Is A Kitchen Extension Worth It?

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    You will be able to apply your own ideas to create a room that is tailored to your preferences when you extend your kitchen. Do you need space for an island? Check! Do you require room for a dining table? Verify once again! You can have the kitchen of your dreams if you have the space, time, and money to make the necessary additions to it.

    We are big fans of kitchen expansions that have side returns since they not only open up space but also produce that "live-in kitchen" atmosphere that so many contemporary families yearn for. This is one of the projects that we have done at my own home: I have stretched out the back of the property into the yard to create a wide open-plan living room, with distinct zones for lounging, cooking, and eating respectively. It's true that kitchens are what sell houses, and a well-designed extension that maximises the use of the available space, including the area to the back of the house and the unused space on the sides of the house, can have a truly impressive effect on the overall look and feel of the property.

    If you have a modestly sized kitchen, you're definitely well aware of the challenges that come along with it. Cooking, hosting guests, and simply unwinding may all be accomplished in one room if the kitchen is spacious and attractively constructed. This type of kitchen has the potential to become the heart of the home for its occupants. However, the likelihood of it occuring is quite low given the size of your kitchen.

    The solution lies in the construction of modest additions to the kitchen. You may create a room that is beyond your wildest imagination right now by ingeniously expanding upon your existing kitchen and planning with space in mind. Your dream home can become a reality when you work with MJS Construction Group, since we provide the finest selection of dual occupancy options.

    melbourne extension kitchen

    Things To Take Into Consideration

    Before you get started planning an extension, there are a few things you need think about first. This involves determining what kind of extension will be appropriate for your needs. In the past, homeowners frequently opted for dining and utility rooms that were kept separate. These days, however, open floor plans are more desirable. Think on what you want to accomplish with the extension before you get started on the project. Kitchen additions not only add space for additional cooking options, but also for dining, unwinding, and hosting visitors.

    Ideas for extending your kitchen do more than just create additional space; they can also completely transform the atmosphere of your home. Some of the additions will have doors that open up into the garden, creating an atmosphere that is like dining in the open air. Others make the room more adaptable so that it can be enjoyed by the whole family.

    An extension is a significant financial commitment, and you are required to obtain planning approval before you can move forwards with the project. The size of your extension will be determined by the available space on your property as well as your budget.

    If you are starting from scratch, there are no limitations in terms of the existing electrical and plumbing systems; nevertheless, any extension would cause major disruption, so you should be prepared for this. A consideration of how much it will cost should be made early on in the design stages of a kitchen extension.

    Kitchen Extensions

    It is essential to complete additions correctly; otherwise, they risk giving the impression that a box has been joined to your existing kitchen. It is crucial to plan their arrangement and design, not just from an aesthetic standpoint but also in terms of space. If the addition is done well, the new room and the existing kitchen should merge in together without any obvious seams. If your kitchen is poorly organised, you will throw away valuable space that you have paid to instal.

    It is an area that would be improved by the addition of a lot of glazing, and if you intend to extend your home, you will need to give serious consideration to the lighting situation. The natural light pouring into my extension from the enormous skylights is just what the space needed because, without them, it would be much too dim. Building regulations must be followed in regard to any spaces that contain glazing. Even if they are not the most cost-effective method for conserving energy, I would suggest utilising as much glazing as possible even though doing so is pricey.

    These days, completely glazed sliding door walls are very popular. Even when the weather doesn't let you to open them, these not only let a lot of light into the space, but they also let your garden become an extension of your home.

    Side Return Extensions

    You might not believe it's worth it to extend your property by a few feet on either side, but doing so ultimately enables much superior 'use of space' in the remaining portion of the room. You'll be astonished at how much of a difference it can make. Adding a few extra feet of width to a room creates open space and can make a room that was previously of an average size appear to be significantly larger.

    It's possible that side returns won't pay off on their own, but if you combine them with a single-story expansion, the additional cost will be negligible. The fact that the passages or spaces between terraced houses are areas of unused space is one of the primary benefits of extending into them. As a result, you won't have the impression that your outside space is being reduced as a result of your extension into these areas.

    If you are thinking about expanding your kitchen and living space, my number one piece of advice would be to go for a ground-level addition that extends into the side returns of the house if at all possible. If you combine it with a lot of glazing, you'll have a room that not only gives you a contemporary area for your family to live but also represents an enhancement that has the potential to significantly boost the value of your property.

    The Benefits of Kitchen Extensions

    There are a variety of advantages that come along with extending your kitchen, all of which make the project worthwhile. You have the ability to make the space that you and your family require, which will make life significantly simpler and will maximise the usefulness of the area.

    Not only does having more space make it much simpler and more pleasurable to prepare delicious homemade meals, but it also gives you more place to store and exhibit all of the kitchen gadgets you've always wanted. Have you been fantasising about a large refrigerator with double doors? Now it's your turn to get one! Trying to see your counters in a magazine without any clutter? It's possible with the addition of a kitchen expansion!

    You may also be able to boost the value of your home by adding on modest additions to the kitchen. This will allow you to recoup some or all of the money you invest in the project, as well as make your property far more marketable.

    Types of Small Kitchen Extensions

    The choice of a kitchen addition with one level is by far the most common and popular kind. This is when you just build out the lower floor of your home, extending the space into the land around your house in order to create a huge kitchen that is open to the rest of the house.

    Side return extensions are fantastic additions for houses, typically older homes, that already have a narrow alley running outdoors next to the kitchen but aren't making use of the space for any purpose. In order to make the most of the property you own, you can extend construction into this area.

    Your kitchen's potential square footage may be increased by the addition of a wrap-around expansion. When this stage of the process is complete, the extension will have moved out from both the side return and the back of your home.

    You might want to consider adding on a conservatory if you want to increase the amount of natural light that enters your kitchen. These can make a tiny area appear larger, and their price is typically lower than that of the other types of extensions listed. This is an excellent solution for a small kitchen that gives you the option of incorporating a dining or living area within the space.

    How Much Will It Cost?

    Due to the fact that the cost of each extension will be unique, we are unable to provide an accurate estimate at this time. If this is something that concerns you, contact Bluelime Home Design and we will send one of our experts to examine the area for you; after doing so, we will be able to provide you with a more accurate estimate.

    What we are able to tell you, on the other hand, is that your modest kitchen expansion ought to add somewhere in the range of five to ten percent to the entire worth of your property — a nice return!

    Kitchen Extension Ideas

    Are you looking for gorgeous ideas for a kitchen extension? You will be inspired to build your ideal design with the assistance of our gallery of light and cheerful kitchen extension ideas, which will turn a claustrophobic floor plan into an appealing contemporary area for cooking, dining, and spending time with family.

    The extension of the kitchen is one of the home improvement projects that is most popular among homeowners because it can provide a large open-plan living room that can be used for cooking, dining, and lounging. In addition to providing you with additional room, it may also result in a boost in the value of your property in the event that you choose to sell it.

    The spacious kitchen with an open floor plan has become the focal point of contemporary living, making it an essential feature in newly constructed homes as well as one of the most popular renovation projects for older buildings. The amount of space in a home can be increased in a number of different ways, such by combining rooms that are adjacent to one another, constructing an entirely new room, or expanding the basement. Be under no illusions, and know that all of your choices will need time and money; yet, once the dust has settled, many people will praise your decision. We have a diverse selection of home builders in Melbourne available here at MJS Construction Group.

    kitchen extensionIncorporate structural elements

    Make the structural steel beams a part of the design of the building rather than attempting to conceal them. This uncomplicated white kitchen benefits from having a sense of balance and visual appeal thanks to the black patio window frames and the black steel beam.

    Be brave with wall colour

    Pink is the trendy colour right now; do you adore it but worry that it will become out of style soon? Why not try something new by redecorating a tiny area of the wall that is located above the tiles? After all, making a decision to alter it at a later time is not a tremendous concern in the grand scheme of things.

    Make storage attractive and accessible

    You don't want to squander your time searching for stuff in the deepest recesses of the cupboards, do you? If you instal an open shelf system in your kitchen similar to the one shown here, you will always have the cooking tools, cookbooks, and other goods that you use frequently within easy reach.

    Bring warmth with brick

    In the event that you have constructed a new wall or relocated an existing one as part of your expansion, exposing the bricks on the interior of the space will lend personality and warmth to the room. Bricks that have been previously used look the best since the uneven colour and texture will allow them to pick up other tones in your cabinetry and flooring.

    Extend out with a side return

    If you live in a semi-detached or detached home, extending out to the side is a suitable option for you because it does not need using any of the available garden space. However, you may lose access to the side of your garden, and obtaining planning approval may be more difficult depending on how close you are to the boundary between your property and that of your neighbour.

    It is possible to extend into the space known as the side return, which is located to the side of a kitchen at the rear of period terraced dwellings, in order to create a kitchen that spans the entire width of the house. It is important to keep in mind, however, that you should take into consideration how the light will then enter the rooms and how the new space will spread over. A magnificent wrap-around kitchen can also be created by combining expansions to the rear and side of the building.

    Make colour the star

    Choose a colour that really stands out for a single feature in a kitchen that is all white or neutral. This will make the plan easier to understand and implement, particularly in a more constrained extension.

    The magnificent design of this room calls for a splashback made of reflected turquoise glass; same material has also been used as a decorative element on the kitchen island. The dining area is separated from the rest of the kitchen by the island, which also serves another purpose as a space divider.

    Consolidate storage

    Take careful planning into account when adding storage to your kitchen extension. It is more efficient to confine cupboards to a particular region, rather than having them spread out around the room, if you have the space.

    The base and wall units of this spectacular addition have been banked together on a single wall and on a broad island that spans the entire width of the space. Not only does this ensure that everything is within easy reach at the bustling, business end of the room, but it also enables you to coordinate your colour scheme, which in this case consists of a paint finish that is a dark grey matte.

    kitchen extension melbourne

    Use a peninsula as a divider

    Using strategically positioned units, you can demarcate the many purposes of your expansion. If you have extended your home into the garden from the back wall of the house, the line of the old wall will frequently form a natural separating point for the new extension. This is because the line of the previous wall follows the natural slope of the land.

    A window and a steel joist that is stiff mark the location here. The working kitchen is separated from the dining and sitting room that has a view of the garden by a worktop that has a sink, a few cupboards, and a miniature breakfast bar built into it.

    Consider glazed doors

    Using strategically positioned units, you can demarcate the many purposes of your expansion. If you have extended your home into the garden from the back wall of the house, the line of the old wall will frequently form a natural separating point for the new extension. This is because the line of the previous wall follows the natural slope of the land.

    A window and a steel joist that is stiff mark the location here. The working kitchen is separated from the dining and sitting room that has a view of the garden by a worktop that has a sink, a few cupboards, and a miniature breakfast bar built into it.

    Build-in, build-out

    Take pleasure in the opportunity to completely redecorate a space. If you give your new addition great consideration and planning, you should be able to create a space that is both beautiful and functional when it is finished.

    Each and every item, as well as each and every ounce of storage space, will be situated in its optimal location. In this kitchen, the built-in ovens, open shelving, and upright as well as overhead cabinets are concealed behind a false wall. At the same time, a freestanding island has been outfitted with a stovetop, sink, wine cooler, and extra-large drawers.

    Unite a multifunctional space with wood

    To maintain a sense of orderliness, confinement, and openness throughout a large area, use a singular material throughout the entirety of the area. This addition includes a country kitchen that has a breakfast bar, a seating area, and a dining room that is completely separate from the kitchen.

    In terms of decoration, this arrangement could be considered a jumble; nonetheless, the extensive use of wood brings about its own natural order. Warm wood tones tie the design together from the fitted shelves and larder unit at the back of the room, through the impressive breakfast bar at the centre, and out to the low coffee table, farmhouse dining table, and mismatched chairs. Pops of vibrant colour on soft furnishings and ceramics add to the fun of the space.

    What Is The Cost Of A Side Return Extension?

    Check out our extension cost calculator to receive the most accurate estimate possible of how much your side return extension will cost. You will need to enter some information on the size, location, and rooms that are going to be renovated into our cost calculator before it will provide you with an overall perspective. Because we have included everything, including value-added tax, finishes, and professional fees, this ought to provide you with a good sense of cost before you begin working with an architect.

    Once you have an overall picture, your builder and architect will walk you through the process step by step and give you an accurate estimate of the costs involved. The price of this item will change depending on the specifics of your design and product, as well as the individual property and location. For instance, if you want to instal a high-end kitchen, then the expenses will be significantly higher than if you want to reuse your current kitchen. If you want to reuse your current kitchen, then the costs will be significantly lower.

    How Long Does A Side Return Extension Take?

    You should allow yourself between three and four months for the side return extension, and this is under the assumption that you already have items like planning clearances and the party wall act agreed upon. The actual construction, as well as the installation of the kitchen and doors, and other finishing touches, will take place during this time. It may be possible to complete a side return in less time than this, but this is contingent on everything going according to plan and the builders not experiencing any delays on other projects. Therefore, in order to maintain your sanity and properly manage your expectations, you should give yourself a little more time.

    How Do I Maximise Light In A Side Return Extension?

    Due to the fact that a side return normally connects on to a wall, there is no possibility of installing a window in the space where you had one before. In order to avoid giving the impression that the space is too gloomy, you need to make sure that you let in as much light as possible.

    Including a number of skylights in the structure is one of the easiest and least expensive alterations that can be made. A glass ceiling or extension, which will maximise the light coming in and also help let more light into your neighbours' home, is a particularly fashionable and modern style. It can also assist let more light into your own home. Windows that reach from floor to ceiling not only create an ultra-modern appearance but also let in significantly more light.

    It is a wonderful opportunity to add wide sliding or bi-fold doors to maximise the amount of natural light that enters the space if you choose to extend to the rear of the property at the same time.

    There are additional methods than glazing that can be used to prevent the space from having a dark appearance. Even if you decide to go with a dark kitchen, opting for lighter walls and flooring will make the room feel significantly brighter. Maintaining the open floor design all the way through to the hall would also enable more natural light to penetrate the room. To assist you in constructing the home of your dreams, MJS Construction Group offers the widest variety of dual occupancy builder services available.

    Any Other Advice?

    It's best to get your neighbours on side early in the process as your side return will likely have an impact on them, even if it's only the construction of it. Chat to them ahead of submitting plans and work with your architect to look at how your extension will get the support of your neighbour, minimising issues! 

    Of course, you probably want to keep the price down on your kitchen extension. Cost is affected by how complex the build is; keeping it simple makes things cheaper. It's a good idea to avoid having things made to order and if you're confident, take on some of the work yourself. Avoid unusual room shapes, as labour and material might cost more, and try to avoid building over a maintenance hole, as this will mean diverting the drain.

    It may not be the easiest way to upgrade your kitchen, but if you decide to go for a kitchen extension, all the hard work should be worth it when you have your new dream space.

    FAQs About Kitchen Extension

    An extension with a kitchen starts at $50,000 and goes up to $70,000. Kitchen extensions typically have added prices for plumbing and cabinetry. So, while the average kitchen size is between 100 and 200-square feet, the cost is significantly higher than in other areas.

    This means that in most cases if you are extending your property, you will face disruption to the use of your kitchen area. A rear, side or wrap-around extension can take 10-14 weeks to construct, depending on the size of your property and the specifics of your extension.

    With your builder hired and a date set for starting on site, contact your kitchen designer to place your order and arrange a time for delivery. The average extension takes 12 to 14 weeks, but a large project can take up to six months or a year. And have a detailed timeline in place.

    It depends on the current value of the property, but a loft conversion or extension may add 10 to 15 per cent to its value.

    You won't need planning permission for a kitchen extension as long as it can be classed as a 'Permitted Development'.

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