How Much Money Do I Need To Buy A Duplex?

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    Have you ever considered purchasing a house, subdividing it, and then renting each portion out separately as a separate business? You might be able to accomplish your goal by purchasing a duplex. But things aren't always as easy as they seem to be at first glance. When it comes to duplex properties, you are purchasing two properties (duo) on one piece of land (uno) for a price that is typically much lower than the price that you would pay to purchase two properties on separate pieces of land. This duplicity has the potential to lower expenses while simultaneously increasing tax benefits and earnings (see below).

    However, just like anything else, duplex homes come with their fair share of potential downsides; therefore, you should continue reading to determine whether or not a duplex is the right choice for you.

    A residence consisting of two separate homes is known as a duplex. It is a single building that has distinct driveways, gardens, and other elements that are often associated with individual homes, but it does share a central wall with another building. If you're looking for a high-quality, affordable builder in Melbourne, you're in the right place! Check MJS Construction Group!

    It's possible that the two houses are on the same property title, in which case they can be owned and sold together. Sometimes there are separate titles, which indicates that each one can be owned privately and traded separately.

    In either case, the duplex represents an exciting prospect for property investment; yet, Australian investors tend to neglect this possibility. At MJS Construction Group, we offer a wide range of duplex build.

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    What Is A Duplex?

    A multifamily home having two independent living units that are either piled on top of each other or are physically separated by a wall is called a duplex. Every room has its own private entrance. Occupants are required to leave their present apartment in order to access the other side, which requires them to walk to the front door of the unit on the other side.

    • Two-unit multi-level home or separated by a concrete wall
    • Two separate entrances
    • Tenants are separated

    Due to the fact that most individuals favour having their own space, duplexes do not enjoy widespread popularity. On the other hand, they are great options for those looking for a place to live while they work on improving their credit or make progress towards purchasing their own home. They are particularly widespread in densely populated places that have a large working class population.

    Why Buy A Duplex?

    For beginning real estate investors, duplexes are an excellent choice. It's possible to make more money and take on less risk by purchasing a duplex instead of a single-family home.

    When you own a duplex, you can collect rent from two separate individuals on a single piece of property. Instead of just one tenant's contribution, the expense of significant repairs (such a new roof or siding) is covered by the combined payments of two tenants.

    Having an additional rental unit on the property serves as an additional defence against vacancy. In the event that your tenant vacates your single-family rental home, you will be responsible for covering the whole cost of the property without receiving rent. Even if you have a renter move out of one of the units in your duplex temporarily, you will still be able to collect rent from the other tenant.

    Purchasing a duplex allows you the opportunity to live in one of the units while earning income from the rental of the other. When you do this, you will naturally attract tenants who are more considerate. Are you thinking about giving your home a makeover?  Look no further!  MJS Construction Group  is here to help in your dual occupancy builder Melbourne

    How Much Does It Cost To Build A Duplex? 

    When it comes to the construction of duplexes, there are a number of considerations that need to be given careful attention because they have the potential to affect the overall cost of the project. The following are some examples of these:


    When it comes to real estate, location is one of the most important factors in determining property prices. If you already own the land on which your duplex will be built, it is an excellent starting point. If, on the other hand, you have not yet purchased the land on which the duplex will be built, you should be prepared to spend out a considerable quantity of money. Keep in mind that land prices have a tendency to be higher in areas of the city that are popular or in great demand.

    Surveys And Reports

    Planning for a residential building (or any building, for that matter) requires making use of the necessary reports and surveys, which will assist you in deciding on preliminary duplex designs and provide a basis for a specific list of expenses and building contracts. Planning for a residential building (or any building, for that matter) also involves the use of the internet.

    In addition to land surveys, the application for development requires you to provide a number of specialised reports as part of the package. These include an assessment report from the Australian Building Sustainability Association (ABSA), landscape plans, a report on environmental effects, a report on site analysis, a report on waste management, a BASIX report, shadow diagrams, a design for stormwater drainage, and a colour schedule. Considering a new project? Then MJS Construction Group builders Melbourne is the answer.

    Site Characteristics

    You must also consider the costs that may result from the physical characteristics of the location where the business will be located. The findings of the site assessment survey will shed light on the potential costs that are associated with the location of the project on the lot.

    Rock removal, retaining walls (brick or timber), site cut or fill slab upgrades, and existing fill compaction may all incur additional expenditures. However, the state of the soil and the slope of the land both play a role in determining how important these characteristics are. Other costs that you need to prepare for include the size and orientation of the lot, the block width, and any and all other requirements and documentation designed to satisfy the local council zoning and acquire the necessary permits. You need to make sure that you have enough money saved up to cover all of these costs.

    Get in touch with your community council as soon as possible to prevent squandering resources, including time, money, and effort, along the way. Get yourself acquainted with the local building rules and regulations as well as the essential documentation pertaining to building projects. If you do this, you will also avoid making costly mistakes in the future.

    Professional Services

    The planning and discussion stages of investing in duplex property may seem simple enough, but carrying out the project is a completely different story. A duplex is not something that can be built by the homeowner, not even in part. If you want the end result of the project to be of high quality (which you most certainly want), you will need to make use of the knowledge and services of a variety of professionals from the very beginning all the way through to the end.

    The majority of professional work and fees are often taken care of by an architect and a contractor (who will typically also recruit subcontractors and other labour).

    Materials And Labour

    Choosing and utilising specific materials for your project will result in an increase in the overall cost of constructing your duplex. The size of the project is directly related to the amount of material that will be required, and the price will be based on either your preferences or requirements. In addition to these factors, the cost of subcontractors, experienced employees, and other forms of personnel will have a substantial impact on the overall construction budget.

    Pros Of Buying A Duplex

    Purchasing a duplex as an investment property comes with a number of advantages. You will be able to learn as a beginner real estate investor while also growing equity in your investment if you purchase a duplex because it will give you with more than simply rental income.

    One additional advantage of investing in a duplex is the potential for the units to excel as Airbnb rental properties, provided they meet the requirements. If you happen to live in an area where there is a demand for short-term rentals, you might be able to supplement your rental income between renters by renting out your property for shorter periods of time.

    Duplexes also have great real estate value. There is always going to be a demand for duplexes due to the fact that owning one will always result in positive cash flow for an investor.

    • Introduces beginner real estate investors into real estate
    • Builds equity
    • Generates rental income
    • Has good resale value
    • Airbnb Opportunity

    Cons Of Buying A Duplex

    While some properties start out as duplexes, the majority of them started out as single-family homes and were later transformed. There is a possibility that a converted property such as this one has some concerns that are not present in other types of rental homes.

    It's possible that the investor who converted the house didn't pay attention to detail and get separate electric metres for each unit. This is OK if you plan to include the cost of electricity in the rent; however, doing so will obligate you to use that model.

    The soundproofing of duplexes that were originally built as two-family properties is standard practise, however duplexes that were originally designed as single-family homes are known for tenants' complaints regarding excessive noise levels. If a renter is standing in a specific location within their rental unit, they may be able to hear what their neighbour is saying. This is the case in some rental buildings. This may result in an increased number of vacancies and turnovers among tenants.

    Also, despite the fact that a duplex would often generate a greater cash flow than a rental property consisting of a single family home, this revenue is still relatively low in comparison to that generated by larger multifamily dwellings. The greater the number of units you have under one roof, the lower your expenses will be for each individual unit. You will be better shielded from vacancies if you have more than just two apartments in your rental property.

    Finding the right duplex build  is an important decision. Check out our range of the best home design constructions at MJS Construction Group.

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    Reasons Why You Should Buy a Duplex for Sale

    Keep Watch On Your Property 24/7

    When your unit is connected to the one that your tenant occupies, it is much simpler to monitor both your property and your tenant. After you have ideally located an affordable duplex that is now offered for sale, this is an excellent technique to begin started.

    You have the ability to make certain that the tenants are treating your property with respect before the tenants vacate the premises, at which point you will be responsible for repairing and paying for any damages that may have occurred.

    You Might End Up With A Better Tenant.

    Because they will be living next door to their landlord, troublesome tenants who pay their rent late and party until the wee hours of the morning are unlikely to apply for the unit. You are also going to have a lower chance of running into a holdover tenant. A holdover tenancy is when a tenant continues to live in a property after the term of his or her lease has expired but does not receive permission to do so from the landlord.

    Mortgage Advantages

    Mortgage companies have a tendency to offer more favourable interest rates to borrowers who are purchasing a home in which they intend to reside. They will also count a duplex as one property, which will count towards your total and will help you receive a better rate. When determining whether or not you are eligible for a mortgage, many lenders may even let you count a portion of the possible rent as part of your income. It also indicates that it is highly improbable that you will be required to pay the complete mortgage by yourself. It is reasonable to expect that the rent payment that you get from your tenant will be sufficient to repay a portion of the mortgage.

    Low Cost

    The majority of the time, duplexes that are up for sale can be found in relatively inexpensive regions that are ripe for development. Because of this, they are a fantastic investment for someone who is just starting out in the real estate market.

    You will save money in terms of transaction costs as well because to the fact that you are purchasing two units at once. When compared to the price of building and landscaping for two single-family rental apartments, your multifamily unit will have lower overall costs per unit. When compared to the property taxes that would be incurred by two single-family residences of the same square footage, the property taxes that are levied per unit will be lower.

    Rent To A Family Member

    Instead of going into a nursing facility, you may provide the additional space for rent to a member of the family who need a higher level of monitoring.

    Many different kinds of families find success in a living arrangement similar to this one. You are able to have your treasured family members close by, yet they are able to preserve their individuality, and everyone has some personal space.

    More Flexibility

    When you own a duplex, you will have complete control over the scheduling of rental appointments, as well as the upkeep and repair of the property. When you rent out a duplex, you have control over the vendor list, and you also have influence over the demand for rentals in ways that you do not have when renting out a townhouse.

    On some estates, for instance, the rule may be that pets are not permitted. This decreases the number of prospective tenants you can consider renting your property, which may also result in a decrease in rental income.

    High Cash Flow

    By renting out both of the units, a monthly cash flow will be produced. And if you have taken the time to do your research and found a fantastic deal, it is probable that the combined rent from the two renters will pay the entire mortgage and provide you some extra money to put towards other expenses. Because of this, owning a duplex has the potential to bring in a lot of money. See our list of available builder services melbourne to help you make an informed decision for your treatment.

    Tax Deductions

    Did you know that purchasing a duplex for the purpose of using it as an investment property makes you eligible for a number of additional tax deductions? While owners of single-family houses are not eligible for the same tax incentives, owners of duplexes can deduct the majority of the costs associated with repairs, upkeep, and yard care. But keep in mind that if you rent to a member of your family, you could not be eligible for any of these deductions.

    Things to think about in duplex property investment: 

    • Duplexes are high growth and high yield investment, but with that comes higher risks than just buying an existing house or individual house and land package.
    • A duplex is a positively geared investment with the potential to create equity in a calculated way.
    • Buying purely on price tag can be a pitfall - you get what you pay for.
    • You must have the capacity to cover a 20 per cent deposit, i.e. $100-$150,000 in equity. It can be achieved with a lower deposit, but that would create a higher risk (discuss this with your advisor).
    • You must be able to service a large loan.
    • A duplex is excellent for someone who is time-poor and wants to invest strategically.
    • A duplex creates the ability to fast-track your wealth, so it’s an excellent option for retirees.
    • You have the option to rent and achieve an ongoing high-interest return.
    • Only certain councils will allow duplexes. NSW and Queensland are more favourable towards duplexes because of population growth.
    • Seeking help from professionals means you don’t have to do it all by yourself. You can save time and avoid mistakes.

    The purchase of a duplex strikes me as a shrewd method of financial planning. It is able to build equity rapidly and provides a greater rental income per square metre. This is a benefit to any investor.

    The potential of the land can be maximised with the construction of a duplex property, which also eliminates the need for the site to be subdivided. The ability to build wealth rapidly while achieving a high rate of return on investment is the primary benefit that comes with owning a duplex.

    Putting money into real estate is not a cookie-cutter endeavour by any stretch of the imagination. You will gain a better understanding of what factors to take into account when investing in a duplex by consulting the aforementioned list, which will enable you to start determining whether or not this is the most suitable choice for you.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Duplex

    A duplex is a type of residential home that has two units divided by a common central wall. These dual units can be on one piece of land with a sole owner who sells them together, or they can each exist on separate titles and be owned and sold as individual units.

    If you're thinking of building a duplex in Australia, the average amount is anywhere between $550K to $1.3 Million, not including the costs of the land.

    In most cases, Australian duplexes consist of one overall structure divided into two identical halves by a central wall. Duplexes can be covered by one land title or can exist as separate titles. The two homes can be sold together or individually, depending on the arrangement.

    So it is more efficient to build the duplex. You have two units coming up side by side at the very same time and it's more cost effective. And then for the buyer, you do get more square footage, you get more land value. So it's a win win situation.

    Duplexes are good investment options and have more benefits to offer, compared to apartments or villas. MakaaniQ tells you why it is best to purchase duplex houses, despite their cons. Privacy: No one has been ever disappointed with more space. Duplexes clearly promise complete comfort for the residents.

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