How Do You Thank A Good Tenant?

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    When one is a landlord, it is simple to concentrate on the problematic tenants.

    It is only to be expected. For some inexplicable reason, negative experiences, such as a ruined carpet or unpaid rent, have a much greater tendency to stick out in our minds than positive ones do. Since this is the case, it makes perfect sense for us to focus on the tenants who are causing problems rather than the ones who are living their lives normally and paying their rent on time every month.

    The unfortunate reality, however, is that problem tenants are the exception rather than the norm in the rental market. There are a dozen more tenants who are worth their weight in gold for every one that is a poor tenant that is currently on the market. If it weren't for your tenants, you wouldn't have a business, so it's important to make an effort to show your gratitude to them whenever possible, but especially during the holiday season.

    The good news is that demonstrating gratitude to your tenants doesn't have to be challenging or time-consuming in any way. It is not necessary that it be expensive either. Quite frequently, it is the uncomplicated aspects of life that carry the most weight. It does not cost anything to express gratitude to tenants for paying the rent, but doing so along with other acts of gratitude can go a long way toward helping to build goodwill between you and your renter. And as is common knowledge, having a tenant that is content will make your job as a landlord a lot simpler as well.

    You have probably been given the lecture about how important it is to send thank-you notes to the giver of a gift when you receive one from that person. Now think of your tenants as the people who are giving you the gift. Tenants can certainly be a source of frustration at times. They are however a reliable source of income, and once you have found a good tenant, you will want to do everything in your power to keep them as a tenant. It is critical to make the best choice possible when constructing a duplex. At MJS Construction Group, we have a wide variety of the very best home design constructions for you to look through.

    A thank–you note is a simple way to create a sense of goodwill, which will increase the likelihood that your tenants will be responsive, respectful, and loyal to you as their landlord. The following are some suggestions on how to quickly compose notes that will find their way into the hearts of your tenants.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Tenant

    The following are some examples of situations in which it was determined that the level of filth was so severe that it violated the health, safety, and welfare clause of rental agreements, allowing landlords to successfully evict tenants: Walls covered in mold growth. Any signs of vermin, such as mice or cockroaches (live, dead, or fecal) Urine or feces from a pet that is not contained in a litterbox.

    What options do I have if a tenant won't vacate the premises? Eviction proceedings could be initiated in the event that the tenant does not comply with the legal grounds and continues to refuse to vacate the property. Both failure to pay rent and refusal to move outpost at the end of the lease period qualify as valid grounds for moving the court for eviction proceedings.

    What options do I have if a tenant won't vacate the premises? Eviction proceedings could be initiated in the event that the tenant does not comply with the legal grounds and continues to refuse to vacate the property. Both failure to pay rent and refusal to move outpost at the end of the lease period qualify as valid grounds for moving the court for eviction proceedings.

    • Follow the Law.
    • Choose a Tenant With Good Credit.
    • Perform a Criminal Background Check.
    • Look at the Tenant's Rental History.
    • Choose a Tenant Who Is Stable.
    • Maximum of Two People Per Bedroom.
    • Trust Your Instincts
    • Provides a Good Detailed Application.
    • Has a Good Record.
    • Easy to Communicate with and are Respectful.
    • Pay Rent Timely.
    • Accommodating.
    • Cares for the Property.
    • Maintenance Issues are Communicated.
    • Adheres to legislation and terms of the Tenancy Agreement.

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    It's Not Just Your Mother. Science Suggests Thank-you Notes Matter.

    The findings of a study that sought to understand why so few of us write thank-you notes were reported in The New York Times. The study was conducted to understand why so few of us write thank-you notes. As a consequence of this, individuals who are interested in writing are under the impression that their notes will be interpreted as being insincere and may even cause the recipients to feel awkward. People appreciate the thoughtfulness of the effort, but they do not place a high priority on the quality of the writing, according to the findings of the researchers, who came to the conclusion that the opposite is actually true: people take pleasure in receiving thank-you notes.

    What Should Your Tenant Thank-you Note Say?

    To get started, keep in mind that you are writing a note and not a letter. Because of this, the entire process, from start to finish, should not take you any longer than five minutes. A customer thank-you note should have six fundamental parts, including the greeting and the close, according to Hubspot, a company that specializes in marketing software. These fundamental parts include the greeting and the close. Include a particular illustration of what it is that you value most about the relationship, as this is the most vital component. That could mean keeping the front yard clean for a tenant, or it could mean calling you for a fix-it job before a situation turns into a disaster. Either way, it's important to provide excellent customer service.

    When Should You Send A Thank-you Note To A Tenant?

    We are taught to send notes of gratitude as soon as possible. A mentor, a colleague, or a tenant who calls your investment home are examples of people who may benefit from your waiting a few weeks or months before reaching out to them, according to the argument of a professor of business administration at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

    Still, Stumped For Words? 

    The Instructions You can order a booklet titled "How to Write Letters" from the columnist by using the regular mail. People who don't write thank-you notes because they don't know what to say or are afraid of making a mistake in what they write were the inspiration for this piece. There are examples of letters included that you can modify to fit your needs. And according to Dear Abby, a thank-you note that is emailed is perfectly acceptable.

    In order to establish this kind of relationship and minimize a significant number of the challenges and difficulties associated with investing in real estate.

    Tips For Keeping Your Tenants Happy.

     Establish a good relationship from the start.

    A smooth landlord-tenant relationship is supported by having a rental or lease agreement that is easy to understand. In addition to outlining the monthly rent and utilities, your agreement should explain all of the rules, regulations, and procedures that you require tenants to follow, as well as what they can expect from you. It should also explain what they can expect from you. Communication that is efficient, unambiguous, and takes place at the appropriate time is the cornerstone of a healthy landlord-tenant relationship.

    Have a comprehensive move-in package.

    This should specify how and when tenants can contact you (or your property manager) for non-emergency concerns and should include a description of the nature of those concerns. If your tenants aren't familiar with the neighborhood, it's probably a good idea to include important phone numbers for local shops and emergency services in the lease agreement.

    Answer the phone.

    After giving your contact information and the hours you're open, you should make yourself available. It is imperative that you answer the phone when your tenants call or get back to them within 12 to 24 hours of their call. If you choose to work with a professional property management company, make it perfectly clear that you anticipate them being accessible and receptive to the needs of your tenants.

    Be professional, not personal.

    When you interact directly with tenants, it is of the utmost importance to treat them in the same manner in which you would like to be treated. Be polite. Pay attention to what it is that they have to say. They call the property they live on their home. Adopt a professional demeanor and keep in mind that providing excellent service to tenants is an essential part of your role as a landlord. Your tenants deserve respect, and you shouldn't spread rumors about the other people who rent from you.

    Respect your tenants' privacy.

    If you need to enter the property for a reason that is not an emergency, make sure to give the appropriate amount of notice. You should make an effort to establish one or two routine times per year for preventive maintenance inspections and other activities of a similar nature, and your agreement should stipulate that you are entitled to such access.

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    Rent out a clean property.

    It is much more likely that the property will be returned in the same condition if it is tidy, well-maintained, up to date, and described as being "move-in ready." As part of your move-in package, you might want to think about including a coupon good for one session of professional cleaning.

    Take care of repairs/practice preventive maintenance.

    Maintain a responsive attitude and act expeditiously on requests for maintenance and repairs. Collaborate with your tenant to determine the optimal time of year to carry out repairs. Think about performing any necessary upgrades or preventative maintenance that could be done at the same time as a tenant-requested repair. Not only will this potentially save you time and money, but your tenant will be appreciative of the additional customer service that was provided.

    Make cosmetic improvements.

    Before a new tenant moves in, it is typically standard practice to make various upgrades and improvements. However, it is very important to remember your residents (long-term tenants) and offer them items such as fresh paint, a professional carpet cleaning, or a house cleaning session every two or three years. This should be done in order to keep them happy. If you are going to make significant enhancements to some of your properties, it is imperative that you make those enhancements available to the residents of those properties as well, preferably on a timetable that is convenient for the residents.

    Safety first.

    If you are making repairs that are related to safety or if you are taking steps to prevent break-ins and thefts, make sure to let your tenants know. The fact that you are keeping the property up to date and putting the tenants' safety as your top priority will be greatly appreciated by those living there.

    Provide supplies and essential equipment.

    During the winter months, unless the building in question is a condo, you should make sure that tenants have convenient access to necessities like a salt bucket and shovels. You should still make plans to remove snow from the sidewalks or property yourself; however, if you give tenants access to these items, they will be able to salt an icy path or dig their car out of the snow on their own. Even though you or your property manager will typically take care of your property's one-of-a-kind requirements, tenants, especially residents, may value having access to basic supplies or equipment. Your property may have specific requirements, and while you or your property manager will typically take care of them, tenants may value having access.

    Deal with disruptive tenants promptly.

    Quickly address any concerns that renters have about the behavior of other renters. You are going to need to use your skills as a mediator, but if you have tenants who are annoying or disruptive and you don't address the situation, you run the risk of losing your good tenants.

    Be realistic when raising rents.

    It may be tempting to raise rents by the maximum amount allowed by law; however, if you have reliable tenants, keeping your rent at a level that is just slightly lower than the going market rate can help you keep them as long-term residents, which will save you money on the cost of turnover. When negotiating an extension with a good tenant, you might want to think about offering a longer term. Always remember to thank your tenants for their continued business with a handwritten note or a token of appreciation. It may make sense, depending on the Tenancy Act in the jurisdiction in which your property is located, to raise the rents to the maximum allowable percentage, but to provide a rebate back for signing a lease; for instance, rebate half or a full month's worth of rent. However, this strategy only makes sense if the maximum increase is allowed. This may increase the likelihood of a good tenant becoming a resident.

    Ask your tenants.

    Provide tenants with incentives in the event that they successfully refer other tenants to your property. This may save you both time and money, and it should also have the added benefit of bringing together existing good tenants with their friends who are interested in renting space in the same building. You should conduct an annual survey of your tenants. The survey should be concise and quick, and it should provide valuable feedback regarding what is working, what could be improved, and what the tenants would like to have that is not currently part of the property. Offer participants an incentive to return their completed surveys; gift cards for coffee shops are a good option. Your dream home can become a reality when you work with MJS Construction Group, because we offer the finest selection of dual occupancy options.

    Show appreciation.

    Everyone enjoys receiving a gift or being recognized for their efforts. Make it known to your tenants how much you value them. It is a thoughtful gesture that will strengthen your professional relationship if you send a note or card to the person on their birthday or at Christmas. I have already mentioned some of the incentives, such as professional cleaning services. However, there are additional things that can be used, such as a gift basket or special deals with local businesses, that are also effective ways to support the loyalty of tenants or to acknowledge an important milestone. (When you buy multiple items or services from a local business, you'll frequently be eligible for a discount as part of a group.) Think about throwing a holiday party or an open house; this works particularly well for larger buildings with multiple units, and it has the added benefit of allowing tenants to get to know each other in a more relaxed setting.

    Ways to Give Thanks to Your Tenants

    Be Responsive

    There are very few things that leave a tenant more impressed than a landlord who is responsive. When a tenant has an issue and contacts the landlord by phone or email, a professional landlord will always make every effort to respond as quickly as possible. Your prompt responses will help to allay the concerns of your tenants and will demonstrate to them that you care. Never disregard them or tell them they will have to wait until some unspecified time in the future. Tenants find it extremely valuable when landlords listen to and address their concerns in a timely manner. This can go a long way toward making tenants feel appreciated and ensures that their concerns are taken seriously. In a related vein, if you are going to be out of town or otherwise unable to respond to their messages for a few days, make sure that you let them know in advance so that they can make other arrangements. Then you should give them the phone numbers of the various contractors that they should call in the event of an emergency.

    Be Realistic When Raising the Rent

    Rent increases are a fact of life and a necessary part of landlord management; however, before you send out those notices, it is important to exercise discretion and make sure that the increase is justified. The amount of notice that you are required to give your tenants varies from state to state; however, if you are on a month-to-month tenancy agreement, you are generally required to provide a notice of rent increases that is at least thirty days in length. However, increasing the prices so close to the holiday season is almost certain to irritate the vast majority of customers. Consider delaying the increase in rent until after the new year, when it is much more likely to be received favorably by tenants, rather than implementing it around the holiday season, when most people are likely to be short on cash due to holiday spending.

    Reward Them With Rental Work

    Cleaning services or any other kind of work that can improve the condition of the rental property is a thoughtful present that can be appreciated by both you and your tenant. You might want to offer your tenants a free carpet cleaning service or a new coat of paint for a few of the rooms in your rental property so that they can take better care of your rental property, which is also their home. They will feel more at ease and welcome as a result of this kind act, which is an excellent way to express gratitude. In addition, this demonstrates to them that you care about the state of the rental property, which in turn will encourage them to take better care of it themselves. This is a win-win situation.

    Consider a Small Token of Thanks

    A simple gesture of appreciation, particularly around the winter holidays, can go a long way toward demonstrating to tenants that you care about them. You could give them a gift basket, gift cards to the local coffee shop, or a delectable gourmet treat. All of these would be great options. Alternately, you could pleasantly surprise them with a reduction in the rent for the following month – something that is guaranteed to be well received!

    Respect Their Privacy

    One of the most thoughtful things you can do for your renters is to treat their personal space with the utmost consideration. This requires giving them a sufficient amount of notice before showing up at the rental property, unless of course there is an emergency. It is not only polite but also required by law in most regions that you give the landlord sufficient notice whenever you need access to the rental property. You can go the extra mile, however, and make it a point to work around the tenant's schedule whenever it is possible to do so. If you do this, you will earn extra credit. If there is a need for maintenance or repairs, you might want to consider getting in touch with your renters to find out what times are most convenient for them. This is a wonderful way to show your renters some extra consideration if the repair doesn't need to be done immediately.

    Consider an Upgrade

    It is not necessary to completely redo the house in order to convey your appreciation; this does not mean that you must do so. Tenants will appreciate it very much if you go the extra mile and upgrade worn-out appliances as well as any other minor improvements you make to the property. It demonstrates to them that you take pleasure in having them as tenants in your rental property. The vast majority of tenants will be appreciative of these updates, particularly if you carry them out right before or immediately after the holiday season. Performing major renovations around Christmas, a time when everyone is home and most households are extremely busy, is something you should try to avoid doing as much as possible.

    Keep Your Promises

    From a tenant's perspective, few things are worse than a landlord who promises one thing and delivers something very different. For this reason, it's important to ensure you never promise something you may not follow through with. You'll also want to avoid sending out the wrong impressions. Never hint at a new outdoor porch, for instance, or mention your plans to install wood flooring throughout, unless you're certain you will do it. Implying that you have positive things in store for your rental will give your tenants false hope, and set them up for disappointment. Instead, commit to only making promises, you will be able to keep. In most cases, you'll want to under-promise and over-deliver. Your tenants will be most grateful.

    Be Thoughtful

    Many property managers have difficulty being thoughtful, but showing tenants that they are important to you through even small acts of kindness can go a long way. You should make an effort to get in touch with your tenants on a regular basis to find out how things are going at the rental property and to get their feedback. You should also think about sending greeting cards to people's homes on special occasions like birthdays and holidays. You can ensure that you don't forget by using a service such as Send Out Cards, which will automate the process for you. Connecting with your tenants has additional advantages, one of which is that they will have the opportunity to inform you of any minor problems that may exist at the rental property, which will enable you to take action before the problems become more severe.

    Be Fair

    Treating your tenants with fairness and avoiding any actions that could be interpreted as favoritism is a great way to show your appreciation for them. This is especially important in multi-unit properties because word can spread so quickly in those settings. You are responsible for enforcing and upholding the terms of the lease, and you should avoid allowing one of the occupants to fall behind on the rent when you expect the other occupants to pay on time consistently. It is possible that doing so will lead to allegations of favoritism. In the field of property management, it is essential to treat tenants with equality at all times. Doing so will help your tenants respect and appreciate you as their landlord.

    Establish a Good Relationship From the Start

    Last but not least, the people with whom you have a frosty relationship won't care much about any of the rewards or tokens of thanks you give them. It's not enough to just hand out gift cards to your renters once a year on Thanksgiving if you really want to show them how much you value their business. Instead, it is about how you treat them throughout the entire year. Establishing a good relationship from the beginning requires being courteous and professional, as well as informing the other party that they should get in touch with you whenever they have questions or issues. If fielding phone calls isn't your thing, you might want to think about hiring a property manager who can handle all of the tenant issues in a prompt and professional manner on your behalf. This will not only provide excellent service to your tenants, but it will also save you the trouble of having to be available at all hours of the day and night. We have a diverse selection of home builders in Melbourne available here at MJS Construction Group.

    If you are a landlord, providing excellent service to your tenants is not only the courteous thing to do; it is also a smart business move that will benefit both you and your real estate investment endeavors. When tenants feel that they are respected and appreciated, it will encourage them to renew their lease on your rental home property and stay a bit longer, which will help you reduce the amount of time that your property is vacant.

    Keep in mind that being kind to other people isn't just something you should do on Thanksgiving; rather, it should be an endeavor that you pursue throughout the entire year and something you put into practice with every interaction you have. It is a challenging goal, but it is one that is worthwhile to work toward.

    The prayer of a tenant for the perfect landlord is reciprocated by the landlord for the perfect tenant. Landlords who are not only honest, fair, and appreciative of their tenants, but also keep their word when they make a promise. There is nothing more frustrating for a tenant than being informed that a new fence will be installed or that there are hints of a new wood flooring plan to be installed, but then having neither of those things actually take place. If you don't follow through on your promises, it can quickly deflate a good relationship between a landlord and tenant, which risks churn and ultimately costs more money. If you keep the promises you made to your tenants, you can rest assured that they will be grateful.

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    Keep in mind that treating tenants like family will make them feel respected, appreciated, and unique, which in turn will encourage them to treat the home with care, pay rent on time, and possibly become your best tenants.

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