Top 30 Plastering Services in Melbourne [2023]

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Plastering falls under one of the many construction jobs which require professional help. There are different types of plastering services you can get, each with its price range and level of quality achieved.

Looking for the best plastering services in Melbourne? You've come to the right place! In this blog post, we'll share with you our top picks for the best businesses that provide plastering services in the Melbourne area. So whether you're planning a renovation or simply need some repairs, read on for everything you need to know about finding the best plastering services in Melbourne!

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    Ultimate List Of Plastering Services Melbourne

    Plastering National Services Melbourne

    plastering national melbourne

    0451 488 119


    Plastering National is a fully qualified plastering company in Melbourne and Mornington, offering all aspects of domestic and commercial plastering, drywall and general plaster repair services. With proven expertise in residential and commercial plastering projects, Plastering National is a trusted name throughout Melbourne and Mornington areas.

    Established in 2005, we have seen the plastering industry grow and have experience with all kinds of materials used in plastering projects of all shapes and sizes.


    All interior plastering in houses, townhouses, units, apartments, and granny flats. Quality workmanship whilst ensuring all work is completed by specified deadlines.


    We provide fully tailored commercial and residential plastering services in Melbourne, Mornington and the surrounding areas.


    We are very experienced commercial Plasterers / Gyprockers, providing high-quality workmanship in all aspects of the commercial fit-outs trade. 


    Water damage? Crumbling cracked walls? Need ceiling repair? Or just want to freshen up your living space? Our plasterers can help!


    Plastering National have been completing residential, commercial, office and retail fit-outs throughout Melbourne for over 16 years. Our experience ranges from smaller but intricately designed and crafted projects right through many companies to large scale complex developments. We pride ourselves on being a professional, reliable company capable of providing astute technical advice all the way through to the complexities of strategic workplace planning.



    Plastering National has been trusted Melbourne plasterers for over 16 years, we’ve completed over 10,000 plastering jobs. We’ve seen it all and done it all in that time, so if you’re looking for high-quality, affordable commercial & residential plastering services, you’re in the right place.

    Coburg Plasterers Services Melbourne

    coburg plasterers

    0423 413 323

    Coburg Plasterers offers expert plastering services to Melbourne's neighborhoods of Coburg, Brunswick, Preston, and Pascoe Vale. Plastering is a crucial step in residential and commercial construction, repairs, and renovations. Additionally, the plaster completes the construction of a wall and provides a surface for design, making it essential for an excellent outcome. Plastering tasks should be carried out by plastering experts to ensure a high-quality final product.

    Plastech - Plastering Services Melbourne



    We are Victoria's premier plastering experts, having been in business since 2005. Our team is well-known for providing high-quality plastering services, ranging from period homes with ornate plaster ceilings and features to the most recent architectural finishes.

    Any task can be completed by our dedicated team of qualified professionals. There is no such thing as a small or large job. Please contact us for a free estimate.

    FAQs Plastering Services Melbourne

    So how do you know if a plasterer is the right professional for you? A plasterer will be able to provide a smooth surface, whether on walls, ceilings or partitions, for either functional or decorative purposes. A plasterer will also be able to perform the following tasks:

    • Apply coats of plaster: Plastering specialists will apply plaster to interior walls and partitions, using hand tools, portable power tools or a combination of the two.
    • Create decorative textures: Plasterers can create textures and patterns for an ornate finish.
    • Clean and prepare surfaces: Plastering specialists will prepare surfaces for plastering by thoroughly cleaning them and fixing any cracks or chips. They will also create the mortar mix, ready for application.

    The time it takes to plaster a room depends on what’s required and the size of the room. We can give you an estimated completion time when we come and look at the job and provide a quote.

    Generally, it will take around 3-5 days for plastering to dry out; however, a few factors will affect the drying time of your plaster. The thickness of the plastering will affect the time it takes for the plaster to dry out. If any areas require additional work, for example, if there is a void, a large crack, or a gap that requires a filling, then a base coat or bonding plaster may be required before skimming. This means that certain areas may be thicker than others and require more time for the plaster to dry out thoroughly. 

    If there has been significant filling, it could take two weeks for the plaster to be thoroughly dry and ready for painting and decorating. Another factor that will affect the drying time for your plastering work is the room temperature and ventilation. Turning the heating right up can be tempting to speed up the drying process, but this is not recommended. Excessive heat will cause the plaster to dry too quickly, which may result in cracking or hazing. The best condition for allowing your newly plastered walls/ceiling to dry is to provide some ventilation by slightly opening a couple of windows. Then, you can put the heating on. However, we recommend you keep this at a low temperature for a number of days after the plastering is completed. This will help with the drying process whilst avoiding plaster cracking.

    The most common types of plaster are a composition of gypsum, lime or cement with water and sand. The plaster is typically manufactured as a dry powder and then used to form a stiff paste by mixing water before application.

    Plastering is most definitely a skill, so you should understand that before you begin. Any skill can be learnt, but it's going to take you a bit of time and a bit of practice. However, with a bit of time, learning and careful work, you can tackle plastering through DIY! You've just got to put the effort in to learn how.

    Ground Force Maintenance - Plastering Services Melbourne

    ground force maintenance

    0413 584 345

    Ground Force Maintenance Pty Ltd is a registered and independently owned trades company. It has been operating in the Melbourne area for over 20 years, with experience in commercial, industrial, residential, and insurance maintenance.

    Our services are well-known and dependable, which is why we have appeared on the Block and Reno Rumble. We take pride in the artistic quality of our work. Ground Force Maintenance will provide you with a free quote.

    Just Plaster Services Melbourne

    just plaster

    0414 945 567

    We apply the same level of care and excellence to every plastering job at Just Plaster, and we are the small-medium job specialists. We have residential plastering experience and combine superior artistry with exceptional customer service. Just Plaster will provide the advice you require, the skill you expect, and the service you deserve, regardless of your plastering needs, from minor domestic repairs to extensions or renovations.

    CMA Plastering Services Melbourne

    cma plastering

    0413 786 789

    CMA Plastering is the leading plastering company in Melbourne. Serving all Melbourne suburbs with dedication, we have a passion for our plasterwork that can’t be beaten. We install our products to Australian standards and use the best supplies and equipment, including CSR Plaster Products and Boral Plaster Products.

    Atlantic Coast Painting - Plastering Services Melbourne

    atlantic coast painting


    ATLANTIC COAST PAINTING was applied to a variety of residential and commercial properties in Brevard County and throughout Florida. Our knowledgeable staff is eager to serve you.

    We are a Christian business with a military family. As a result, our integrity and work quality are of the utmost importance. The 15+ years of experience will guarantee you the desired results. Pressure washing, garage floor coatings, exterior painting, and interior custom paintwork are all services we offer. All major credit cards are accepted.

    Tuscany Services - Plastering Melbourne

    tuscany services 

    +61 478 052 556

    Other skilled tradespeople, such as electricians, plumbers, and tilers, work with the company to assist its clients. Every project is approached in an organized manner, with quality products and attention to detail.

    We provide color and design advice to all of our residential and commercial clients.

    BAXA Property Services - Plastering Melbourne

    baxa property services

    (03) 9018 6555

    We have many years of construction experience, having worked all over Melbourne, and we opened our first real estate agency in 2015. We specialize in multi-family property, property makeovers for sale, and construction-related issues.

    Electrical Spotting Services - Plastering Melbourne

    electrical spotting services

    0468 4555 12

    Spotters R Us offers electrical spotting services in Melbourne and throughout regional Victoria, allowing any work within 6.4m of overhead power lines to be completed safely and securely. Our electrical spotters are available to work with all types of construction companies and related industries, including telecommunication companies, in no-go zones near overhead power lines, including tram and train networks.

    Plasterer Melbourne Services 

    plasterer melbourne

    0468 4552 34

    Plasterers Melbourne is a highly skilled professional plasterer serving Melbourne and the surrounding area. We have over 20 years of experience and can handle any general plastering job, from walls to ceilings, rooms to an entire house!

    With a seven-year guarantee, we take pride in being 100% genuine and reliable. Furthermore, by maintaining a friendly, approachable demeanor with all of our customers, we ensure that you receive the best possible service, regardless of your needs.

    Edwards Plastering Services Melbourne

    edwards plastering

    0416 337 789  

    Edwards Plastering can handle all of your plastering requirements. For the majority of us, our home is the most significant investment we will ever make. Don't settle for low-quality artistry when repairing or renovating your home! Edwards Plastering, Melbourne's plastering expert, can help you protect your investment and enhance your property.

    Melbourne Plaster Linings Services

    melbourne plaster linings

    0416 046 777

    Brothers John and Neil D'Angelo own and operate Melbourne Plaster Linings (MPL), a plastering service in Melbourne. The company has been in business since 2008, and it takes pride in specializing in suspended ceilings, ornate cornices, residential and commercial work, as well as industrial jobs such as factory work.

    A & A Plastering Services Melbourne

    a & a plastering

    0433 576 000

    a family-run and -operated plastering team with more than 30 years of experience both abroad and in Australia. Our team is committed to offering the best plastering service possible at competitive rates with the best materials available. We provide plastering services for a variety of projects, including new home construction, multi-level developments, large-scale complexes and buildings, apartments and units, renovations, repairs, and maintenance.

    DFN Plaster Products - Plastering Services Melbourne

    dfn plaster products

    03 9312 0133

    DFN Plaster Products is a family-owned and operated company. We began as a crew of ornamental cornice installers and plasterers. We now distribute the highest quality plaster products after more than 20 years in the trade.

    We provide a supply and install service as part of our commitment to customer satisfaction. We complete all types of plasterwork with a smile and a strong work ethic. We complete tasks quickly while emphasizing dependability and affordability.

    LA Plastering Services Melbourne

    la plastering

     0418 364 222

    LA Plastering Pty Ltd is a family-owned company committed to making your vision a reality. We have been in business for over 20 years and focus on the domestic market. Check out our services here. We take pride in our craftsmanship and responsive customer service.

    Plaster One Services Melbourne

    plaster one


    Plaster One takes pride in our dedication to quality and professionalism. We have extensive commercial experience and are available to assist with projects of varying sizes.

    Melbourne City Maintenance Plastering Services 

    melbourne city maintenance

    0403 162 666 

    Our services include, but are not limited to, Project Management, all aspects of Painting and Plastering, Cleaning, Carpentry and Tiling, Concrete Polishing and Grinding, Graffiti Removal and Anti Graffiti Products, Building Maintenance, and specialized Roof Coatings that reflect UV Rays and help to reduce heat transfer from the sun into the building while restoring old and deteriorating corrugated roofing, often eliminating the need for costly roof replacement.

    Jamo Plastering Services Melbourne

    jamo plastering

    0412 462 000

    By being a fast, professional, dependable, and friendly team, our company has established a reputation as one of the best plastering companies in Melbourne. We can ensure that your project, no matter how large or small, is completed to a high standard and finish.

    Blackmore Plastering Services Melbourne

    blackmore plastering

    0413 918 999

    Since its founding in 1995, Blackmore Plastering has experienced steady growth, driven primarily by repeat business, and has built a solid reputation for customer satisfaction and high quality work.

    Think pink Handyman Services Plastering Melbourne

    thinkpink handyman services


    Since its inception in 1995, Blackmore Plastering has grown steadily, primarily through repeat orders, and has earned an excellent reputation for service and high standards of workmanship.

    Pro Panther Plaster Services Melbourne

    pro panther plaster

    0425 862 555

    Pro Panther Plaster is a Melbourne plastering company. We are qualified and meet all OH&S requirements for construction in Victoria and deliver second to none quality in our work, on time and affordable. Our qualified plasterers and tradespeople are dedicated to delivering our clients a product of quality craftsmanship.

    We are fully insured and are happy to provide our clients with a free estimate for their projects. Our large team of plasterers and labourers can cope with large-scale commercial developments such as apartments, offices, and factory projects.

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