What Are The Best Master Bedroom Ideas?

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    Here was where he could rest and restore his spirits away from interruptions, in a space created entirely for his pleasure and just as suited to his tastes.

    Today's main bedroom hardly strays from this blueprint. Still, thanks to a few modern conveniences and carefully updated details, the 21st-century gentleman can truly savour the full potential that is his private bedroom.

    The main bedroom is more than just a place to lay your head, but a space to dream in. This chamber reflects what you hold dear in taste and personal interests and likewise lets the esteemed guest know what true renaissance man their host is. From breezy beachfront retreats to the more lavish quarters of the Victorian gentleman's study and onward into the sparse sophistication of the Scandinavian abode, the main bedroom is truly a stage upon which one can display their true inner aesthetic.

    Canopied beds and comfortable chaise lounges evoke a sumptuous estate hideaway, while bold colours and bespoke furnishings echo the modern man's savvy. Whatever you ultimately choose, and matter where your desires lie, these top 60 best main bedroom ideas are no less than your personally appointed palace.

    Few things in life compare to the moment when your head hits the pillow after a long day at work or the stolen hour behind closed doors. Our bedrooms play host to our most intimate pastimes and rituals and are unique to the individual as the man himself. It is your chance to embrace your true nature and bask in the landscape of your dreams.

    When it comes to the main bedroom, it's typically the case that you want to wake up in a room that fills you with happiness and positive feelings for the day. You also likely want to come home to a bedroom filled with relaxing, comforting elements after a long day.

    Because the bedroom is so important in these ways, you should give the process of designing your primary bedroom some extra thought and effort.

    There are, however, a wide variety of different main bedroom decor ideas that you could use, all depending on the size of the space and your personal preferences.

    If the task of designing your main bedroom is filled with uncertainty or anxiety, fear not! We at For are here for you and will outline 9 of the best main bedroom ideas you should consider for your own space.

    Choose Your Bed Wisely

    Remember, your primary bedroom will need to accommodate more than just your bed. There needs to be enough space for any additional furniture, like dressers or side tables, and enough space so the room does not feel crowded. Thus, our number one master bedroom decor idea is that you choose your bed wisely!

    Avoid buying mattresses online unless you know what you're getting. Try out multiple mattresses before making up your mind. You're going to spend 8 hours every day on it – might as well be super comfortable! If you have a small bedroom, make sure you get the measurements right before committing to furniture.

    Ensure that your product gives you enough clearance space for your bedside tables and other floor accessories around your bed. And, importantly, do your best to choose a bed that both fits these requirements and feels relaxing and inviting to you.

    Once you know what bed you want, next comes linen and upholstery. Play around with the room's colour palette and create contrasts and patterns with various decor items in the room. Throw pillows are a great way to add a splash of colour to the room without creating chaos in the colour scheme. An ottoman at the foot of the bed will complete your bed set up and the side tables.

    Try A Tufted Headboards

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    Choosing a headboard for your bed or any bedroom furniture is not as simple as it used to be. Today, there are many options – from headboards fixed to the wall or canopy bed headboards to headboards of different materials.

    For example, you can try wooden headboards to go with a rustic themed or traditional themed main bedroom. For futuristic, contemporary designs, try a metal headboard with upholstery. You can also craft your headboards and do a DIY project out of them to add elements that are close and add meaning for you.

    Tufted and upholstered headboards are not just upholstered for comfort; they are held by a tuft or button, making them easy to maintain and clean. A trendy, eye-catching headboard not only becomes the focal point of the room but also sets contrasts with the colour scheme of your bedroom.

    Try accented headboards that strike bold patterns with your accent walls or wallpaper.

    Choosing the perfect type of headboard can lead you down a rabbit hole. Avoid choice paralysis and go with what feels natural to you. Once you have the material, pick out interesting patterns and treads that add character to space and complement the paint colour.

    Tall, elegant headboards add a luxe feel to the modern bedroom. Slatted headboards are a recently popular option to complement a low bed frame and give a rustic feel to the bedding area.

    Choose The Right Colour

    That's right. You have one shot at this (unless you plan on repainting!). A bedroom is a personal sanctuary for relaxation after a hard day's work, regardless of the occupants. The colour you put on the walls will set the tone for what you will feel when you are in the room – so you must choose colours that will invigorate you in the morning and soothe your nerves at night.

    Most people want to feature calm and peaceful colours in their beautiful main bedroom. But hey, if you need deeper, saturated, or bright colours to help perk you up in the morning or set a romantic vibe to the room, that's your call! Choose the right vibe for your bedroom to set a tranquil environment for you and your loved ones.

    Three groups of popular hues are best suited for bedrooms.

    Vivid Colours:

    If you are a morning person and love to feel energetic and alert, you might prefer saturated, bolder, and more vivid colours than bedrooms' general calming pastel tones. Embrace your personal preference and consider using deep sea-green walls. Experiment with darker colours to create interesting contrasts.

    However, don't go too overboard – you might create a 'boxy' feel to your bedroom if the colours are too bold or clashing.

    Use an accent wall to set a contrast with the other walls of the room if you do need that extra splash of colour.

    Neutral Colours: 

    Always a safe and classic choice for any bedroom.- be it for teens, guests, or the main bedroom – you can never go wrong with neutral shades of black and white, ivory, grey, or taupe. Neutral coloured walls will also serve as a great base for other bright colours that you might incorporate with throw pillows, paintings, accent walls, and storage furniture.

    However, if you prefer an all-neutral, rustic bedroom, you could use bed layers to add a tone-on-tone style. You can never go wrong with a white bedroom with white walls and a vivid accent wall.

    Serene Pastels:

    Create a serene vibe in your main bedroom by using common pastel colours like shades of lavender, blues, soft yellows, greens, and pinks. Pastel colours can suit many design styles – from farmhouse to minimalist design styles; pastel colours can blend into various design styles and bring together furniture from different eras.

    You can create a minimalist colour palette with slight bursts of colour to add a pop of life into the room. Unlike other parts of your home, you know better than the interior designer about what colours will make you feel comfy and peaceful. These calming pastels will work especially well if you deal with a small space.

    Flooring Should Look As Good As The Wall

    When designing the main bedroom, people often focus on eye-level elements – the bed, paintings, wallpaper, etc. But, the flooring is just as important as these aspects!

    Whether your floor consists of hardwood, carpet, or another material, you should consider how the floor's aesthetics fit in with the rest of your space. If your floor feels empty, add an area rug! If your space feels cramped, try making the floor light-coloured to give the illusion of more space.

    Adjust The Master Bedroom Lighting

    Imagine this – you walk into a spacious main bedroom only to be struck with harsh fluorescent lighting. That doesn't sound ideal. But, we didn't think so. So our third tip on this list is to adjust your main bedroom lighting! You can replace any light bulbs in your room with softer tone options or add a stylish lamp or two to your main bedroom.

    Whatever you choose, ensure the room is a relaxing space so that you can ensure a restful night's sleep. Add a warm table lamp to the room to add character and soft lighting to the room. You can use a crystal, fine chandelier above the bed to reflect natural light during the morning hours and make the room look more lively.

    Sconces are another addition that could add a rustic theme to your bedroom makeover.

    Multifunctional Furniture For The Modern Bedroom

    Furniture is bound to be one of the most space-consuming items in your main bedroom. One of the oldest solutions in the book is to choose furniture that can serve more than one purpose. For example, a futon sofa can serve multiple purposes – both a couch and a bed – and there are a variety of tables in the market that you can also convert to desks or other furniture.

    Add Floating Shelves

    One of our favourite main bedroom decor ideas is to add floating shelves along your walls. It will save you floor space – which comes in handy for small master bedrooms – but it will also let you decorate your room in a modern, clean fashion.

    When thinking about master bedroom paint ideas, we suggest using light, soft tones and matching the shelf colours to the wall colours. It will give your main bedroom a cohesive look and make the shelves feel like a true floating illusion.

    Include Ample Storage Space

    Our next tip is helpful for any main bedroom – but it's especially useful if you're looking for small main bedroom ideas. That tip is: to include ample storage space! If you store away your items, out-of-season clothes, blankets, and more when not in use, your space will feel much more open and clean.

    We recommend using the space under your bed to tuck away bins, or you can choose furniture for your main bedroom that includes built-in storage, such as nightstands with shelves or drawers.

    Accessorise With Stylish Home Decor

    Our final main bedroom idea is to accessorise your space with stylish decor. Though this may seem like an obvious tip, there's one important detail to consider. The decor you use in your main bedroom should directly correlate with the rest of the space in terms of styles and colours.

    Be sure to choose decor that feels coherent with the rest of your primary bedroom. Otherwise, your space will begin to feel mismatched and cluttered. It is especially true when dealing with small master bedrooms, as these tend to feel cramped, to begin with.

    Master Bedroom Tv Wall Ideas

    home house exterior design showing tropical pool villa with greenery garden sun bed umbrella pool towels

    A man's private getaway is not complete without a place to relax and watch the game or cuddle up with someone in front of the newest movie release. So while hanging your widescreen on the wall across your bed is perfectly acceptable, designing a media area can make that side of your room a pleasure to look at even when the TV is off.

    If your main suite includes a seating area, position the TV where you have an unobstructed view from both your bed and your sofa or chair. Most TVs look best positioned over a long, low dresser or credenza. However, this is not a must.

    One factor you should always consider is eliminating glare on your flat screen. Try to keep windows behind the TV so they cannot reflect on the screen. If this is not possible, use an adjustable wall mount to tilt the screen away from any glare. Of course, make use of stylish blinds and curtains to block natural light during daytime TV viewing.

    If your main bedroom has a fireplace, a logical spot to mount your TV is over the mantel. Extend your brick or stone fireplace surround to cover the entire wall for an impressive bedroom accent.

    Master Bedroom Fireplace Ideas

    Fireplaces have always been a welcome feature in bedrooms. In the past, they primarily served a practical purpose: keeping the bedroom warm at night. Today, fireplaces serve both a practical and aesthetic purpose in the bedroom. While most homes have central heating, nothing can replicate a live flame's romance and warm ambience.

    If you are a traditionalist, you may insist on a real, wood-burning fireplace even in the bedroom. However, many men find it burdensome and messy to tend to a real fire, especially in an area designed for relaxation.

    Today's gas fireplaces can replicate the look of an authentic wood fire, but you only need to press a button to power it on or off. When surrounded by an impressive stone or wood mantel, they look the same as traditional fireplaces.

    Modern ventless linear or landscape fireplaces can be mounted at any height and provide all the benefits of a traditional fireplace with a smaller footprint.

    They are available in gas and electric versions and come in a wide range of designs. Some include faux logs like other gas fireplaces, while others have flames rising from a plain or gravel-covered base. If your TV is not mounted above your linear fireplace, accent the area with a favourite piece of art.

    What Do You Need In The Main Bedroom?

    It is one of the most common questions we hear when designing the main bedroom. But, of course, the answer could be simple – you need a bed in the bedroom!

    However, we both know that the main bedroom should be more than a bed. It should include elements that make you feel relaxed and comfortable and practical products like dressers and nightstands.

    Of course, the specific layouts and furniture within a primary bedroom can be quite varied, depending on how much space you have and the elements that would make the main bedroom work best for you.

    When designing your master bedroom decor, your first thoughts should typically be about the perfect bedroom's size. How much available space do you have in your main bedroom? What furniture would fit best in your layout? Is there anything that wouldn't fit well but feels essential for your space?

    Once this thinking is done, you should consider factors like your preferences and functionality to determine what you should put in your main bedroom fully. For example, is your bedroom solely for sleeping and getting dressed? Or do you want any areas for doing work or hanging out? Do you need separate spaces for you and a partner?

    These thoughts and questions will help you determine the layout of your main bedroom to make space fit all of your necessities, preferences, and styles.


    So, what are the best main bedroom ideas? Every person is different, so there is no one-size-fits-all answer. However, by considering your needs and wants, you can develop a design that will be perfect for you and your partner. If you need help getting started, our team of experts would be happy to assist you in creating the perfect bedroom suite for your home. Thanks for reading!

    When this is the case, this bedroom is sometimes referred to as the main suite or an ensuite. The main bedroom with a directly accessible bathroom will be called an ensuite. Master bedrooms often are spaces large enough to include more than a standard bed, dresser, and chest of drawers.

    We want to perceive the world as it truly is. However, when your bed is placed underneath a window, it may create challenges for those sleeping in the bed. There is less security when there is a window behind the bed because a window is more fragile and, often, operable, making you feel less safe while you're at rest.

    Although you still commonly find bedspreads in hotels, they are somewhat out of fashion for home use. Bedspreads are especially good for guest rooms or any bedroom with a retro style.

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