Which Is The Best App For Making Floor Plans?

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    Creating and designing floor plans has never been simple; even professionals take time when creating floor plan designs. However, all have been simplified with technology, but it does not mean the actual floor plan should be left out. With your android phone, the impossible can be possible with a few taps. You will find floor plan applications in your Google play that will help you transform your imaginations into reality.

    Floor plan applications help plan a room, space planning, decorating, place sockets, fit the furniture's size, and choose the right colours for your spaces. Creating a digital floor plan helps you work within your budget, and they are available in both free and paid premium versions to suit your needs.

    Four Neo

    Four Neo is an all-in-one floor plan software to draw 2D and 3D floor plans and get 4K photorealistic renders within minutes. In addition, Neo has many helpful AI-assisted features that let you perform complex operations with ease. For example, four Neo makes it easy to create your 2D floor plan from scratch or upload an existing drawing in a .jpg file format. In addition, an easy user interface based on drag and drop functions lets you design with ease right from your internet browser.

    Planner 5D

    Planner5D is the most popular app suitable for your Android and IOS. It will help you create beautiful indoors and outdoors in 2D and 3D versions. It will help you landscape your pool as you deem fit. Its advantage will help you design your stairs, windows, walls and floor plans.

    Planner 5D is very similar to Home Design 3D in that you'll be creating floor plans in both 2D and 3D. I suspect that the reason why the app developers named the apps 5D (2D + 3D). Additionally, you can arrange custom furniture objects and virtually decorate your house for better planning. One of the interesting features of the app is that it supports Chromecast. It lets you visualise your house plan on a big screen without exporting the designed plan. Instead, you can export your creations or sync them to cloud services.

    It is the best for your exploring mind on all your designing constructions. You may decide to edit the layout and observe your home design in virtual modes. You can also explore your home design on a large screen.

    The App Store and the Google Play Store with 4.3 stars and 3.6 stars, respectively.

    Free for iOS, Mac, Android, Windows and web floor plan design, home design and interior design programs for decorators and designers.

    Floor Plan Creator

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    The floor plan creator app will help you decide and build the right floor plan as you may have a range of choices to pick from. This floor app will help you design your home plan from any part of the world and at any time. Its best features are levelling area, automatic perimeter calculation, rooms, etc. It is also free and allows you to design your house floor plan in any dimension you prefer.

    If you are looking to create precise and accurate floor plans, then Floor Plan Creator app is for you. The app is filled with almost every feature you'll ever need to create detailed floor plans. For example, you can create multiple floor rooms in 3D style and get automatic calculations for perimeters, rooms, walls, etc. If you already have supported laser metres, you can use them in combination with the app for more accurate measurements. Once you complete the floor plan, the app gives you a 3D tour of the full plan.

    The floor plan creator app is only available in the Google play store.

    Home Design 3D

    Home Design 3D is an effective app and is suitable for any device. Thus, your worries are covered with just a few taps on your screen. It lets you design and recreate your attractive home design by drawing the layout of your room and your required floor design. The app also helps you to add windows and doors. You can as well modify the thickness and height of your walls. In addition, it considers your floor colour, texture, size and angles.

    The Home Design 3D app is available on Google Playstore, iPhone App Store and Mac App Store.

    If you want to redesign or remodel your house, then Home Design 3D is for you. It is all in addition to being able to create 2D and 3D floor plans from scratch. One of the best things is, you can adjust the thickness of the walls while creating your 3D plans. The app includes hundreds of furniture objects and accessories to design your house. Additionally, you can co++lour the walls, duplicate your favourite items, import pictures, textures, edit objects, etc. Once you are done with the d++esign plan, you can export it locally or sync them to your favourite cloud storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox.

    Magic Plan

    The Magic Plan floor plan app allows you to take pictures of your existing house and create a floor plan. It offers you the opportunity to add walls, furniture objects, photos, and annotations in creating your house plan. It will be helpful if you have laser metres, as you can combine them with your magic plan app. However, your android phone must have a gyroscope, and it should be compatible with the AR android core.

    MagicPlan is one most popular, feature-filled, and award-winning house planning apps for Android and iOS. Like with the Grapholite Floor Plans app, you can traditionally create floor plans. When needed, you can take a picture of your existing house and create floor plans from it. What's more, MagicPlan can show the existing dimensions and add floors and walls. Additionally, you can add furniture objects, photos, and annotations to help in creating proper house plans. If you have laser metres, you can use them with the MagicPlan app. If you are looking for a professional-grade application to create your house and floor plans, then MagicPlan is for you.

    For Android users, as good as the app is, do keep in mind that you need to have an Android device with a gyroscope and should be compatible with Android AR Core. If you don't have either of these two, your device is not supported.

    Without the two features, it may not work. The base app is free, but you can purchase the export feature and additional objects. For example, a one-floor plan at a time goes for $2.99, or a cheaper alternative; you can subscribe to their monthly plan at $9.99. It will then be easier to export any number of plans you may want and need.

    Home Design Outdoor Garden

    The Home Design Outdoor Garden app allows you to create your floor plans without wasting time and money. It can help you remodel your house in 3D, and you can adjust the thickness of the walls when creating 3D floor plans. In addition, the app has a variety of furniture, accessories and other designs.


    The Houzz app offers high-resolution plans and photos to design as you need. It makes it easier to share photos and plans with your family and friends. It gives you the privilege to also ask for their opinions, and you can use the match to design your house. It is also free to use, and you can instantly locate it in your smartphone apps upon downloading and installing.

    Room Planner Home Interior & Floor Plan Design 3D

    The floor plan app helps you design your master room and others. It's available on different platforms, and you can download and install it as your needs suit. Its advantage is its pre-designed bathroom layout, kitchen, living room, and bedrooms. In addition, it works well when you are either online or offline. The app helps you design your floor plan, change your furniture layout and wall colour.


    Homestyler is available on your android phone, and you can use it anywhere globally. You can take a snap of the home you want to design and place a three-dimensional model of the furniture in the residential place. It also has furniture, decorations and lighting fixtures in the furniture store. It will assist you in designing the house and sharing it with your family and friends. It has the currently available interior designs as per your preference.


    The homify app helps in connecting the users and the professionals. It will assist you in planning your house quickly, and it can inspire you with numerous ideas about your house. In addition, you can install the app on the latest trends in interior design.

    Cubicasa - Professional 2D Floor Plans

    The Cubicasa app is one of the fastest to use, and it has an indoor scanning process. The app will help you receive your floor plan in high resolution in JPG, PNG, PDF and SVG files. In addition, the app allows you to brand your logo and select your colour choice for the walls and the floor. The room labels are also available in English, Spanish, French, German, Norwegian, Finnish and Swedish.

    Ar Plan 3D Ruler- Camera To Plan Floor Planner

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    The AR plan 3D ruler app lets you share your augmented reality flooring plans on social media through your iPhone, iPad or Macbook, apple or any other android device. In addition, it comes with additional features to make your flooring plans solid.

    It helps you to decorate and draw accurate floor plans in beautiful designs on 3D models, and you can calculate the height and perimeter of your walls with high quality. It also offers effective results in imperial and metric units. It is the best for your visualisation on your mobile device.


    The Home Maker app offers customisable options to renovate, decorate, select your home decor, and design your dream home. It also helps you customise the different parts of the house, and you can design different rooms, including the garden. You can get the app by downloading it directly from your phone.

    Room Scan Pro

    The Room Scan Pro app draws a plan for your apartment in a few minutes. To get the room's layout, you will need to walk around the perimeter and lean your smartphone to each wall. Then, the app will calculate the distance to the walls and build a plan based on the data attained. You can build in any form, whether square or rectangular.

    The accuracy of the application is legit and leaves an error mark of only 30cm. The app is available in two forms: the free and the professional version. The free version allows you to scan only one room, while the paid option has no limits. It allows you to scan several rooms, and then the app connects them to create a fully-fledged apartment plan. You can then decide on the colour you prefer.

    You can also add the doors' location rather than dragging them to the already made plan for your apartment in the standard version. In the paid version, you can add windows and doors and manually enter data on the elements of the size of the room and the distance between the walls.

    Room Creator Interior Design

    As a user, you will only need to tap the objects on the floor and drag the design on the object. The app will help you design your house in 3D easily, and you can select the wall colour, design floor pattern, and even add decor.

    Smart Plan

    It is an open-source plan that will help you measure things and get wonderful UI. For example, it can measure your floors, doors, windows and walls. First, you need to download the app and use your camera to measure the objects you want to use.

    Your task will only be to download the app and point out your camera to the object you want to measure. You can as well view the models in 2D or 3D. However, you cannot change much in the app apart from the units from the menu settings. They are either in cm, mm or inches.


    The Roomsketcher app comes with modern features and is in a single interface that enables easier floor plan designing. You can use it to draw the wall, floor plans, and other additional measurements. It also allows you to add the stairs, doors and windows that suit your preference.

    You can as well select the materials you wish to use while designing. In addition, it is viewable in 3D, helping you to get the best virtual experience.

    Grapholite Floor Plans

    The Grapholite floor plan is user-friendly and effective in assessing your mobile phone. As a result, you can remodel the structure of your home and modify your constructions easily and quickly. It's perfect for 3D plans, and it also guides you on how to design an exact architectural plan.

    Grapholite Floor Plans is a very minimal, user-friendly, and feature-rich application to create floor plans on the go. Unlike Floor Plan Creator, which allows you to create 3D plans, Grapholite Floor Plans lets you create a floor plan more traditionally, like an actual architectural plan on paper. One of the best features of the Grapholite Floor Plans is that it allows you to arrange space using virtual office tables and other furniture elements. In addition, it allows you to have a good idea of how you can effectively utilise the floor space and whether you need to change the existing floor plan.


    The app enables you to design your house plan and décor in 2Ds and 3Ds. It does not require technical skills, plus it has attractive features such as data export, image output, data export, adding floor, furniture, wall, window and saving data. It lets you draw beautiful interiors and exteriors in 2D and 3D modes. It also provides a gallery feature to see all the images of floor plan designs and creations. It is perfect for your room makeover.

    Kitchen Planner 3D

    Kitchen planning is not something to be trifled with. Generally, there will be many things in the kitchen, and without proper planning, everything goes south quickly. It is where Kitchen Planner 3D comes into play. This simple app allows you to design your kitchen properly. The app comes with many kitchen objects to play with and plan with. Once you have the plan or design, you can export them in the format of your choice.


    In conclusion, there are many different apps that you can use to make floor plans. While all apps have their unique features and benefits, Home Design 3D is probably the best option for most people. It is easy to use and has a wide variety of features. If you are looking for an app that lets you create detailed floor plans with ease, then Home Design 3D is worth considering.

    MagicPlan is one most popular, feature-filled, and award-winning house planning apps for Android and iOS. Like with the Grapholite Floor Plans app, you can traditionally create floor plans. When needed, you can take a picture of your existing house and create floor plans from it.

    SketchUp is the most comprehensive free 3D design software you'll find on the web, says Cory. This powerful home design tool is immersive enough to make it seem like you are moving through your future home while being flexible enough to make it feel like you're working with pen and paper.

    A floor plan app is an application for either iOS (Apple) or Android that allows users to create and draw floor plans on their mobile devices. Floor plan apps are not only limited to floor plans inside of a home but can also be used to draw and plan landscaping, foundation and concrete, and interior design.


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