60+ Best Solar Installers Melbourne (2022)

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An increasing number of households choose to install solar panels on their home to help reduce their energy costs. By using the power that you’ve generated on your own roof, you can save hundreds each year and become less reliant on the power grid.

More widely, solar power is also a great sustainable, green energy choice. Solar energy doesn’t only help reduce your electricity bills; it also has huge benefits for our planet.

Solar power has wide-ranging advantages for our planet, especially when it comes to our environment.

From reducing greenhouse gases, improving our air quality and conserving our precious water, solar energy can reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and lower energy prices for years to come.

Thinking of solar? Look no further! We’ve created an ultimate list of solar installers in Melbourne, Victoria, to save you time and money.

Melbourne’s Ultimate List of Solar Installers 

Victorian Solar Light Installer 

victorian solar light


1300 320 128

Welcome To Victorian Solar Light

  • We only use world-known panels/inverter brands
  • We Specialise in custom-designed systems 
  • We only use CEC accredited installers
  • We provide super-fast quality installations
  • We liaise with Energy Retailers for all our customers
  • We give ongoing support/maintenance for all
  • Solar Systems installed by us
  • Quality and customer-focused company

Let Victorian Solar Light reveal the best way to make nature work for your energy needs, whether it is solar energy on a residential building or a commercial property. Green electricity has never been more affordable than ever in Victoria; with Government rebates and incentives which are in place, the expense of setting up the solar system on your roof and substantial ongoing saving on your annual power bills can almost offset the cost of the system in around four years.

What We Assure Is That Every System Will Certainly: Lower your energy bills immediately and perhaps eliminate them completely depending on your system size installed. As soon as your solar power system is installed, you start off producing usable energy from natural light. This can be either used to power your home or export back to the grid if you are not using or away from home.

This enables you to sell surplus electricity that your solar panels generated during the day. As we all know, electricity prices tend to be increasing, therefore, for any excess power that is generated, you could be paid a minimum feed-in Tariff, making this a sensible investment decision.

Get lucrative Government incentives: Based on where you reside, you may be qualified for both state and federal incentives. Do its bit for our environment and future generations of Australians; cutting down the usage of fossil fuels can only be seen as a positive step towards sustainability.

Victorian Solar Light supplies and installs: Premium quality solar modules manufactured by one of the world’s largest manufacturers of solar modules along with top-rated European inverters to make sure that every system is of the highest quality, All of our products are installed by Clean Energy Council accredited installers and your warranties are held in Australia.

Victorian Solar Light offers Best Custom Designed Solar Systems for your needs. Installing the best Quality Solar Panels at an affordable price is our expertise. Call us now for your contribution to a cleaner environment.  

Linked Solar Installer Melbourne 

linked solar



Install Solar Power System in Melbourne

Linked solar is a specialist provider of solar batteries in Melbourne & solar panels Melbourne. We’re passionate about helping homeowners to get the most out of the latest renewable energy solutions that are available. With high-quality components, state-of-the-art monitoring and superior customer service, switching to solar power Melbourne with Linked Solar is the smart choice. In addition to the environmental benefits, we understand that an important factor for installing solar panels in Melbourne is to save money. Speak with our experienced solar panels Melbourne team today to learn more about the trusted brands and products we install as well as the rebates available to make your transition to solar more affordable.

Residential install

Make a choice to live smarter and cleaner by switching to a solar energy system at home. Our solar panels Melbourne systems are designed and built to perform for your home, now and in the future.

Commercial install

We can design solar solutions to provide immediate savings for your business. Interested in investing in a renewable energy solution for your commercial premises? Ask us how we can help.

Experts in Solar Batteries in Melbourne

Batteries allow you to store the excess energy from your solar power in Melbourne and use it when you need to, instead of sending it to the grid. At night time, when your system is not producing power, you can use this battery power to run your home. In the event of a power outage, some batteries can provide you with backup power. At Linked Solar, we expertly install a range of solar batteries in Melbourne with a variety of different sizes and brands available to accommodate all household sizes and consumption rates. Once you know what you want and need your battery to do, we can recommend the best option available to you.

Aus Solar Co. Installer Melbourne

aus solar co


1300 451 398

We stand by our work long after we’ve put the solar panels on your roof and you’ve turned the power on.

Your home is one of the most important purchases you’ll ever make, that’s why we believe our installers should treat it with the same care and respect they give their own. All our work is performed by A-Grade fully qualified electricians and looked over by an independent inspection team.

Your peace of mind guarantee:

  • All work is performed by an A-Grade fully qualified electrician.
  • We provide a 15-year warranty on all our workmanship
  • We provide a 25-year performance warranty on your solar system.
  • All our work is inspected by an independent government inspection team to ensure that it meets or exceeds all relevant Australian standards.

Take Control Of Your Electricity Bills With:

A custom-tailored solar power system to suit your and your family’s energy needs.

A Custom Solar Solution

Every home is different, and we believe you should get a solar system that is perfectly suited to your family’s energy needs.

Installed By Experts

All of our installers are fully qualified, A-Grade electricians with years of experience. We strive to treat your home as if it were our own.

Flexible Finance

With instant approval and $0 upfront, our competitive pricing allows you to choose what works best for you and your family.

Aus Solar Co. is a 100% proudly Australian-owned renewable energy company that helps Australian homeowners and families to reduce their power bills with custom-tailored solar power systems. With love for great solar technology, we provide only the highest quality systems and industry-leading warranties to make Aus Solar Co. the easy choice. Our core belief is solar should be affordable for every Australian, and with a range of flexible finance plans, we are making it possible.

Just ask us how!

Our solar power systems are:

  • Custom designed to match your home and your families energy needs
  • Installed by fully qualified electricians with years of experience
  • Come with a full range of warranties, including a 25-year performance warranty
  • Available with $0 upfront finance

All of Aus Solar Co. work is inspected by independent government-accredited inspectors to ensure it meets or exceeds all relevant Australian Standards, so you have peace of mind that you’re in safe hands during and after the installation is done. 

Call us now on 1300 451 393 or fill in our contact form so our solar specialists can assist you straight away!

Nexergy Solar Installer Melbourne

nexergy solar


03 9070 3506

At Nexergy, we pride ourselves on providing the highest level of service and products to people looking to install Solar Panels in Melbourne.



Nexergy Solar is committed to seeing Australia powered by the sun – and for this to occur, solar equipment must be affordable, of the best quality and easily accessed by homeowners, schools, community organisations, and businesses. This is why we only sell and install the best products from the world’s leading solar brands. As one of the first dedicated solar energy solution providers, we have solid experience installing every solar product under the sun, so you know you are receiving quality when you buy from Nexergy Solar.

Nexergy Solar only supplies equipment that has been tried and tested for local conditions and able to function through the extremes of -5 degrees to +70 degrees. So no matter where you live, we can perform a solar panel installation that will suit you and the conditions you live in.

Complete warranties accompany each of our grid connect solar panels, equipment and installation. When you buy from us, you can rest assured the components, and installation workmanship will be first-class – serving you well for many years. We also service all our own warranties via our dedicated service and warranty department – info@nexergy.solar

Energy Matters Solar Installer Melbourne

energy matters


1800 362 888


Energy Matters is an award-winning, Australian owned and operated company that has helped over 30,000 Australians organise solar for their home. As a founding member of the Clean Energy Council’s Approved Retailer program, Energy Matters prides itself on its long history and trusted name, one that consumers and installers know they can trust. Today, Energy Matters is using that experience and expertise to help connect consumers to trusted local installers, providing 3 high-quality solar quotes.


Compare your electricity and gas plans. It takes under 5 minutes and is 100% free.

We’ll laser competitive target deals in your postcode area and compare them against your current energy bill. Simply pick the plan that suits you and start saving. It’s that easy.


Energy Matters Foundation partners with a number of incredible causes that share the same vision of working towards a zero-carbon future. We aim to help make an impact on both energy-related projects, both domestically and overseas, as well as a range of human rights causes promoting kindness & equality. The fight against climate change & sustainability, in all forms, is a global one, so we are committed to helping where we can.

Solar Link Australia 

solar link australia


1800 155 594

Solar Link Australia is a Market Leader in Solar Photo Voltaic Supply and Installation. (EST 2010). Our team is committed to making renewable energy a major part of Australia’s energy base. Our solar energy solutions are guaranteed to deliver significant financial saving to both a Suburban Residential Solar Installation or a Large Scale Solar Commercial Installation whilst at the same time assisting in reducing your carbon footprint.

Solar Link Australia, specialists in Solar PV Solutions, offer a comprehensive range of Tier 1 Solar PV Bands. We have installed 10,000’s of PV Modules throughout the country, assisting thousands of families to reduce their bills.

How Solar Works?

Electricity bills are constantly on the rise. Thankfully there’s a solution!

You can harvest the power of the sun. While that sounds like a feat only Superman is capable of, it’s rather simple. Solar panels convert the sun’s rays to electricity using photovoltaic cell technology. That electricity will then make its way to a solar inverter (converting the power from DC to AC), allowing you to use it in your home. You can also add a battery to this solar system, which allows you to use the energy you generated during the day at night.

Now you might be thinking, “Solar Panels? Inverters? Batteries? Where and how do I get these?” Well, that’s where we come in. We make things simple by finding the right solar system for your home. Give us a call on 1800 155 597, and you can be on your way to getting a solar system installed.

Solar Link Australia is one of the leading Solar Panel Installation Company in Australia.

Free Call: 1800 155 597 to discuss how to make energy savings with our range of solar power products.

Integra Energy Group Solar Installer Melbourne

integra energy group


03 8786 3120

Integra Energy Group is proud to have supplied thousands of homes with our Standard and custom-designed PV products.

We import top quality Tier 1 PV products directly from our trusted manufacturers.

Being the direct importers, authorised distributors and whole-sellers of our trusted manufacturers, We provide in-house standard and extended warranty for our products.

National Solar Company Installer Melbourne

national solar company


1300 126 668

As pioneers in providing solar energy requirements for homes and commercial establishments, we outshine the rest with holistic and proven ethos and technology.

Don’t Cut Corners On Quality!


Reinvent your approach toward energy-saving and start living smart.

National Solar Company makes investing in Solar easy, affordable, and accessible. We have experts to help you every step of the way with Commercial Solar Panel and Residential Solar Panel.

Why cut corners on quality? Choose a product that achieves results from a service provider you can believe in.

Now is the time to make the switch to solar power. Contact us today to learn more about how solar power works.

Quality, Guaranteed

Products You Can Trust Installed By The Experts

  • Solar panels and inverters built by veteran solar manufacturers
  • All Products are Clean Energy Council (CEC) approved
  • Installation by technicians accredited by Clean Energy Council (CEC) with years of industry experience
  • Unmatched customer service backed by industry-leading 25-year performance warranty Products

Why Solar?

Home And Business Owners Are Going Solar In Record Numbers, Here Are Just A Few Reasons Why:

  • You’ll reduce your carbon footprint
  • You’ll fight climate change
  • You’ll lower your monthly bills and protect yourself against rising utility rates
  • You’ll increase the equity in your home

Make Your World Brighter!


Over the years, we have built a robust and professional workforce through continuous training and a culture of leadership. Our installers are exceptionally qualified and demonstrate a high level of competence in design and installation.


Evidence suggests savings made on your quarterly Energy costs will shield the outlay of your investment in as little as just 3 years.


Harmful carbon dioxide and methane emissions from our traditional energy source are leading contributors to global warming and decreased air quality, and Solar energy is clean, affordable, and sustainable.


All products we supply at National Solar Company are approved by the Clean Energy Council and meet Australian standards.


Our unfluctuating products maximise your savings to deliver value. Further, all our systems are at zero dollar deposit/upfront costs.


With an expansive product range, we cater for all lifestyle and budgets. We have the optimal system for you.


Solar power will save you money – Installing Solar power enables you to generate your own electricity. National Solar Company is 100% Australian Owned and Operated with its Head Office in Melbourne, Victoria.

The leadership of National Solar Company has been involved in energy cost reduction activities for over 18 years.

National Solar Company is continually driven to supply the best and high-quality products at affordable prices that guarantee Australian home and business owners massive saving on electricity bills.

Solar Flow Installer Melbourne

solar flow


1300 93 1422

Solar Flow is a Melbourne based company dedicated to providing outstanding customer service and product knowledge in the areas of water and energy conservation for our residential and commercial customers. Solar Flow is committed to operating in a transparent and socially responsible way with the highest importance given to the protection and improvement of the natural environment.

Solar Flow was started by two young social entrepreneurs who were interested in creating a company that provided a positive impact on environmental solutions. Over a cup of Kashmiri Tea (email us if you want the recipe!) in India in early 2007, the idea was born to deliver urban water management and solar solutions to customers who were looking for something more than a short term band-aid fix to what are long term problems.

From day one, we decided that it was important that we also invested back into the community that provides us with our livelihood. Solar Flow is committed to supporting local community groups and non-profit organisations. Over the years, we have supported Engineers Without Borders, The Merri Corner Community Garden, Small Giants and other Melbourne based organisations by providing in-kind support.

Please contact us if you would like to recommend another organisation to support.

How It Works

Step1 Solar Energy Consultation

At this part of the process, we engage with you around your solar and cost-saving goals to better understand what you are looking to achieve. At Solar Flow, our aim is to create the best home solar power system solution to meet your family’s energy and budgetary needs today and into the future. We take time to get to know your energy consumption patterns in the home and talk about future energy options like battery charging or ownership of an electric car.

Step 2 Detailed Design and Information

We prepare a details assessment of your solar electricity options, including maximum system capacity, detailed product breakdown and pricing options, including all applicable rebates. We also calculate energy savings, system performance and payback periods (Return on Investment) and based on current energy bills.

Step 3 Installation and grid-connection

Our team of qualified and certified Clean Energy Council installers will carefully construct your system using high-quality fittings and electrical componentry. We understand the importance of safety and a quality installation job, and we refuse to cut corners at this stage of the process. We want to ensure your system stays operations for the full 10 years of our installation warranty.

Step 4 Grid connection and monitoring

While most people consider the bureaucratic lodgement of paperwork boring, we understand the importance of making sure your electricity company knows you have solar power installed and that they are giving you all the solar credits you are entitled to. We also ensure you have the necessary paperwork for all rebate applications and that your system monitoring is working so you can see how much energy you are making!

Glen Clark & Co Solar Installer Melbourne

glen clark & co


(03) 9736 3998

Glen Clark & Co are Electrical & Solar Power Contractors for discerning customers seeking quality design, equipment, installation & maintenance services.

Unlike other solar power companies, each design is individual to suit the building and purpose, and we only use high quality, branded products & our in-house installation teams are fully trained, including in safety and customer service.

So, customers will enjoy the short, medium and long term benefits of solar power without hassle. They will also have the peace of mind that we will deal with them and their property with great care and respect.

Glen Clark & Co are Registered Electrical Contractors (REC 19544), Glen Clark is a Clean Energy Council Accredited Designer and Installer of solar power systems (A0210043), all works are completed to the latest Australian Standards.

Remember, we will give you the best possible service because we want to come back again.

Solar Power Melbourne

We have now committed to a higher level of service and quality by becoming a Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer.

Glen Clark & Co use Clean Energy Council accredited Designers & Installers in all their Grid Connected Solar Power Systems. With us, you will get a no-nonsense design and quotation. (Glen Clark – Clean Energy Council Accreditation No A0210043)

As Registered Electrical Contractors, you can rest easy in the knowledge that Solar Power is a part of our business and that some of the concerns regarding the viability of Solar only businesses do not apply to us – we are here for the long run.

Our quotations are complete in every respect – we show you;

  • A fixed cost for your system (if a no-cost, a no-obligation site visit is completed in accordance with CEC guidelines)
  • A design summary showing you the estimated minimum, maximum and daily average electrical generation for your system
  • Either a sketch or an aerial image of your roof space showing the locations of your solar array and inverter

To request a solar power system quotation, please click here and complete the form.

Home Solar Panels Installer Melbourne

home solar panels


1300 556 780

Why get Solar Panels for your Home or Business in Melbourne, Vic. The next question would be what are some of the things you need to consider before getting your Home or Commercial solar panel cost of a solar system installation, whether it is in Melbourne, Bayswater North, Lilydale, Warragul, Croydon or anywhere in rural Victoria? Make sure the Solar Panel Company sales rep has Identification, and if you can find out from the police if the person is of good character, that would be even better. At Home Solar Panels, we can supply you that when you have an obligation free consultation with us. We will show you how much money we can save you in multiple ways, not just with the Solar Panel installation. With our expert analysis and accurate advice about the best design for your solar panel installation, whether for your home or commercial premises, we can help you make an informed decision.

Call 1300 556 781 for a free quote now! We can work out the best solution and of a Solar Panel cost of installation with our own Solar Installers.

Our special programs, including a solar panel mapping program, helps us to get the accuracy and the right advice to you about how your solar panel system should perform for your home or your commercial premises. We will work out the best position for your home solar panels so you can get the most efficiency out of your solar panels. Shade from trees and other things like chimneys and the direction and where the solar panels should face will be worked out for you. So you don’t have to worry, we do! As you can see, you can’t get an accurate, detailed assessment over the phone, in fact, you should seriously consider taking their advice with a grain of salt. Remember, this is dealing with present and long term future savings in mind, and your roof, which is part of the most valuable investment you have.

We are able to provide you with accurate estimates for your solar panel for our home or a commercial solar system payback time. We will give you a very good idea of what to expect from your solar panel system in far as producing electricity. We do have various Solar Panels and Inverters, whether for solar panels for you or a commercial solar installation. Ultimately You will get what you pay for, and deciding to get cheap solar panels and inverters could prove to be a very poor decision in the end and fact, it could cost you more to fix than a very high-end solar panel system. One of the main things that will help your decision is getting a good value system. At Home Solar Panels, we will give you some options to help you pick a good value system. Remember, your solar system should provide anywhere up to 30 years of clean green solar energy. Also, we genuinely believe we have the best installers in Melbourne and rural Victoria.

To find out how we can save you money in multiple ways, Call now! 1300 556 781 or you prefer a mobile 0411378082

More Reasons Why you should go with us Home Solar Panels Melbourne?

We are Victoria’s fastest-growing Home and Commercial solar energy company.

Essential Solar Installer Melbourne

essential solar


(03) 8335 9999

100% Australian owned and operated, specialising in solar PV since 2012. We install solar panels on homes and businesses throughout Victoria.

We’re dedicated to performance, quality and reliability

Established Solar Experts

100% Australian owned and operated, specialising in solar PV since 2012. We are solar installers on homes and businesses throughout Australia and have an impeccable track record when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Ethical Business Practices

We only deal with suppliers that meet our strict environmental and ethical standards. We also ensure that we consider the long term financial health of our customers when recommending a solution.

Premium Products

We use a highly efficient Tier One solar panel, with at least 10 years product warranty and 25 years’ limited yield warranty. These Tier One panels are guaranteed to perform well into the future.

Superior Support

Our friendly staff will assist you every step of the way – from your free home assessment through to installation and after-sales service – along with everything in between

How does solar work?

A residential solar photovoltaic (PV) system is a rooftop generator that converts energy from the sun into electricity that you can use in your home. High-quality photovoltaic cells are manufactured together to form solar panels. The direct current generated by the solar panels is converted into alternating current by the power inverter and can be utilised directly within your house or exported back to the grid. 

Advanced Energy Management Solar Installer Melbourne 

advanced energy


1800 247 766


Welcome to Advanced Energy Management – your ultimate destination for solar power solutions, system design, installation, service, maintenance, repairs and warranty advice. We are here to support home and business owners throughout Australia to find freedom from the crippling cost of electricity.

With 25 years of experience as qualified electricians and over a decade in solar, our in-house team of Clean Energy Council accredited and approved solar technicians provide personalised and tailored energy solutions so you can experience significant long-term financial gains and relief from the grid.


Let the sun pay for your next holiday. Most systems pay for themselves in around 3 years. From there, every kWh your system produces is money saved and enjoyed for 20+ years.


Green loan finance for both home and business is quickly and easily arranged through our financial partnerships so you can make a smooth and easy switch.


To last over two decades, a solar system installation must comprise quality products and secure, long-term warranties. Anything less exposes you to system failure within just a few years.


Our in-house team of CEC accredited electricians/installers means you get the best solar solutions by the best electricians. No subcontractors, no middlemen, just us.



Take advantage of solar energy to slash one of the biggest overheads businesses have to carry. Reduce your energy bills by as much as 80%. Get in touch and ask us how.


A solar system for your home creates protection from fossil fuel’s uncertain future. Own your energy supply and secure your long-term freedom from rising electricity costs.


Over 30 years of providing better solutions for more efficient electricity generation and use, we’ve seen it all. Store, divert and save your energy for maximum savings.

Experiencing some of the highest electricity prices in the world means there’s every reason to change the way things in energy are being done. Advanced Energy Management is solar specialists here to support home and business owners throughout Australia to find freedom from the crippling cost of electricity. No matter what energy questions you may have, including solar power solutions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to learn more.

365 Solar Installer Melbourne

365 solar


1300 365 766


Renewable energy is inevitable, and Solar has a powerful impact.

Generate your own clean energy, slash your electricity bills, protect yourself from rate hikes and use those savings to empower your life.

It’s a substantial payoff, and you get the feel-good bonus for doing the environmentally right thing.

In addition to being your local solar solutions provider, we are also a Clean Energy Council approved retailer and a Clean Energy Council member.


Change begins within your very home. Take control and eliminate your power bills while contributing to saving our precious planet.

Your energy consumption

If you use more power than your system is capable of producing, your savings will be reduced. This can be avoided by choosing the right-sized system for your needs.

Your feed-in tariff

This is the amount your electricity retailer pays you for any excess power your solar panels generate.

Your usage patterns

Solar panels can only generate electricity while the sun is shining. This means that households that use a lot of power during the day may attract greater savings than those that consume most of their power at night.

Where you live

Some areas of Australia receive a lot more sunlight than others, so a solar PV system in Brisbane will usually generate more power than one in Hobart.


Commercial solar could very well be a positive cash-flow investment. Increase your bottom-line by slashing your power expenses.

What to Consider in Commercial Solar Panels

What’s the right size for your business?

Determining the right size commercial solar system for your business essentially comes down to three factors: roof space available, energy consumption and your budget.

How much will your business save?

Reduce or eliminate your electric bill. Whether you’re a homeowner, business, or non-profit, electricity costs can make up a large portion of your monthly expenses.

Installation on your business space?

We’ll analyse your business space, utilising advanced design software, taking into consideration all factors in extreme detail to ensure an efficient solution.



100% Australian Owned & Operated

We are very proudly 100% Australian owned and operated. Everything we do from initial contact to post-installation support is performed right here. We support our locals all the way.

Our Environment is Everything

Not only is our aim to rid you of ongoing electricity bills and your reliance on an electricity socket, we genuinely care for our environment, and strive for a cleaner future for all Australian, now and for the future.

Exceptional Customer Journey

More than all others out there, we, here at 365 Solar Australia, consider your experience and journey to be our top priority. Your complete satisfaction is our greatest motivation.

Smart System Monitoring

Your system will be equipped with a wifi inverter that enables you to monitor the performance of your system anytime, from the comfort of your couch, and without needing to ever look at the hardware.

Price Beat Guarantee

We never have, and will never, rip anyone off, and to give you complete peace of mind, we offer a price beat guarantee on a quote for an equivalent system. Speak to us for more details.

Local Australian Warranty

We are so confident in the components we install and our accredited installers that we offer an unbeatable 365 Solar warranty on our systems beyond the manufacturer warranties on the products installed.

Future-Ready System

With storage batteries on the rise, you can have your inverter be battery-ready so that you won’t need to replace it if you ever decide to install a storage battery in the future.

365 Solar Australia is your locally operated solar power provider. Our Australian-based team is here to discuss with you your current and desired living circumstances, your electrical usage habits and to work with you in designing an ideal system aimed at providing you with optimal efficiency at the most affordable rate.

We are proud to be serving the energy-saving and renewable energy industries and leading Australians towards a better future. Our established expertise extends back to early 2018, and we are honoured to have rapidly gained a strong reputation as a trusted company within Australia.

Alongside supplying and installing solar energy systems, we are also involved in the research and implementation of new innovations for better functionality and monitoring of your solar PV system.

We believe that solar power should be accessible to everyone, and as a down to earth and honest company, we understand that the cost of a system may seem daunting. Therefore, we will ensure to work with you in determining the most effective system for your household at the most attractive rate. We work to make the installation process quick and stress-free. With regular check-ins and updates, we’ll never leave you hanging.

Most importantly, we are committed to building long-lasting and meaningful local partnerships that benefit our local communities in more ways than just energy savings. With 365 Solar, a better world starts at home.

Hello Solar Installer Melbourne 

hello solar


1300 070 789

Hello, Solar is an Australian based provider of residential and commercial solar systems. Our company operates in 6 states and territories.

At Hello Solar, we make a very simple promise.

We do solar, and we do it right

From the time you contact our friendly solar experts to explore how you can save thousands with one of our platinum solar systems; Until our CEC accredited expert installers complete your job and you start saving money on your power bills, we will keep you in the loop every step of the way. Our vision is to help make your transition to solar simple and easy. Don’t just take our word for it. See what some of our very satisfied customers have to say. So what are you waiting for? All you have to do is Just Add Sunshine.

Hello Solar Seamless Process

1. Hello

Our dedicated solar specialists will tailor a unique solar system to your home and electricity usage. All you need to do is call 1300 070 786 and say Hello!

2. Installation

Then we will match you with your very own installation team comprising of a CEC Accredited Installer & Designer, Electricians, Engineers and Installation Co-ordinator.

3. Metering

After your installation, our experienced metering team will finalise all required paperwork for the connection of your solar system to the grid.

4. Support

You will have unlimited access to our dedicated task force with all their knowledge at your fingertips. We are committed to ensuring a seamless transition into a lifetime of savings with Hello Solar.

Why, Hello Solar?

Incredible Value

Our nationwide buying power allows us to negotiate the best pricing. These prices are updated every day and passed onto you without a huge retail mark-up.

CEC Approved Solar Retailer

Have peace of mind that you are purchasing from a retailer who is committed to a high level of service and industry best practice. The Approved Solar Retailer program is the starting point for consumers to find a retailer they can trust.

CEC Corporate Members

As a corporate member of the Clean Energy Council, we aim to act ethically and with integrity, decency and respect for the community, consumers, and the environment.

Australian Owned & Operated

Our entire operation from start to finish is based here in Australia – And very likely to be in a local office near you. By investing in Australian businesses, you will create a flow-on effect that will positively impact all families and local communities. 

Gnowee Solar Installer Melbourne

gnowee solar


03 9607 1366

Take control and enjoy life more sustainably with solar power facilities. Renewable energy shields are our future. It puts supremacy in your hands, money in your pocket and eradicates CO2 emissions. An energy revolution is in your hands.

Solar Revolution means systems are now better in value, longer-lasting and more efficient than ever. Solar installations are running homes, cars and businesses across this sacred land and giving people control over their energy supply. You just need to know what’s out there and what works for you.

At GNOWEE, we work for you, and GNOWEE is the solar goddess shield for you. We’re not tied to any product, and we’re only comfortable installing solar methods when we’re certain you’ve made an informed choice.

Our installers handle residential, commercial and industrial systems and are providers for an array of solar services in Melbourne, VIC.


Gnowee is a company (100% Australian owned) dedicated to providing a great service, starting with a home consultation. Our policy is to provide outstanding service to customers. This outcome is proven by the fact with over 70% of referral businesses. Unlike many other companies, we do not give quotes over the phone. Our installers have custom-design systems that come with a home consultation, coupled with a physical inspection of the roof when photovoltaic (PV) and other solar systems require installation.


There are so many solar panels out there, and many people feel overloaded with information and uncertain of the best way forward. At Gnowee, we guide you to an informed choice with our simple but thorough process.


How Gnowee could you go?


Independence Day!


Not much, all recycled

Solar Spirit Installer Melbourne

solar spirit


1300 761 679

Solar At Home And Commercial Spaces With Solar Spirit – The Best of Green Energy

Solar Spirit has established itself as a renowned solar panel, solar battery and solar inverter provider for residential as well as commercial uses in Melbourne and Brisbane. We are the providers of a quality solar power system that suit your needs and are affordable. With the vision to provide clean energy to everyone in Australia, Solar Spirit is a family that’s growing everyday. With a decade of experience in providing solar power system to Australia, Solar Spirit truly understands your concerns and needs.

Solar Spirit – Solar For Everyone

At Solar Spirit, we value solar energy and envision it as the future of energy. With an array of residential solar panel system to choose from, we have got all your solar panels for housing needs covered. Our experienced team of solar panel experts provide quality workmanship when it comes to helping you make the right residential solar panel system choice and provide premium installations at prices that are highly affordable.

Solar Spirit Is Determined To Offer The Best Solar Panels In Australia!

  • Wide range of residential and commercial solar power system to pick from
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Solar Spirit – Providing Solar Energy Solutions To Every Living Space in Australia. Expert advice to pick the best residential and commercial solar panels that suit all your needs

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  • Quote that suits your budget!
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  • Wide range of residential and commercial solar power system to pick from

Solar Spirit has been an established name when it comes to solar panels services in Melbourne and Brisbane, Australia. With years of experience and expertise, we are on a mission to empower every home in Melbourne and Brisbane with solar energy.

As a citizen of planet Earth, we are conscious about the effects of a carbon footprint on our planet, the adverse effects of exhausting non-renewable resources and the excess financial stress fluctuating electricity prices may cause. We are constantly working towards providing excellent solar power system services, including solar panel installation, solar battery and solar inverters.

We provide a wide range of solar power system-related services, including consultation and exclusive solar panel installation setup. Our experts dedicate efficient hours to educate you about the necessary information that will help in maintaining your solar power system. Our services are just a call away.

With superior grade solar power system services, our solar products can empower your living space for 25 years. The maintenance is absolutely effortless, and you will never have to worry about turning switches on and off!

Sol Excel Solar Installer Melbourne

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Solar Energy Begins Here

  • SolExcel is proud to offer the World’s Best Green Solution.
  • CEC Accredited Premium Installations
  • Environmental friendly Green Energy

At Sol Excel, we bring solar innovation to your doorstep.

At Sol Excel, we offer the following services:

1.Supply of solar panels, inverters, kits, and system integration at Wholesale price

2.Technical design of roof systems

3.Commercial system design

4.Project financial support

Avail the services of Sol Excel, which has the best Solar Installers Offers the best Green Energy solutions in Melbourne with a team of experienced solar panel installers providing all solar needs that include solar panels, inverters, kits, system integration, the technical design of roof systems, commercial system design and project financial support at the best-quoted price range. The company offers high-quality products that are IEC certified and Clean Energy Council approved, and it also provides free advice on solar products and installations.

As of Sol Excel, we pride ourselves on both the quality of our products and the workmanship of our installers and offer reliable, independent advice on all questions relating to solar products and installation.

We look forward to helping you make the switch.

What are the benefits of having solar panels?

Solar energy is obtained from the sun’s radiation, and it can be converted to electricity or heat. It is freely available, and thanks to advances in technology, we can now harness even more of the solar energy that is continuously available to us.

There are plenty of different reasons why solar energy is so advantageous. There are some financial benefits to solar, such as savings through lowering your electric bill. There are some other benefits and advantages as well. Some people just like the idea of being green and more energy independent. They like that they don’t have to depend as much on the grid for their energy needs.


Solar energy is produced by the sun’s light – photovoltaic energy – and its warmth – solar thermal – for the generation of electricity or the production of heat. Inexhaustible and renewable, solar energy is harnessed using panels and mirrors since it comes from the sun.

Photovoltaic solar cells convert sunlight directly into electricity by the so-called photovoltaic effect. Certain materials can absorb photons (light particles) and liberate electrons, generating an electric current. On the other hand, solar thermal collectors use panels or mirrors to absorb and concentrate the sun’s heat, transfer it to a fluid and conduct it through pipes to use it in buildings and installations and electricity production (solar thermoelectric).

Benefits of solar power

Better for the environment

Solar electricity is one way to power your home or business that benefits the environment. There are no direct greenhouse gas emissions because the electricity is made from sunlight rather than burning fossil fuels.

Sunlight is a renewable energy source, meaning we will never run out of it. Coal and gas are fossil fuels and will eventually run out. And in our sunny state, there’s plenty of sunshine all year round.

Once you install solar panels on your roof, they convert sunlight into electricity cleanly and quietly. Our How does solar power work webpage explains the process.

Save on your power bills

You should see a saving on your electricity bill because you will be using power from your solar panels during the day rather than just from the electricity grid.

If you install a battery with your solar PV system, you can store your solar power not used during the day to use later. This should cut your electricity bill even further.

Give your property more appeal

Solar power is in great demand, and around one in four homes already have it in regional Queensland. If you decide to sell or rent out your home or business premises, a solar photovoltaic (PV) system is a popular feature and may add market value.

Can be connected to the electricity grid

Once you have our approval1 and your solar PV system is connected to the grid, you may have the option of exporting and selling your unused solar power back to your electricity retailer2.

If you have any issues with your system, you have the grid’s security as a back-up to keep a safe and reliable power supply to your premises.

Low maintenance

Grid-connected solar PV systems are generally very low maintenance. With occasional cleaning and a regular health-check by a licensed electrical contractor, solar panels should last around 25 years. It is likely the inverter will need to be replaced at least once in that time.

Government schemes

The Australian Government offers financial incentives through the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme, where you are issued tradable certificates for eligible solar PV systems. The Queensland Government’s regional feed-in tariff pays eligible customers for electricity generated and exported to the grid from their solar PV system.

Solar Energy Is Applicable Everywhere

As long as there is sunshine, solar energy can be deployed anywhere. This is particularly useful for remote regions with no access to any other source of electricity. There is a vast amount of people around the world with no access to electricity.

Independent solar systems could be deployed in those regions and improve the lives of millions of people. Moreover, solar energy is also used to power up spacecraft and boats.

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