How Much Should I Charge For Cad Drawings?

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Many industries and fields enjoy the benefits of today’s cutting-edge CAD technology and skilled engineers who use it. From designing new products and developing concepts to laying out someone’s ideal home, there are plenty of CAD services with a variety of different applications.

While these services are convenient and even critically important at times, sometimes we need to look to other professionals to provide them. You don’t have to be an engineer or freelance CAD drawing professional to enjoy the benefits of modern CAD services, but you will have to work with one.

Outsourcing this type of work can be challenging if you aren’t particularly familiar with it. That being said, the process can be simple and even enjoyable when everyone has appropriate expectations. Such expectations include the cost of the service.

Read on to learn more about some of the types of CAD services that professionals and firms offer, as well as basic pricing information and general tips for the whole process.

A draftsperson, or architect, is typically hired when you need to design something with a personal touch. They are the people to see if you need a set of plans for an aeroplane, vehicle engine, or another complex mechanical system. Drafting services are often synonymous with CAD services. CAD is simply the software that drafting service uses to make their drawings.

Typical plans for houses, buildings, and parks, can be bought through an architectural firm without needing to hire a draftsperson individually. A specialty house, municipal building, or commercial building that can’t be found in pre-drawn plans will have to be drawn up by a licensed architect or draftsperson.

Architects and draftspersons differ in that, structural plans drawn up by a draftsperson must be signed off by an architect and structural engineer before they can be approved for construction- an architect’s plans only have to be approved by the structural engineer. At MJS Construction Group, we offer a wide range of home builders Melbourne.

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CAD drawing services are effective for all technical aspects of architectural and design projects. They help to implement all ideas, present them to clients and even be guides for contractors during the construction process.


An interior design company wants to prepare a detailed project presentation for their clients and order high-quality CAD drafts. Outsource drawing services seem to be the best option because hiring in-house specialists is a long process that cannot be carried out in a short time before the presentation. Moreover, the Designers don’t have enough budget to pay the whole staff of draftsmen, including their salaries, taxes, days off, equipment and so on. However, the company has never used outsourcing services before, so they don’t know how much such CAD drawings cost and how to cut the spendings.

Today, many if not most CAD drafting services tend to offer flat rate prices and the for turnaround times as well, depending on the sheet types and the level of complexity of the various different working models out there. The best thing about such flat rates as well as turnaround times is that it allows the end customers to be able to easily send such companies their project specifications so that work can start as soon as possible and without ever needing even a quote in this regard.

How Much Are CAD drafting services prices?

CAD drafting services cost an average of $100 to $120 per hour. Architects tend to be more expensive, billing clients at $130 to $150 an hour. However, here it is pertinent to note that any and all revisions to existing plans are typically somewhat less expensive than drafting any original plans (regardless of their complexity).

A highly skilled draftsperson or even an architect for that matter is typically hired when the client or customer will need to design something with a markedly personal touch. They are the very people to see if you need a set of plans for either an aeroplane, or a complete vehicle engine, or even other even more complex mechanical systems that are out there. By and large, it has been assumed that most drafting services are often taken to synonymous with CAD services. CAD is just simply the software that drafting services often use to make their drawings.

Typical plans for buildings houses and parks can easily be bought via an architectural firm without a pressing need to hire a draftsperson or a company on an individual basis. A municipal building, specialty house, or commercial building that just can’t be found in any pre-drawn plans will, of course, have to be drawn up by an otherwise licensed architect or draftsperson.

We can say that we at CAD, CAM services are the ‘go-to’ experts in the field of 3D drafting and drawing CAD services available at a nominal price. We try our level best to be sure to provide absolute and complete satisfaction in all such related or any other issues with regard to any and all CAD, CAM services that you might be interested in, for even the most difficult tasks at hand.

Average Draftsperson Costs

99% of all drawings are now done on a system called CAD (Computer-Aided Design). It has made shop drawings a lot less expensive and much more accurate than older systems. The cost of a drawing is determined by the type of drawing you want and the size. Sizes range from A0 to A4. A0 are typical building plans, about 2×3 feet. A1 is half that size, A2 is half A1, etc. Different types of drawings include:

  • Floor Plans – overhead view of each floor in the building showing electrical, plumbing, walls, windows, doors, etc.
  • Elevation Plans – a 2-dimensional view of the building from the perspective standing in front of it. Shows the total height of the building and the height of each floor, doors, and windows.
  • Section Plans – similar to floor plans, but the building is cut vertically, showing staircase designs, room heights, interior door heights, etc.
  • Perspective Plans – a 3-D view of the exterior of a building. There are two types – birds-eye view and worms-eye view.

Average CAD Service Costs

A typical drafting company will charge $100 to $120 per hour. Architects charge slightly more, averaging around $130 per hour. A typical A0 drawing of one type of house will take about 8 hours to complete, which would cost between $800 and $1,040.

Larger structures, such as a municipal building or an office complex, may take up to 24 hours to complete. More intricate drawings are required due to codes. Sprinkler systems, mechanical and HVAC drawings are required. Expect to pay upwards of $3,000 for these types of drawings. Remember that these prices are for one type of drawing. If you require a floor plan, elevation plan and a section plan, these costs will triple.

What Can Affect Cad Drawing Prices?

A CAD drawing is not an easy job to do. It’s a specialised skill that takes years of training to master. That’s why several factors play into how much professional draftsman charges for every project. These factors typically include the following:


Every project is different, so prices will be different too. There are 2D designs as well as 3D designs. Generally speaking, 3D designs are more complicated and take longer to complete. If your CAD specialist is charging by the hour, this kind of design would likely cost you extra.


When it comes to CAD drawing, the size of the design doesn’t necessarily equate to its level of difficulty. Sometimes a design could be relatively small but have a lot of special and intricate details. Other times, a large project could have a very straightforward design. Similar to complexity, the size of a job also affects the length of time needed to finish the task.


The software used by CAD draftsmen is generally expensive. Licences or subscriptions have to be purchased in order to use these computer programs. Each design has a different requirement, like the use of various software.

Types of Projects and Basic CAD Services Pricing Information

The exact price of various CAD services varies from one project type to another as well as by the market. Below, you will find some general information about what you can expect to pay for some of the most common types of projects. The table at the end of this section presents the information in a clear, organised format.

How Much Are Product Design CAD Services?

Plenty of businesses and entrepreneurs turn to design firms and freelancers when they need help with the design of a new product. This type of work is usually focused on creating one or more 3D models, which are used to gather feedback and observations before moving deeper into the production process.

In addition to 3D modelling services, there is a lot of basic 2D drafting that can be found here. Some 3D rendering can also be involved here, although not nearly as much as 3D modelling. Such services can cost in the neighbourhood of $50 to $200 per hour. 3D rendering has the highest rates of any of these services. Please see the table for a more specific breakdown.

What Do Mechanical Design CAD Services Cost?

Mechanical design services tend to have a lot of crossover with product design. The same general CAD services are heavily utilised here, such as 3D modelling, 2D drafting, and a bit of 3D rendering at times. However, mechanical design often requires a higher degree of precision than basic product design.

This tends to show itself in the slightly higher rates for this type of project. For drafting and 3D modelling, the price can be anywhere from $50 to $100 per hour. If 3D rendering is required, you can expect it to be in the neighbourhood of $90 to $200 per hour.

What Do Freelancers and Firms Charge for Furniture Design CAD Services?

CAD services for furniture design generally share the same rates as similar products for other markets, such as product design. The most significant difference here is that there is a great use of 3D rendering.

3D rendering is one of the primary ways that furniture products are depicted for advertising and marketing purposes. This allows the product to be presented well across a variety of platforms.

How Much Do Architectural Modeling Services Cost?

This may surprise you, but rates for architectural 3D modelling services can be a little lower than what you would pay for mechanical design or product design. For example, 3D modelling work for architectural projects may only start at $40 per hour. These same services in other markets begin at an even higher hourly rate and go up from there.

That being said, some architectural products can be quite large and may require plenty of hours. Top-quality 3D renderings of expansive interiors or large exteriors can easily cost several thousand dollars, depending on the details and the scope of the project. 

Price of Architectural Drafting Services

Drafting services for an architectural project such as a new addition to an existing structure run a bit higher than some other related services. For architectural drafting, you should expect to pay at least $100 per hour.

A common project, such as a 1,000 square foot addition, will require somewhere around eight to sixteen hours of work to complete. Specialised types of drafting commonly command even higher hourly rates. Planning for a new look for your house? Look no further!  MJS Construction Group  is here to help in your home builders.

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Factors Affecting Rates and Pricing

It’s true that there are many factors that affect the final price of a project. Many of these are out of your hands. The good news is that there are a few you can control. Let’s take a look at what these factors are.

Time and Deadlines

One of the easiest ways to significantly increase the cost of a project is to put a hard deadline on it in the very near future. Demanding a very fast turnaround will almost always increase the cost of the work by a large margin.

Some freelancers and firms have special rates just for this type of situation. While the increase varies from one professional to another, it’s not particularly unusual to see a 50% increase in the cost of a project if you want it as soon as possible.

On the other hand, you can sometimes reduce costs a bit by being more flexible with the deadlines for the project. Some freelance CAD engineers and firms offer three-speed tiers for turnaround times, such as urgent, standard, and no-rush. If your service provider of choice doesn’t list any information about this, it’s worth asking about it.

Accuracy and Visual Quality

Most projects require a standard level of precision or visual quality. For clarity, think of precision as to how exactly a 3D model or 2D print is and consider visual quality a measure of the final appearance of a 3D rendering.

The engineer or designer that you choose for your project will likely be able to provide a higher level of precision or visual quality than what is necessary. If you’re trying to work within a strict budget, opt for only what the project truly requires. Chasing perfection in terms of precision or visual quality is an easy way to rack up a whopper of a bill before you know it. A little restraint goes a long way towards keeping costs reasonable.

Taking the Next Step Toward Finding CAD Services for Your Project

It’s terrific to have so many skilled professionals available today. There are more options than ever before if you need to find someone with the experience and skills to handle the CAD aspects of your project. The downside to this is that trying to find the right firm or freelance CAD digitalisation service can start to seem like looking for a needle in a haystack rather quickly. The good news is, at Cad Crowd, we’re ready to help.

We have a tremendous pool of experienced and skilled designers and engineers who are ready to take on your project. These professionals are vetted, and you can take advantage of their services confidentially.

The standard procedures at Cad Crowd were created to accommodate your needs. First of all, you won’t have to worry about privacy. Non-disclosure agreements are part of the standard process here. If you’re concerned about intellectual property rights, don’t fret. All of these rights remain yours when you choose to work with a Cad Crowd designer or freelance Creo engineer.

You may want to take your time choosing the best professional for your project. There is plenty that is sure to be a great fit. Get things moving and start the process today by getting a quote. Finding the right duplex build  is an important decision. Check out our range of the best home design constructions at MJS Construction Group.

Additional Services

The additional CAD drawing services are possible for a separate payment at any time during the process. One of these options is converting one format of drafts into another depending on clients’ needs. The other service is digitising manual drawings into CAD versions. On top of that, draftsmen are able to turn 2D drawings in 3D and vice versa as well as create BIM objects on the basis of CAD drafts. All these drawing services can be ordered from the same big outsource CAD studio.

The prices of outsourcing CAD drawing services are not fixed and largely depend on the typology, complexity, and details of a project. The best approach for choosing a drafting company with the most reasonable pricing is to choose several options, ask their Client Managers to estimate a task and compare the results. Our tips will help to learn what influences the cost of a drawing project and how to calculate it accurately. Besides, using outsource CAD drawing services requires only the payment for work on a project which is much more budget-friendly than hiring in-house employees. 

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