What Are The Best Minimalist Living Room Designs?

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    Minimalist living room ideas are everywhere on social media, and less can mean more for interior design.

    With busy modern lives, homeowners are now more aware of their furniture choices and aim to find a balance between streamlined minimalism and luxurious comfort for their living room ideas. 

    But what is a minimalist design, you ask? Minimalism itself is rooted in the principle of ridding your home of clutter. It is about harnessing the power of a 'clean' space that features only a few meaningful and cherished items.

    Minimalism is everywhere—Pinterest is saturated with sparse but stylish rooms, and stunningly sleek examples may have popped up on your Instagram feed. 

    Minimalism itself is rooted in the principle of ridding your life of clutter and focuses on simple living habits, including continuously curating your space to have a few meaningful items rather than constantly accumulating more things. This design philosophy also hinges upon cleaner, more sustainable, and more efficient ways of living.

    Minimalist silhouettes are clean and smooth, and you won't find clutter or excessive amounts of flourish. You likely won't find something like a houndstooth couch or stacks on stacks of books in a minimalist living room, but you might see a bright colour here and there, or a few inconspicuous patterns being added in the form of a rug or throw pillows. 

    Carefully Curate Décor

    In a minimalist living room, every piece of furniture and home decor counts.

    So it's essential to make thoughtful choices about what you include—and what you don't.

    This minimal room includes a carefully-curated mix of clean lines in the furniture for a bold statement, adding to the room's allure. Small pieces of décor complement the black marbled fireplace styled with natural wood tones and a sleek white sofa.

    Style A Cohesive Space

    The diversity in textures and design eras breaks up the monotony in this living room, which is styled with various décor that flows together naturally. A patterned rug brings a bit of character to the space, while sleek white walls and sky-high ceilings keep the vibe open and airy.

    Minimal hues in the leather chairs and green houseplant leaves add a touch of colour without overwhelming the bright design.

    Focus On What's Functional

    Not only does this beautifully styled grey living room promote a soothing sense with its colour, but it also uses low-slung furniture alongside tall ceilings for a dynamic interest. Every element serves a clear function: Minimal décor allows room for plenty of seating, while the overall design keeps to its neutral feeling with a simple colour scheme. Although nothing in the room is excessive, the living area can be enjoyed comfortably, with room to entertain.

    Keep It Refined

    The showstopper in this living area—the velvet chair with a matching upholstered footstool—is elegant and refined. Setting the tone for the rest of the space brings warm, neutral tones to the design and highlights the soft green hues in the artwork. Ivory walls frame a simple but comforting space that features clean lines with a hint of colour.

    Play With Colour

    Colour, too, can play a big role in minimalist design.

    This bright white living room is designed with delightfully unexpected pops of colour.

    Cool tones are contrasted by warm orange throw pillows and a golden lamp, and it's all tied together by the artwork with hues from each accent. As a result, this space feels bright and inviting with a burst of personality.

    Go Industrial

    Minimalist interior design is characterised by its austerity of form and aesthetic brevity—and an elegant living room need not have all-white walls and floors.

    This design uses minimalism to the max by sticking to a cohesive colour scheme that allows for more décor while staying true to its purpose.

    Industrial touches in the light fixtures, minimal wall art, and furniture are chic and calming with a bold style.

    Embrace The Outdoors

    Some of the most successful minimalist rooms include an eclectic mix of furniture and décor from different styles and eras.

    For example, this living area blends mid-century accent furniture with an inviting, modern upholstered sofa, highlighting its openness to nature.

    The carefully chosen pieces within this space create many opportunities to relax and enjoy the main draw: those tranquil views of the great outdoors.

    Choose Monochromatic Palettes

    This minimal living room designer paired bold lighting with small touches of dark colours to soften the stark seriousness of an all-white space.

    But, like its inviting sofa and plush throw pillows, curated decorative accents stay true to the palette.

    From the floor pillows to the white curtains to the traditional rug, texture keeps the design interesting without straying from its minimalist nature.

    Work With Warmth

    At times, a home's architecture will dictate the approach to its interior design. In this living room, warm wood ceiling beams command the viewer's attention. The designer opted for an edited-down approach with minimal furniture in a similar shade to play on the natural colour scheme.

    Sleek white walls and a modern accent chair complement black window frames to draw the eye around the room.

    Make A Mirrored Statement

    Bright, open spaces are a common theme in minimalist design.

    Opt for a large mirror that bounces light throughout the room to add to your room's aesthetic. This designer chose a bold black frame to contrast with white walls and work with the dark upholstered sofa while also using small accents like throw pillows to carry the theme across the space.

    Consider Your Focal Points

    If your home has a built-in focal point like this bold black fireplace, use it as your base when you begin designing the living area. To warm up the contrasting colours, this stylist incorporated plenty of natural materials throughout the room.

    Various textures—from the leather armchair to the woven footstool, fur rug, and light wood accent pieces—keep things interesting while sticking to a neutral palette.

    Keep Shelf Décor To A Minimum

    Styling bookshelves can be tricky, especially when trying to keep things simple. To incorporate minimalism throughout your space, you'll want to pay close attention to which items (and how many) lands on your shelves.

    Choose a few special pieces you'd like to display, then find a balance by styling them evenly around the furniture. Stick to a few simple colours, like this black-and-white themed décor, to contrast wood shelves with warmer tones.

    Create Dynamic Interest

    trendy modern interior living room with blue walls white windows

    To add a hint of character to a sleek, bold space, focus on one area and style it to the max.

    This white living room feels clean and simple, but the décor on the coffee table commands attention to steal the show. What's important to note here is the dynamic design: Flat stacks of books are paired with a round tray for varying shapes and the table, while a tall vase with textured leaves adds height and visual interest.

    Stay Neutral

    Regardless of how much décor you have, the colour of each piece can make a difference.

    Opt for neutral shades in all aspects of the room—from the walls to the seating, decorations, plants, and coffee table—to keep it cohesive throughout the room. Smaller dark accent pieces, like mounted lighting and décor along the window sill, bring contrast to this soothing living area.

    Style By Height

    Even amongst a simple colour scheme, the aesthetic of your living room can be filled with depth by using height to your advantage. Low furniture is styled in front of higher wall-to-wall shelving, while artwork across the shelves varies from short to tall.

    A black standing lamp draws the eye from the dark throw blanket, making space for the woven pendant light to be the room's focal point.

    Add Minimal Modern Touches

    Once you've settled on a colour scheme, start thinking about the design elements you'd like to incorporate into your space. Add minimal modern touches to a bright white living room with softer accents for an inviting mix of styles.

    Modern metal chairs complement a chic pendant lamp, paired with vibrant hues and neutral tones for a blend of styles.

    Look To The Light

    Go oversized with your light fixtures to add a major statement to a simple space.

    This rounded gold chandelier hangs delicately over an airy living room with plenty of bright décors. A dark green sofa anchors the design to the lower half of the room to create visual interest from floor to ceiling.

    Use Multiple Textures

    In a mostly white minimalist space, use multiple textures to draw the eye around the room.

    Here, a custom design on the fireplace wall creates a striped effect with bold, clean lines. Softer textures come out in the upholstered shag accent chair, while a lush bouquet of fresh-picked flowers keeps the focus at the centre of the living room.

    Be Bright In All White

    If you're a lover of all-white living rooms, this space is for you. Minimal, neutral colours are found in the coffee table, accent chair, and throw pillows, while the rest of the design is coated in a bright hue. A large opening allows natural light to pour into the room, making this sun-filled space a soothing retreat fit for a vacation.

    Showcase Unique Finds

    Every designer knows the value of a fun find, and a minimalist living room is a perfect place to put your favourite pieces on display. This grey-themed room keeps it simple with soft colours, while a brightly coloured painting on the wall steals the show. Soft orchid flowers carry the texture to the coffee table, where a marbled top sits on a midcentury wood base for a mix of styles in the eclectic space.

    Stick To A Monochrome Scheme

    Black and white living room paint ideas always look smart. However, a monochrome decorating scheme is a minimalistic choice that requires an element of bravery, as it requires careful editing and a strong design eye.

    This type of interior can also appear 'flat' if you don't introduce texture and subtle tonal variety. But put together carefully, it's a great way to enhance a minimalistic living room.

    Tone and texture are important. Remember that the most successful monochrome interiors combine movement and depth with tactile pieces to create a warm and inviting minimal scheme.

    Chanel A Mid-Century Modern Aesthetic

    Mid-century modern living rooms are enduringly popular with minimalist enthusiasts with their timeless aesthetic and pared-back style. 

    Characterised by clean, straight lines and flowing organic curves, Mid-century style and minimalism complement each other beautifully.

    black loft modern house summer

    Simplicity in design and styling is key, including a lack of ornamentation and a limited colour palette. 

    Experiment With Texture In A Minimalist Scheme

    Think again if you think you can't use texture in a minimalist living room. Instead, embrace warm minimalism by introducing luxurious furnishings and streamlined furniture for a cosy feel that still feels contemporary.

    Take Inspiration From Scandinavian Design Philosophy

    Wondering how to design a living room that is minimal yet warm? The soft minimalism and mixed colours of the Nordic design are perfect for creating chic, understated interiors.

    Scandinavian style has become a conventional design staple – ubiquitous, mass-produced and endlessly reinterpreted. However, the clean Nordic aesthetic never loses its appeal in its original form. 

    Choose beautifully crafted forms, natural materials, and a pure, pared-back colour palette to stay true to Nordic fundamentals. The essence of the look lies in its clean lines, repeating shapes and soft minimalism that aims to be crisp without feeling stark.

    Consider whether every element is essential and take away those that are not. Minimalism, it turns out, is not just about objects. Instead, it's a mindset that helps you let go of the things that don't matter and no longer serve you.

    Decorate A Small Minimalist Living Room To Perfection

    Most palettes feature white, greys, sky blues and cream: muted basics that work well together and can carry a brighter accent colour in moderation. 

    Balance this with layers of wood and texture. Furniture and flooring in pale timbers, such as maple, add classic warmth for a richer look. Who can substitute darker woods? Alternatively, try using a grey oil to tone down the yellow in woods, such as pine and oak. 

    The pattern follows similar rules. Minimalist style in a small living room calls for geometric abstraction, prints inspired by nature and line illustrations. But it's possible to incorporate more detailed motifs across fabric and wallpaper, as long as you stick to your original palette.

    Think About The Position And Location Of Your Living Room

    If your house is located somewhere cold, include a column-style wood burner, but tuck it into a corner.

    And don't forget to emphasise the importance of light, a key feature in the minimalist movement. Simply-designed living room lighting ideas with visible bulbs will be practical and attractive.

    Embrace Japanese Simplicity And Elegance

    A mash-up of elegant Japanese minimalism and rustic Scandinavian simplicity, the Japandi living room trend is a hybrid of the best elements of two much-loved styles. 

    Go for a Japandi aesthetic if your home is your sanctuary, and you take a less-is-more approach with uncluttered spaces, clean lines and a calm, subdued colour palette. 

    At the same time, you want your living room to feel relaxed and comfortable, lived-in and homely, so finding a balance between minimal decor and cosy living room ideas is key. 

    This pared-back look will work in any setting. Plus, choosing quality over quantity will give small living rooms space to breathe.

    Be Selective With Storage In A Minimalist Living Room

    Another element to consider is functional storage. It is important to be selective when choosing furniture. Storage is key to help create this pared-back look – a wall-hung unit will keep floor space open and clear. 


    While a minimalist living room design may seem like it would be boring or too plain, there are many ways to make this type of space interesting and comfortable.

    Using simple and natural materials, choosing the right furniture, and adding pops of colour, you can create a beautiful and relaxing living room perfect for minimalists and those who enjoy simplicity. If you're looking for some inspiration, we have plenty of examples of minimalist living rooms that will show you just how easy it is to achieve this look. 

    Minimalist interior design is similar to modern interior design and involves using the bare essentials to create a simple and uncluttered space. It's characterised by simplicity, clean lines, and a monochromatic palette with colour used as an accent.

    In a minimalist living room, every piece of furniture and home decor counts. So it's essential to make thoughtful choices about what you include—and what you don't. This minimal room includes a carefully-curated mix of clean lines in the furniture for a bold statement, adding to the room's allure.

    Clean lines, limited colour and no clutter. That's what it takes to achieve a minimalist design.

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