house a secure living place.

How Long Does a Whole Home Renovation Take to Complete?

As with a new custom home build, there is no quick, easy, and one-size-fits-all answer to this question. But that’s okay. Every custom home renovation is a one-of-a-kind project with its challenges and variables. That means it will have its schedule. An experienced builder will be able to look at your home and your desired project scope, then give you a reliable idea of how long your planned renovation should take. They will know which factors to consider and where to build in some margin to allow time to cope with the inevitable surprises that come with any large-scale project. To start, let’s look at a sample timeline for a whole home renovation.

Architectural Design Phase – 1 to 3 Months

Home additions and structural changes require an architect’s input to make sure they are structurally sound, safe, and beautiful. The amount of time between giving your initial design meeting and receiving final plans will depend on the project scope and the experience and current workload of your architect.

Bidding Phase – 2-3 Weeks

Large scale renovations require a complex bidding process to ensure that you are getting the best possible value from all the subcontractors who will work on your home renovation. Multiple complex bids must be solicited and thoroughly vetted for all significant items to create a comprehensive and accurate budget. If you bring a builder on board from the beginning of the architectural design phase, you can save some time here: the builder can begin working through the vetting process while plans are finalized.

HOA Approvals and City Permitting – 1 Month

After your plans are complete and signed off, they need to be submitted to the relevant authorities so that all of the correct permits, approvals, and inspections are in order before work begins.

Construction Phase – 3 to 9 Months

This phase is where you will see the most variation and progress! As a rough guideline, most renovation projects we work on can be completed in 3 to 9 months, depending on the house’s size, the project’s scope and complexity, and some other factors we will talk about next.

Ways to Prep for a Major Home Renovation

Take Audit of Your Belongings

Whether you’re remodelling a bathroom or gut-renovating your kitchen, having a list of your permanent home items is essential for a few reasons:

For insurance purposes: It’s not easy to keep track of your valued assets, so use this as an opportunity to list all of your belongings and their values.

Make it easier to clear out: Tidy up and decide whether there’s anything you’d part with before the renovation. Sub-divide belongings into four piles: donate, sell, hand-me-down and save. Anything that won’t be used post-renovation gets it out before you start the demo.

Identify a storage solution: Anything you are going to keep will need to be stored while work is being done in the space. Maybe you have a spare guest room or a basement, but for large items or seasonal items that may not be in use for a long time, consider renting a portable storage container you can park in your driveway or get a storage unit so that your belongings are organized, safe and out of the way.

Decide how much to keep at your fingertips during the renovation: How much do you need to keep unpacked? For example, reserve one table setting for each family member during a kitchen reno and commit to cleaning them immediately after use so they’re ready for the next meal. Downsize your bathing products and accessories to fit in a simple shower caddy during a bathroom remodel, especially if you’re having to borrow showers and bathtubs during construction. Keep the coffee maker unpacked if you can’t go without your daily perks, but box up the blender if you only mix smoothies once a month.

Consume What You Have

Reduce the amount you’ll need to pack by using it up in advance. Call it what you will – the “pantry challenge,” the “use all your shampoo samples challenge,” the “let’s eat everything in the freezer challenge” – use it now and have less to deal with in the future.

Update Your Security System

During a renovation or remodel of any kind, there may be days when your home feels like a revolving door of designers, contractors and delivery people. You may be relying on these parties while you’re at work or out of town, so put yourself at ease by adding security elements:

  • Buy an in-home safe to protect documents.
  • Use a video doorbell to monitor deliveries while you’re away.
  • Install smart locks that can be easily reprogrammed to grant access to contractors for limited periods.

Keep Ideas, Contracts and Receipts Organized – Digitally

Make digital bookkeeping your goal. Spend a Saturday mapping your organizational structure.

  • Have shared idea boards with your family members and designers on sites like Pinterest.
  • Choose a cloud storage system and use your phone to scan and create PDFs to digitize contracts and receipts for permanent safekeeping.
  • Use shared spreadsheets and calendars to keep the critical information available to anyone who needs to be in the know.

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Have a (Safe, Functional) Appliance Plan

Putting your appliances out of service for any period is one of the most significant inconveniences of a kitchen renovation. Consider temporary downgrades, such as a mini-fridge for simple necessities and a countertop-sized convection oven. Your outdoor grill might become your most-used accessory, so if you’re upgrading that too, choose one that will fit your needs. Be sure that any appliances you’re using are suitable for standard 120v outlet receptacles, and consider upgrading outlets to GFCI to detect ground faults and protect your home. Put any appliances that require special ventilation in storage until they can be appropriately hooked up.

What Can Homeowners Do to Make the Renovation Move Faster?

While there are many people on the home renovation team, including your architect, your builder, and the work crews, you are in charge at the end of the day. The right contractor is an expert and will give you all the benefit of their experience and advice. Still, they should also treat you as a complete collaborator and a renovation partner. While some variables are out of your control during a home renovation, you should never give up your power in the situation. There are some essential things you can do to help your project stay on track.

Choose the Right Renovation Contractor

We can’t say this enough. Your builder is at the forefront of every aspect of your home renovation. If they have the experience, expertise, and trusted network of reliable subcontractors to execute your plans, you are more than halfway to a project that will be completed on schedule. Choose a builder who is organized, with proven processes, and holds themselves accountable for tracking project schedules and budgets. Transparency is key.

Hire an Interior Designer Early on in the Architectural Design Phase

It’s easy to think about interior design as a fluffy nice-to-have or something that only happens at the end of a renovation project. On the contrary, getting a great interior designer on board early will do SO much to streamline your schedule. Make as many selections with your designer as possible before starting construction. If you can make them before creating a final budget with your builder, even better: your budget will be based on actual material pricing instead of best estimates.

Understand the Lead Time for Certain Products and Materials

Many essential materials such as flooring, doors, or specialty tiles have a longer lead time than you might think. Special orders need to be made early in the process to don’t end up in a situation where crews are waiting around for a missing delivery, throwing off the whole schedule. Again, making all of your selections early will pay off! MJS Construction Group has the best range of dual occupancy builder services to help you create your dream house.

Have a Conservative Budget

Leaving wiggle room for unexpected hiccups is one of the most brilliant things you can do to keep your timelines intact. It means that your builders can adjust and cope with anything that goes wrong without needing to wait while your budget (a process that can snowball if you end up needing to change or cancel parts of your planned renovation to keep the budget intact.)

Make Sure Your Builder has Regular Project Meetings.

And make sure you’re invited! Regular meetings are essential to keep everything on track and ensure that the site crews, the project manager, and everyone else are on the same page. Schedule regular site walks and visits with them so that you understand what’s happening on the ground. If something isn’t right, you can flag it before it goes any further, which will help avoid work needing to be undone and redone.

Stick to Original Renovation Plans as Much as Possible

As we mentioned, mid-project changes are possible, but they are almost always time consuming and expensive. One way to avoid this issue is to involve your builder during the architectural design phase. With practical experience from building and renovating so many homes, they know what works in the real world and often make suggestions and offer advice about possible constructability or livability issues before plans are finalized.

The Importance Of Using Professionals

For your home renovation to look as good as possible, you should consider hiring a professional contractor that will be able to undertake the work for you. This will also have the advantage of eliminating the time and effort that it would take you to complete the work yourself. An experienced contractor will offer advice about whether the plans you have for the renovation are realistic and what alternatives you may want to consider instead. They will also know what changes would offer you the most excellent value for money. 

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