What Are The Best Home Bar Appliances?

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    A home bar can be a stylish addition to the home. It's a place where you will relax and entertain guests. But, to make it complete, it's important to have a well-equipped bar area that's both convenient and functional. You'll need glassware, mixers, shakers, a well stock supply of alcohol and some small appliances to create an efficient home bar design.

    Wine Cooler

    Whether you're a beer drinker or love wine, keeping your beverages cool is a must for every home bar. Some homeowners with a larger budget may opt to get a wine cooler and a beverage fridge. However, it's popular for those who drink more beer or more wine to choose the one you'll use the most.

    There are some subtle differences between a wine cooler and a beverage fridge. While they both have glass doors to see inside, their shelving differs. A wine cooler has racks to accommodate the proper storing of wine on its side, while a beverage fridge has shelving to accept cans or bottles in neat rows.

    It creates a stable humidity level environment and gradually lowers temperatures when needed. A regular fridge that is opened and closed frequently can have temperature fluctuations that can harm the wine.

    There are many different models of wine coolers to fit practically any size budget. In addition, you can find models that accommodate a dozen bottles of wine that can easily fit under your bar's countertop. See some of our home bar ideas on a budget here.

    YOU will also set the temperature higher with wine cooler than with a beverage fridge. Wine is stored on average at about 55F, but it can range from 46F to 65F based on your taste. On the other hand, a beverage fridge is typically set between 40F to 45F degrees.

    No home bar is complete without a stylish wine rack, whether freestanding or wall-mounted. Your choice in this area undoubtedly depends on your collection and the general aesthetic you're trying to achieve. Regardless of the make-up of your collection, however, a wine cooler — either stand-alone or built-in — can tie the room (and party) together.

    It doesn't matter the make-up of your home bar; there will be a wine cooler out there that suits your wants and needs. So whether you're looking for a smaller, trimmer model that fits a couple of dozen bottles, or a larger cooler that can hold upwards of 80 bottles, there is sure to be a unit out there for your dream bar.

    Many models even feature dual-zone cooling, which is a must for enthusiasts who entertain. With multiple zone cooling, you can store a Chardonnay and a Pinot Noir in the same cooling unit, yet both wines sit at the ideal temperature.

    Red wine is generally stored in a cooler between 50F and 65F. White wine is stored in a wine cooler at 45F and 50F.

    Beverage Fridge

    A beverage fridge is similar to a regular fridge. One difference is that a beverage fridge has a glass window to let you see inside easily. It also has special shelving to accept the full cans or bottles possible. Their compartments are set up to avoid cans rolling around or bottles falling over.

    Some beverage fridges offer dual cooling zones, which is helpful for those who like really cold beer and want a designated section for their wine. In addition, it may be a solution for those who only want one of these appliances.

    Another useful feature of some beverage features is a locking door which can act as a storage cabinet when not in use. It is useful for keeping your drinks secure until you are ready to serve.

    Of course, not every party-goer is keen on wine. A general beverage refrigerator is another savvy investment for those wishing to maximise the potential of the home bar.

    Beverage refrigerators are a must-have appliance for every home bar. These functional units can be found as freestanding models in different sizes. Small compact models can fit as many as 60 (12 oz) cans or 30 (20 oz) bottles. And just like the wine coolers, you can even get a built-in model to place directly into your home bar.

    There are a variety of different beverage refrigerators to suit your needs. You can find dual-zone units that allow some areas of your refrigerator to be cooler than others. It is a great option for those who know they'll be storing a variety of beers and sodas and then another type of beverage that will require a much different temperature setting, such as wine or certain types of liquor.

    One of the biggest reasons to opt for a beverage fridge is to keep a dedicated space for a beer or soft drinks away from food for ease of use during gatherings.


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    Another small appliance for beer lovers is a kegerator. These are self-contained miniature refrigerators with a CO2 canister to create a beer on tap. This way, you can have the excellent taste of draft beer with a genuine bar feel.

    Some models of kegerators offer two or three different beer tabs giving party-goers a selection to choose from. After a keg is opened and stored in a kegerator, it typically will last from 6-8 weeks before losing its fresh taste.

    CO2 canisters can be refilled when necessary. However, since they use carbon dioxide canisters, you must maintain some care to ensure that they are properly stored and cared for.

    Bottles and cans of beer are all well and good, but when you're trying to maximise your personal bars' potential, you will certainly need a quality kegerator.

    Whether you want a single tap model to keep you and your friends' favourite beer on hand or go all out with a triple tap unit to keep multiple brews in stock at once, this appliance is a must for those attempting to achieve home bar perfection.

    A kegerator will also refrigerate your brew, keeping it around the ideal 34-degree temperature you and your drinking buddies are accustomed to getting to your favourite local bar. Whether you're a casual beer drinker or a hops connoisseur, your home bar would hardly be considered complete without a kegerator.

    Remember to browse the units on the market today to find the type that will most complement your bar. You can find under-counter kegerators, freestanding kegerators, and even outdoor models. The number of options is staggering when it comes to variety and customisation.

    Compact Ice Maker

    Many recipes call for ice for the true home bar experience while serving mixed drinks. A compact ice maker is perfect when mixing cocktails, so you never run out.

    Ice stored in a freezer can begin to harbour bacteria after a relatively short time. So for that reason alone, it's a good idea to create fresh ice for your drinks whenever possible.

    Self-contained ice makers are placed under countertops and are self-contained units with a bin to catch ice. There are also countertop ice makers, compact units that don't take up too much space.

    These types can start making ice in as little as 7 minutes. In addition, some portable ice makers will create different types of ice depending on your needs.

    The ice maker is one of those appliances that sometimes gets overlooked when putting together their home bar. However, remember that any bar or restaurant you frequent will have a professional, commercial ice maker. So, with that in mind, when discussing constructing the ultimate personal home bar, how could you neglect such a key element as the ice maker?

    Whether freestanding or built-in, this appliance is one you will never regret purchasing. The convenience alone is worth the purchase. Keep in mind all the money and time you'll save by not having to frequent the grocery store to purchase heavy, unwieldy bags of impossibly hard ice, and this appliance becomes a no-brainer.

    Some units even come equipped with timers and alarms to alert you when your ice bin is full or not to work properly. So if you're limited on space in your home bar, or just like taking your party on the road, a portable ice maker is what you're looking for. Durable, quiet, and efficient, this size of this ice maker can make rocks for your drinks in almost any situation or locale.


    A blender deserves a spot in any best home bar appliances list. You can use a blender for making crushed ice or creating fresh fruit juice for your cocktails or frozen drinks. All three options can come in handy for those making a lot of homemade cocktails.

    When purchasing a blender for a home bar, it's a good idea to get one that has the power to crush ice; the power of a blender is measured in watts.

    Generally, blenders offer about 500 watts of power which should be sufficient for crushing ice but may struggle with thicker ice cubes. It's important to read the specification when purchasing to ensure your blender can do the job you need.

    Another handy feature is the number of speeds. If you're using your blender for different functions, such as blending fruit for drinks or chopping ice, you'll want several different settings to make things easier.

    Frozen Margarita Machine

    It is just what you need for those with a love of margaritas. Instead of a regular blender that blends everything in the pitcher at once, a margarita machine perfects the texture, making your drink velvety smooth.

    Margarita makers will shave the ice before blending the remainder of the ingredients giving it its amazing taste. The results are big different from regular blender margaritas that leave pieces of unchopped ice throughout your drink.

    Margarita makers are also easy to set up and use. Making them ideal for those who want to allow guests to serve themselves or don't want a lot of hassle while entertaining.

    Many models allow you to produce the desired amount of drinks you want. A margarita machine is a cool conversation piece that is fun to have at parties.


    While maybe not the sexiest on the list, a microwave is useful for rooms, home bars with game movie rooms, popping popcorn, or ready-made heating meals. It is especially useful if your home bar is equipped with a fridge and freezer for easy access to the food items you need.

    You can opt for a standard over the countertop microwave oven; however, if you want to save space, it's best to install it under the countertops or above attached to the wall to free up space.

    Coffee Maker

    A coffee maker can complement a home bar design. However, an alcoholic beverage may often not be appropriate for the setting or event. In that case, offering coffee could be a good choice.

    Depending on your wants and needs, it can be as simple as a Mr Coffee, or you could opt for something with more glamour, such as an espresso machine. Before purchasing, you'll want to consider how many cups of coffee you'll need at any given time. Single-serve coffee makers that use prepared pods are the easiest, but you will sacrifice taste.

    Drip coffee makers are better for a crowd of guests. These can accept pre-ground coffee beans onto a paper filter which can brew up to 8 to 12 cups of coffee in just a few minutes.

    Espresso machines will require more maintenance and clean-up than a regular coffee machine. In addition, these types of machines generally produce one cup of coffee at a time and may not be ideal for large groups.

    Mini Fridge

    The mini-fridge is essentially the cherry on top of your dream home bar. These units are often efficient both space- and energy-wise and can refrigerate various beverages and foods. Many models even have a small freezer attached as well.

    The ultimate home bar can fully utilise the mini-fridge to separate your food and beverages. However, beer and wine lovers alike can attest that food containers can alter the taste of your alcohol and vice versa. Therefore, utilise the freezer of your mini-fridge for liquor and spirits and the main refrigeration sections for fruit garnishes, snacks, and miscellaneous beers and wine coolers.

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    One of the most appealing features of the mini-fridge that separates it from wine coolers is the easy-to-clean nature of the appliance. For instance, many models have flat, one-piece interiors that make clean up and upkeep simple and quick.

    A Juicer

    A juicer is a useful appliance that helps you make cocktails. Instead of buying bottled juices, you can make your fresh juice at home. Juicers come in different prices and qualities, and you can get one that suits your needs. For example, if you regularly hold parties at your home, you might extract as much juice as you want from your fruits and vegetables. On the other hand, if you like carbonated drinks, I recommend getting a soda stream.


    The word jigger was retrieved from a small man who was dancing in the streets of Scotland. In bar accessories, a jigger is a cocktail set used to measure the right amount of your drink before you pour it into the cocktail shaker. This accessory comes in different sizes that measure the exact amount. A Jigger usually looks like two different cones stacked back to back, just like an hourglass. This appliance is useful if you are in a hurry and want to whip up your drink fast.

    Brandy Warmer

    The word Brandy is a Dutch word that means burnt wine. This appliance works by heating your wine, thus elevating your liquor's flavour and aroma. Brandy Warmer has a metallic stand with a tea-light candle holder that warms your drink. Apart from enjoying a warm drink, this gadget makes you feel like a great lord in a castle.

    Wine Dispensing Bag

    A wine dispensing bag is a small bag to put your wine in. When you leave the house and come back to dispense your drink surreptitiously, your wine will come in purse form. These dispensing bags have a fixture on either side, and you can always duck it under the table of a fancy restaurant and refill your glass without the staff knowing. However, it would help if you did not lift the bag above your head.

    Mixology Set

    If you are an excellent mixologist, you need to have a full cocktail set that will help you create craft cocktails and mixed drinks. In addition, you should create new cutting edge concoctions and new signature drinks in your home bar.

    Whether you are a professional mixologist or just an amateur, you can slowly learn to make well-crafted drinks easily with all the necessary tools. Here are some of the essential mixology sets you should have in your home bar.


    Home bar appliances can make entertaining guests a breeze. We've got you covered if you're in the market for a new appliance to help with your hosting duties. We've compiled a list of the best home bar appliances today.

    We've got something for everyone from sleek and stylish wine fridges to powerful blenders that can handle any cocktail recipe. So, what are you waiting for? Start shopping now and get ready to wow your guests!

    Instead of having a single cabinet that stores your drink components and glasses, homeowners add wine chillers, beverage centres, beer kegerators, and ice makers. Not only does this add to the pub feel, but it also provides more functional storage and ensures an adequate supply of chilled beverages.

    A wet bar is a galley kitchen meets bar. It usually includes the common kitchen elements: cabinetry, countertop, sink & faucet with the occasional appliance, all to serve family & friends.

    Durability. Quality and durability are sure signs of a premium bar fridge and should be high on your list when shopping for one, so it lasts for years. Being outside means it will be exposed to the weather and a higher temperature fluctuation.

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