Top 20 Pest Control & Inspection Companies in Melbourne, Victoria [2022]

Pest Control & Termite Inspection Companies

Living in Melbourne, Victoria? You know that pests can be a big problem. That's why it's important to protect your home by finding the right pest control and termite inspection company.

This blog post will tell you about some of Melbourne's top pest control and inspection businesses. We'll also tell you how to find the best company for your needs.

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    Ultimate List of Pest Control & Inspection Companies in Melbourne

    All Pests - Pest Control & Inspection Company Melbourne 

    all pests termite specialist

    0409 523 029

    We offer termite protection services to properties in the Melbourne area. Our termite treatments are considered an industry standard, and our extensive knowledge of the surrounding area enables us to swiftly identify potential risk areas. We don’t worry about pests because we utilise pest control. Schedule a termite inspection as soon as possible. We provide same-day service to the Mornington Peninsula. During our termite inspection, we will detect whether or not you have an active nest, as well as evaluate any damage that may have occurred.


    Pest Control Mornington Peninsula and Melbourne

    • Small Pest Control
    • Large Pest Control
    • General Pest Inspections
    • Pest Extermination

    Professional Pest Control Services

    You can have faith in a pest inspection. Local pests can be a big problem. We are highly trained and licenced to use a wide range of pest inspection, treatment, and prevention methods for all common pests. So we’re sure we can find an effective way to get rid of pests and keep them from coming back for any kind of pest problem.

    We work with both business and home clients, and we have a track record of getting great results. We will give you a free quote and help you get rid of pests in your home or business.

    Small Pests Control

    Our Mornington Peninsula pest inspection and control team can help get rid of and keep small pests under control. Whether you have an infestation that needs to be taken care of or you are planning ahead during the building phase of a new building and are thinking about having preventative work done to lower the chance of an infestation.

    We treat for the following small pests:

    • Ants
    • Bed bugs
    • Termites
    • Fleas
    • Beetles
    • Silverfish
    • Cockroaches
    Large Pests Control

    Larger pests, like rodents and birds, can cause damage to your property over time. If you don’t take care of the problem, it could become a safety hazard and even a health risk if any of the pests carry a disease.

    We treat for the following large pests:

    • Birds
    • Possums
    • Rabbits
    • Foxes
    • Feral cats
    • feral dogs

    Our Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula pest removal specialists will come out to your premises and assess any infestation or potential risks and take the necessary steps required to protect your property. Our pest extermination treatments and pest prevention measures are fast and effective. We specialise in termite inspections and termite treatments.

    There are over 300 species of termites in Australia.

    Only a few of the different kinds of termites cause damage to homes. Termites are a different kind of insect than ants. They are sometimes called “white ants,” but they are not related to ants at all. In terms of how they evolved, termites are more like cockroaches. We can help you with both at All Pests. A regular pest inspection is the best way to make sure that none of these creepy crawlies gets into your woodwork.

    Protech Pest Control & Inspection Company Melbourne

    protech pest control

    1300 486 140

    Melbourne Pest Control

    Imagine brushing your teeth next to a cockroach in the sink, listening to the buzzing of bees that have moved into your backyard while you eat breakfast, and saying goodbye to the possum in your garage before you leave for work. Isn’t it a lovely life we have? This is what pest control in Melbourne looks like when it isn’t present.

    Termite Inspection Melbourne

    A Termite Inspection’s Importance

    The earlier a termite infestation is discovered, the better and faster it may be addressed, resulting in less damage to the home or property.

    If an assessment is delayed, the identification and treatment of the infestation produced by these voracious insects will be delayed as well, increasing the amount of damage caused by their eating habits.

    According to the CSIRO, having a yearly pest inspection is necessary. Every Melbourne homeowner should have monthly termite examinations and pre-purchase timber pest inspections.

    Termite damage is not covered by insurance for every homeowner, which is why it must be avoided in the first place to avoid burning a hole in the wallet. Such inspections assist you in identifying potential dangers to any such problem, identifying damage that could be harmful to your property in the long run, and maintaining your property’s defence against these troublesome creatures.

    They’re also required because these insects are recognised for their ability to sneak into homes and remain undetected for lengthy periods of time. It also aids in the identification of the species of this never-ending chewing bug, allowing for a more accurate diagnosis of the condition.

    Standard termite inspections and pre-purchase termite inspections are the two types of termite inspections available.

    Standard Termite Inspections: These are for Melbourne home or property owners who require frequent inspections to guarantee that termites are not eating away at their property due to their lack of knowledge about the subject. The Australian standards 3660 are followed in our inspections of these ever-eating critters.

    We also check for areas of the property that have been harmed and may be vulnerable to them in the future. Our main goal is to ensure that there is no termite infestation and that your home is completely safe and secure from these pests. Your home, like a routine doctor’s check-up, needs a termite inspection on a regular basis.

    We do a thorough assessment to ensure that we do not overlook any aspects of your home. After an examination, we make it a point to provide you with a full report and explain the problem to you while proposing resolutions or even just some prevention recommendations, as needed.

    Pre-purchase pest inspections are for home purchasers who want to make an investment in a piece of property or home after making sure it’s worth their money. This involves ensuring that the property is not infected with pests or is not on the verge of becoming infested. It even uncovers any previous damage caused by bug infestations.

    Investing in a house or property is always one of the largest investments that no home buyer wants to do wrong, so choose this type of inspection to be much more confident in your decision. You will receive a thorough report and confirmation of our analysis.

    Why are we here?

    Looking for a reliable Melbourne pest control service? Now you don’t have to look any farther since we’ve got you covered. Anything you can think of, we’ll get rid of it!

    We control and eliminate all insects and pests that pose a threat to your home’s privacy. How are we going to accomplish this? Our focused research and development team is where it all begins. Termites, rodents, possums, bees, cockroaches, rats, spiders, wasps, and ants are among the household pests studied by them, and we are well-versed in remedies to tackle any domestic pest problem.

    Protech’s Promise

    We have developed pest control methods suited to each type of pest based on our 26 years of experience in pest control and bug management in and around Melbourne. We also make certain that our solutions match all of your requirements. This involves a complete inspection of your property by a trained professional, followed by the creation of a personalised pest management strategy.

    We prioritise you and your family. As a result, our technologies are both environmentally benign and efficient. So, while the troublesome insects are gone, there are no dangerous chemicals lingering in your home, posing a health risk to you and your family.

    Increasing Efficiency

    All of our technicians complete a 12-month TAFE course. We also provide in-house training sessions and workshops for technicians to keep their skill sets up to date. They begin working at grade set (3) III once they have completed their instruction. They are advanced to grade set (4) IV in integrated insect management, which is the highest level of pest control, as they get more on-the-ground experience. Currently, some of our technicians are licensed by the Australian Health Department and hold the grade set (4) IV.

    You can’t afford to lose sleep over a pest problem, which is why Protech provides the same-day treatment. Our licensed services come with a satisfaction guarantee that ensures you have an insect-free home environment.

    Tiptop Services - Pest Control & Inspection Company Melbourne

    tiptop services

    0425 006 908

    Pest Removal in Melbourne

    Imagine brushing your teeth next to a cockroach in the sink, eating breakfast while listening to the buzzing of bees that have moved into your backyard, and bidding farewell to the possum in your garage before leaving for work. Isn’t this a wonderful life we’ve been given? When pest treatment isn’t available in Melbourne, this is how it looks.

    Termite Inspection Melbourne is a company that provides termite inspection services in Melbourne.

    The significance of a termite inspection

    The earlier a termite infestation is detected, the better and faster it may be dealt with, resulting in less damage to the home or property.

    If an evaluation is postponed, the identification and treatment of the infestation caused by these hungry insects will also be postponed, increasing the amount of damage caused by their eating habits.

    A yearly pest examination is required, according to the CSIRO. Termite inspections and pre-purchase timber pest inspections should be performed on a monthly basis for all Melbourne residents.

    Termite damage is not covered by insurance for every homeowner, which is why it should be prevented in the first place. Such inspections aid you in identifying potential threats associated with any such situation, identifying damage that could be hazardous to your property in the long term, and maintaining your property’s defence against these pesky creatures.

    They’re also necessary because these insects are known for their ability to enter homes undetected and remain there for long periods of time. It also helps to identify the species of this never-ending chewing beetle, allowing for a more precise diagnosis of the problem.

    There are two types of termite inspections available: standard and pre-purchase termite inspections.

    Standard Termite Inspections: These are for Melbourne home or property owners who need frequent inspections to ensure that termites are not eating away at their property owing to their lack of understanding of the problem. During our inspections of these ever-eating pests, we adhere to Australian standard 3660.

    We also look for sections of the property that have been injured in the past or could be vulnerable in the future. Our first goal is to ensure that your home is free of termites and pests. A termite inspection should be performed on a regular basis, just like a doctor’s check-up.

    We do a complete evaluation to guarantee that no parts of your home are overlooked. Following an assessment, we make it a point to present you with a detailed report in which we explain the situation to you and suggest solutions or even simple preventative measures, if necessary.

    Pre-purchase pest inspections are for homebuyers who wish to make a financial investment in a piece of property or home after ensuring that it is worth their money. This entails making sure the property isn’t infested or on the edge of becoming infested by pests. It even reveals any bug infestation damage that has occurred previously.

    No home buyer wants to make a mistake when buying a house or property. Therefore choose this form of inspection to feel much more confident in your purchase. You’ll get a detailed report that confirms our findings.

    What brings us to this location?

    Are you looking for a dependable pest control company in Melbourne? You no longer need to look because we’ve taken care of everything. We’ll get rid of whatever you can imagine!

    All insects and pests that threaten your home’s privacy are controlled and eliminated by us. What will we do to make this happen? Where it all starts is with our dedicated research and development staff. Termites, rodents, possums, bees, cockroaches, rats, spiders, wasps, and ants are just a few of the household pests they’ve examined, and we’re well-versed in how to deal with any situation.

    The Future of Protech

    Based on our 26 years of experience in pest control and bug management in and around Melbourne, we’ve created pest control solutions appropriate to each species of pest. We also ensure that our services meet all of your needs. This entails a thorough evaluation of your property by a skilled specialist, followed by the development of a custom pest management strategy.

    You and your family are our top priority. As a result, our technologies are both safe and efficient for the environment. So, while the pesky insects are gone, there are no harmful chemicals left in your home that could endanger you or your family’s health.

    Improved Productivity

    Every one of our technicians goes through a 12-month TAFE program. We also provide technicians with in-house training and workshops to keep their skill sets current. Once they’ve completed their training, they’ll begin working on grade set (3) III. As they get more on-the-ground experience, they are promoted to grade set (4) IV in integrated insect management, the highest level of pest control. Some of our technicians are currently licensed by the Australian Health Department with a grade set (4) IV.

    Protech provides same-day treatment because you can’t afford to lose sleep over a pest infestation. Our licensed services are backed by a satisfaction guarantee, ensuring that your home is free of insects.

    FAQs About Pest Control and Termites

    Usually, it’s safe to clean your home after a pest control treatment about 3-5 days after the treatment takes place. If part of your treatment included leaving bait around your home, you should be able to clean around them as long as you stay away from the bait.

    It’s always a good idea to clean before the exterminator arrives, this way, you won’t have to wait too long between cleaning your home.


    A lot of customers assume that pest control products will be washed away during the rain. So, it’s common for pest control companies to receive calls requesting to reschedule their services due to not-so-ideal weather conditions. But, contrary to popular belief, rain or snow rarely affect pest control treatments. On the contrary, rain and light snow can optimise pest control services, as pests are typically drawn out of the ground.

    Along with that, rain and light snow have benefited pest control services. Some products (formulated granular pellets) are placed on a property needing water to be activated by water. These pellets seep deeply into your soil, preventing crickets, earwigs, ants, and other unwelcome pests from intruding into your home. If you live in an area that regularly experiences abnormally harsh weather conditions, it is sure to explain those conditions to your pest control professional.

    When dealing with indoor pest control services, keep in mind that window areas, door frames, and crevasses are typically key focus points. Because those areas generally remain dry, wet weather conditions are rarely a pest control factor.

    By following the recommendations on the product label or each product, you should be able to understand how long you should stay out of your house after it’s been serviced for pests. 

    Although not needed for most services, a 2-4 hour window is generally considered best practise for some. Be sure to ask how long the products used will take to dry, and begin calculating the start-to-finish timeframe of the vacancy if needed.

    While you cannot get rid of termites permanently from the environment, you can help prevent them from taking root in your home and control any active colonies nearby.

    Although it may be tempting to try termite control yourself, prevention and treatment are best left to the professionals. Since termites can be active in your home with few signs of an infestation, if any, you will need the help of a qualified termite expert skilled in termite identification, behaviour, prevention, and treatment to control the infestation.

    Termite treatments can be the most complex treatment of any household pest management issue. Depending on the termite species, the colony’s location(s), and the extent of the infestation extent, your professional may need to use more than one treatment method. 

    These methods often require specialised tools and techniques. For example, carefully formulated soil treatments may need to be applied via rods inserted under your house.

    First, your pest control expert should provide a comprehensive inspection of your home to identify signs of activity and the termite species. Different methods are used to target the specific behaviour of subterranean termites and dry wood termites.

    Your expert should recommend a customised treatment and prevention plan based on your home’s unique needs.

    This prevention and treatment plan for subterranean termites typically includes conventional liquid treatment, monitoring and bait stations, or direct wood treatment.

    Exopest - Pest Control & Inspection Company Melbourne


    1800 686 200


    Exopest is recognised as a leading provider of pest treatment in the Melbourne area. The company was established in 1985.

    By providing innovative solutions for pest control in and around your home, place of business, or other commercial property, we eliminate timber pests such as termites, borers, and fungi; nuisance pests such as spiders, ants, and fleas; hygiene pests such as cockroaches, rats, mice, bedbugs, and flies; and warehouse pests such as moths, beetles, and weevils.

    Our services, which have been the subject of extensive research, have been designed to not only eliminate the pest infestation but also eliminate the migratory tendencies of the pests. This will ensure that your entire property is protected, not just the region that has been treated.

    In both the field and in the company’s technical support roles, Exopest relies on the expertise of university science graduates and Cert III and IV Pest Managers. We are actual termite and pest control, professionals!

    Since its founding in 1985, Exopest has been dedicated to its mission of delivering the absolute best advice and service in the field of pest management solutions.

    If you give us a call, you can be certain that our trained professionals in the office and the field will be able to assist you.


    Exopest offers a full range of pest control services for home and business owners. The Exopest service includes the monitoring and management of:

    • Termites
    • Borers
    • Rodents
    • Ants
    • Spiders
    • Silverfish
    • Fleas Bedbugs
    • Moths Cockroaches
    • Wasps & Bees Subfloor Ventilation


    • Inspection, identification & treatment.
    • Exopest protects your home.
    • Our surveys are non-invasive, our applications are environmentally friendly, we follow government guidelines in the application of safe chemicals, and our solution directly tackles the problem.
    • Every member of our field service staff is fully qualified in pest control.
    • We only use licensed and approved registered products.
    • We offer the right solutions to protect your home.
    • Safe Affordable Reliable
    • Exopest employs university science graduates both in the field and technical support roles. We are TRUE termite experts!


    • The only pest control company in Melbourne to employ university-qualified science graduates as field technicians and consultants
    • A family-owned business that really does care about the right advice and treatment
    • Established in 1985 in Melbourne
    • Fully insured and licensed – Professional liability and indemnity.
    • Government licensed pest control technicians – Cert III and Cert IV Pest Managers
    • Audited, accredited pest control specialists
    • National Finalist Pest Manager of the Year 2018, 2015, 2013 and 2012
    • Service warranties on all treatments
    • HACCP Pest Management
    • Safe, affordable and reliable
    • Environmental and ecosystem aware
    • CitiPower Port Phillip Business Excellence Awards finalist 2014 – Small Business
    • Winner Australian Pest Manager of the Year 2010
    • Victorian Pest Manager of the Year 2015, 2013, 2012, 2010 and 2009

    Termite Specialist - Pest Control & Inspection Company Melbourne

    termite specialist

    1300 695 969

    If you think you have termites, here’s what to do.

    Don’t panic! Try not to disturb the termites because if you scare them away, it can make it harder to treat them properly.

    • Don’t spray them with insecticide
    • Don’t break open any damaged areas
    • Don’t worry. It is not great news, but all infestations can be controlled- yours will be no different.

    Give us a call immediately – if you live in Melbourne or surrounding country areas, we’ll be around as soon as possible for a termite inspection to assess the problem and provide on the spot advice. If you do have termites, we will provide options for various termite treatments in writing, along with an obligation free quote.

    Why examine for termites?

    A yearly termite inspection is the first step in a termite management strategy to protect your property, as most home insurance does not cover termite damage.

    A termite inspection should check for timber damage, conditions that make the building more prone to termite attack, and construction errors or maintenance concerns that may allow termites to enter undetected.

    If the examination indicates you have termites, we can evaluate the damage, the species, and how they are accessing the property. This will help determine the best termite treatment choices to safeguard the property.

    With this information, a termite management plan may be designed for the property, taking into account the termite pressure, building construction, and surrounding environment. The plan will frequently include termite inspections and termite treatment to protect your property.

    Termites, commonly called white ants, are the most destructive insects in Australian homes.

    Untreated termite infestations can cause costly repairs and a loss of home equity.

    Termites cause more damage to Australian dwellings than floods, hurricanes, and fires combined. Termites can be tough to eradicate from your house, but contemporary termite prevention systems and technologies can successfully treat and prevent an infestation.

    Standard termite inspection includes what?

    Our termite inspections follow Australian standards 3660. Our termite examinations go beyond looking for live termites. We check for past damage, situations that could render the building more vulnerable to attack, and maintenance difficulties.

    We inspect homes like a “health check.” We thoroughly inspect your home and property (termites like dark, wet places). And we employ the latest termite detection technology.

    If you had an examination that took less than an hour, they probably weren’t very thorough. Where do we look?

    Each inspection includes a photo-filled report. We explain our findings on-site and are available by phone if you have any questions. We provide home termite prevention tips.

    Dawson’s Australia - Pest Control & Inspection Company Melbourne

    dawson’s australia

    03 9222 2269

    The Most Reliable and Effective Pest Control in Victoria

    Dawson’s Australia is recognised as a market leader in the provision of protection and pest control services to residential and commercial properties. Because we were one of the first pest control companies in Melbourne, we have gained an extensive amount of expertise and knowledge that is unparalleled. We provide pest control services in Melbourne and throughout Victoria, and our services include all kinds of pests.

    At Dawson’s, we take pride in the individualised service that we provide for pest treatment. We provide dependable and high-quality pest treatment and prevention programs, and we work closely with both residential and commercial clients to accomplish this. Call Dawson’s Australia when you need reliable pest control in the Melbourne area or anywhere else in Victoria.

    We are able to assist you with all aspects of pest management, such as termite inspections, protection and treatments, spider control, rat control and removal, flea control and removal, and the destruction of nests from bees, wasps, birds, and other insects.

    No matter what kind of pest problem you’re dealing with, we can assist you in locating the best possible solution for your property. In addition, we provide complete pest inspections and services for sanitising and fumigating containers, and we are able to build individualised pest control and maintenance plans to maintain your property free of pests.

    Control of Pests for Private Residences and Commercial Establishments

    Our accumulated experience and breadth of knowledge are unparalleled in the industry. We provide services for any kind of pest problem across all of Melbourne’s areas. We provide pest treatment and preventive plans that are dependable as well as of high quality, and we take a person-to-person approach to pest control by working closely with both residential and commercial clients. You can put your faith in the specialists who offer pest control in Melbourne to keep unwanted critters out of your house and place of work.

    Services for the Commercial Control of Pests

    At Dawson’s Australia, we offer our pest control services to a wide range of businesses and commercial locations that are experiencing a variety of issues relating to pests. We will assist you in maintaining the safety of your company and lowering the possibility of contaminated product use. Regardless of the size of your company, we provide pest management packages that are designed to individually address your needs and concerns. Commercial pest management that businesses in Melbourne and the rest of Victoria can rely on is provided by Dawson’s.

    Services for the Inspection and Treatment of Termites

    One of the most devastating pests in Australia is the termite, which is also usually referred to as the white ant. In Melbourne and around Victoria, every year, they are responsible for millions of dollars worth of damage to homes and other structures, which is why termite protection is of the utmost importance.

    According to research conducted by the CSIRO, termites will infest one out of every three dwellings at some point throughout the building’s useful lifetime. In spite of the fact that termites may be found in Melbourne and across the rest of Victoria, the presence of these home invaders is sometimes overlooked until the damage they cause is observed by accident. Because the majority of insurance providers will not pay for this kind of damage, it is in your best interest to make sure that all preventative termite prevention procedures have been set. Protecting your home or business from termites and other wood-destroying pests requires consistent termite treatments, as well as termite inspections and other preventative measures.

    Right Pest Control & Inspection Company Melbourne

    right pest control

    0478 308 360

    This locally owned and operated company has been providing pest control services in and around Melbourne for more than 15 years. Right Pest Control Melbourne is pleased to be recognised as a top pest management company that is able to meet all of your requirements for pest control. In both residential and business settings, we offer only pest control solutions that are the least hazardous while yet producing the desired results. Our Pest Control Melbourne Technicians have extensive training and are fully licensed, allowing them to identify and eliminate any and all pests found in and around your home or place of business.

    Pest Control Melbourne

    Right Pest Control is a company that specialises in getting rid of undesirable pests on residential and commercial properties. We are able to eradicate pests from all types of properties, including residential, commercial, and industrial buildings and grounds.

    Who we are:

    • We are a team of fully qualified, licensed technicians that you can trust!
    • Servicing Melbourne for the past 15 years
    • Our technicians are efficient in ensuring there is minimal disruption to your day
    • We do it once, and we do it right – the first time!
    • To guarantee maximum safety, all of our products are environmentally friendly.


    As termite activity is very difficult to detect, our termite inspection technicians in Melbourne are equipped with the most effective and advanced termite detection technology on the market today: the Temitrac T3I, which is a moisture meter, a remote thermal sensor and sounding radar. We inspect both the inside and outside of your home and take the time to explain and educate you about termites and their risks. Our termite inspection services come with a comprehensive report and comply with Australian Standards 3660.2-2010. We also offer advice on protecting your home before it’s too late. It’s far cheaper to protect your home before any damage has been done.


    • Have you noticed soft areas in your floor boards, skirting etc.?
    • Are there winged insects coming out of your wall or door frames?
    • Have you experienced light switch or power point failures?

    This is a termite lead or mud tube found in Ringwood East. Once termites build mud tunnels, they can do as much damage to your property as they want.

    Without visible outside damage, it can be difficult to discover termite infestations at Right Pest Control. Professional termite inspections require precision and advanced technology. Check your property for termites.

    When you see soft patches in your floors or skirting, winged insects fluttering around your walls and window frames, or unusual light switch failures, you may need a termite check. If you see any of these indicators, have a termite check. Our qualified termite inspectors serve Melbourne. Their equipment makes the process productive and helpful for you. Even stubborn regions are investigated for termite damage. Our staff checks your property’s exterior and inside. If the termite inspection result reveals that the house is infested, our staff will suggest countermeasures to resist these invaders.

    Fumapest Termite & Pest Control Company Melbourne

    fumapest termite & pest control

    0488 280 506

    Fumapest Termite & Pest Control Services in Melbourne

    When it comes to protecting your home or commercial property against termites and other pests, it is often necessary to enlist the assistance of trained professionals who are able to ensure the job is carried out in a secure and effective manner. Get in touch with Fumapest Termite & Pest Control if you are looking for professional termite and pest control services in Melbourne. Fumapest specialises in both. 

    We are able to provide comprehensive termite control throughout Melbourne and beyond, thanks to our offices located in Melbourne, Moe, Traralgon, Sale, and Bairnsdale. Our services are available to both residential and commercial customers.

    We arrive at your location with all of the necessary insurance coverage, including professional indemnity, public liability, and workers’ compensation. Because we have more than 35 years of experience, you have every reason to have full faith in our capabilities and competence. 

    For efficient residential and commercial pest control in Melbourne, give Fumapest a call today and find out more about the ways in which we can assist you in reclaiming your home or place of business. Because we are a member of the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association, you can have faith that we will provide effective and dependable pest control in Melbourne that is tailored to your requirements.

    Termite Control in Melbourne & Victoria

    Termite control services

    Subterranean termites, despite their small size, are a significant problem throughout the state of Victoria and particularly in Melbourne. Termites have the potential to cause significant damage to timber homes and other structures if appropriate preventative measures are not implemented. 

    To make matters even worse, the majority of homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover the costs that are incurred as a result of a termite infestation, despite the fact that termites have been responsible for more damage to Australian homes than have been caused by fires, floods, and storms combined. 

    Because termites in Melbourne are so damaging, it is a good idea to educate yourself about them so that you can safeguard your property as effectively as possible. Continue reading for more helpful information about controlling termites, brought to you by the staff of Fumapest Termite & Pest Control.

    Pest Control Services

    Fumapest Termite & Pest Control provides the most effective pest control services available in the Melbourne metropolitan area and throughout regional Victoria. We are able to provide outstanding pest management and pest prevention services to homes and businesses across the state because we have offices in Melbourne, Moe, Traralgon, Sale, and Bairnsdale. 

    Our experience spans more than 35 years, and our offices are located in each of these cities. You can stop asking yourself, “Where can I locate pest control close to me?” because the answer is right here.

    Our professionals are able to give dependable pest treatment in Melbourne around the clock, and they are experts in the following pest control services:

    Affordable Pest Control for Termites

    Controlling termites is one of Fumapest Termite & Pest Control’s primary areas of expertise. Termites are major economic pests that can cause severe damage to residential properties. They are also sometimes referred to as white ants. In addition to providing efficient services for the control of white ants in Melbourne, we also provide termite prevention services, including the application of Termidor termite treatments, which come with an 8-year warranty.

    Hilux Pest Control & Inspection Company Melbourne

    hilux pest control

    0455 731 250

    Hello, And Welcome To Hilux Pest Control

    Being out of sight does not automatically mean that something has been forgotten. It might be difficult to determine the exact location of several kinds of pests, such as bed bugs, ants, cockroaches, and rats. However, pests provide a significant challenge since they have the potential to cause harm to your property or, even worse, your health.

    Our pest control professionals can provide you peace of mind by effectively assisting you with the removal of unwanted pests from your house and ensuring that the pests will not return in the future.

    Pest Spray & Sanitization Melbourne

    Identification is the first and most important step in the process of eradicating any kind of pest.

    On our pest photo identification pages, you can find a photo of a pest that is similar to the one you have. Identified pests typically contain links to information about how to control them.

    If you can’t find your pest, take a close-up, in-focus photo and send it as an attachment to us for identification.

    • Wasp Control
    • Ant Control
    • Cockroach Control
    • Rat Rodent Control
    • Spider Pest Control
    • Flea Pest Control
    • Possum Removal Service
    • Bed Bugs Treatment
    • Beetle Pest Control
    • Mosquito Pest Control
    • Fly Control
    • Moth Control
    • Borer Control
    • Silverfish Control

    Why Choose Us

    The Most Reputable and Effective Pest Control Company in Melbourne

    Simply put, we are the most reputable company in Melbourne. Your home will be guaranteed to be pest-free after it has been inspected for them in the appropriate manner. We have more than ten years of expertise, making us specialists in this area. Our word is our assurance. Our one thousand completed projects and more than two hundred and twenty-five happy customers testify for themselves. 

    Picking Hilux Services to perform pest inspections is the first and only action you need to take to guarantee that your house will be free of pests and will be a happy and safe place to live. By providing the most advanced inspection and control services available, we work tenaciously toward our goal of eradicating pests from the houses in the Melbourne area. Our personnel is available around the clock to cater to your requirements.

    • Competitive Pricing
    • Serving Melbourne-Wide
    • Quick Response
    • Pest Control & Cleaning Experts
    • Only Using The Best And Safest Chemicals
    • Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

    Tom’s Pest Control & Inspection Company Melbourne

    tom’s pest control

    (03) 9034 5950

    Trustworthy Melbourne Side Pest Control Service Provider

    Pests can invade any home or business. Pest-free property is also tricky. What to do? If you have the same question, hire a Melbourne pest control firm.

    Tom’s Pest Management offers homeowners and businesses safe pest control. Our well-trained pest controllers employ innovative equipment and methods to eliminate ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas, flies, mites, mosquitoes, rodents, spiders, and more.

    Pre-buy inspections

    Tom’s Pest Control Melbourne knows property buyers have certain pre-purchase inspection needs. We offer building-only and building-and-pest inspections.

    Only-building inspection

    Our professional and skilled building inspectors will check the property’s outside and interior for significant and minor issues. It includes the building, floor, roof, garage, stairs, decks, carports, plumbing, and basement. Our inspection will also discover safety hazards.

    We’ll examine for cracks in the walls, bouncing floors, a sinking roof, and more. We’ll also check for mould and damp situations that can contribute to it.

    Melbourne Building Inspection

    People who want to know the property’s general condition and pest issues should get an inspection. In addition to the property’s state and damage, we’ll document any past or present pest infestations.

    We’ll check for termites, wood borers, fungi, fleas, and more and offer treatments. These pests can endanger your health and safety and lower your property’s worth. Many Melbourne areas have pest infestation problems, which are usually disguised by buyers.

    Our trained Melbourne pest and building inspectors will offer you a full report on previous and present pest damage and difficulties. It will assist you in protecting your money and interests.

    Melbourne Termite Control

    Looking for termite prevention or treatment in Melbourne?

    Termite infestations can cause physical damage and financial burden if left untreated. Pests are hard to exterminate.

    Tom’s Pest Control Melbourne treats and controls termites in residential, commercial, and industrial locations.

    We’ll do a detailed termite inspection at your Melbourne property, establish a bespoke treatment plan, and finish a comprehensive termite control service.

    Melbourne Termite Pest Control

    Melbourne’s four-stage termite and white ant treatment. Treatment has four stages:

    Melbourne termite check

    Certified termite control technicians will inspect your property for termites and white ants once you contact them. Our skilled professionals will report termite type, damage, infestation origin, and more.

    We’ll identify the species and nests near your Melbourne home. This helps us protect your home against termites and white ants.

    Treatment Plan

    We’ll build a termite treatment plan based on the inspection results to protect your Melbourne home. The treatment plan will include the type of treatment, projected results, treatment timeline, and homeowner instructions.

    We’ll also explain the treatment plan and provide transparent termite control.


    Our termite extermination and white ant protection professionals in Melbourne will follow the treatment strategy. Non-chemical treatments are preferred. Depending on the termite damage, we may employ baits, dust, or foams.

    No matter the treatment, we only utilise approved, safe ingredients.

    Ongoing Prevention

    Termite extermination may not give you lasting results if ongoing prevention treatments are not there. We will also offer you termite barriers to protect your building against future infestation. We offer three types of termite barriers for termite control.

    • Physical barriers – mostly a special layer placed under your building slab.
    • Chemical barriers – treating the soil around the property with termiticides.
    • Termite resistance materials – use of steel frames, cypress pine framework, concrete tilt slab construction, and more.

    You can ventilate the properly well, seal entry points to your property, keep the property uncluttered, and regularly lookout for a termite barrier to minimise the pests attacking your Melbourne property.

    Pest Police - Pest Control & Inspection Company Melbourne

    pest police

    1800 737 879

    Pest Police, a privately owned independent pest control company serving Melbourne, has thousands of delighted customers. In pest control, bigger isn’t better, and neither is a one-man business. Boutique enough to care, we react swiftly to meet our customers’ needs, providing no-interest termite payment plans and direct communication with your experienced technician. Pest Police only uses eco-friendly and compassionate pest removal methods.

    Easy Melbourne pest control

    Trusted Melbourne pest control. Pest Police has provided superior pest control and inspection services to thousands of clients. Property owners and investors must prioritise pest management. Aussies share their space with spiders, termites, ants, flies, snakes, cockroaches, and more. Many of us call them “uninvited guests.” Leaving these creatures alone can harm people and damage property. We’ll remove these intruders for you.


    Book pest control and inspection for rapid, effective, trustworthy service using eco-friendly products and solutions.

    You know that pests, from the unpleasant to the hazardous, can take up residence in Melbourne and its suburbs. Dealing with them can include a variety of removal and extermination tactics, but the best course of action begins with a complete pest examination. As soon as you detect an infestation or pest problem, call Pest Police.


    Pest Police inspectors are certified and licensed. Our work complies with the relevant Australian Standard, and we offer obligation-free estimates to highlight the value of our pest control services.

    Our Google ranking and repeat and referral business are both excellent. This highlights our reputation for thorough pest inspection and control in Melbourne and the suburbs.

    It pays to have a one-time or ongoing pest inspection for a potential acquisition, new construction, or your current house or company. Better if done by an industry leader like Melbourne’s Australian-owned Pest Police. Our unparalleled pest inspection Melbourne service provides continuous peace of mind, early warning, and prevention tactics for what may become a significant infestation problem.

    You’ll want a quick inspection if you suspect a pest problem. Pests can proliferate and spread quickly, so waiting isn’t an option.

    SOS Pest Control & Inspection Company Melbourne

    sos pest control

    1300 737 829

    SOS PEST CONTROL is a family run business that started in 2003. Business owners Candys and Ron are proud to have been delivering the best service in and around Melbourne.

    Natural Pest Control in Melbourne

    SOS Pest Control provides SAFER and GREENER pest control services to both residential and business customers. Our procedures are both safe and effective. Our courteous and highly skilled experts are completely licensed and insured and are available to answer any concerns you may have concerning your present issue.

    We are glad to report that our customer base has increased over the last 14 years as a result of our dedicated followers, mostly word of mouth referrals and outstanding evaluations. SOS Pest Control is here to tackle your pest problems, no matter how big or small they are.

    Give us a call if you’re having an issue; we’d love to talk!

    Treatments for Termites

    Termites do more damage to houses and businesses in Australia than fires, floods, and storms put together. Termite damage affects one out of every five homes, and because the damage is rarely covered by homeowner’s insurance, the cost of any repairs falls on the building’s owner.

    A customised home treatment plan from SOS PEST CONTROL is the best defence against termites. Following a thorough evaluation of your property, we will provide a customised treatment plan to help safeguard your most valuable asset. Because we recognise that every home is different, we tailor our treatment approaches to your home’s exact construction type.

    Based on the layout of your home and the degree of termite infestation, we will create a customised treatment plan to effectively manage termites in your home:

    This may include:

    • Treatments to deter termites immediately plus offer protection from future infestations
    • Pre Construction Termite treatments prior to new builds and or extensions to existing homes
    • Treatments may be applied on the outside and within the home’s foundation, providing a protective zone around the home.
    • Monitoring stations are placed in strategic at-risk locations around your home to determine termite activity.
    • Once termite activity is detected, the monitoring station is baited. Termites then ingest the bait and share it with other termites, helping to establish overall colony management.
    • Ongoing inspections
    • Re-treatment if necessary

    SOS FOR ALL NATURAL PEST CONTROL Pest Control is an authorised reseller and user of the all-natural pest control solution: ORANGE GUARD® is a trademark of Orange Guard, Inc.

    In Australia, the breakthrough is SAFEST, NATURAL crawling pest control. D-Limonene is the active ingredient, which is made from edible plant extracts and water.

    “It’s so safe that you may use it around your KIDS, PETS, and FOOD without fear.” It’s not a toxin.”

    Diatomaceous Earth (food grade) (consists of fossilised remains of diatoms, a type of hard-shelled algae and mild abrasive in products including toothpaste).

    This is a “mechanical” insecticide in which the D’Earth dust acts as sharp microscopic blades that cerate the insect/spider's outer shell, causing it to dehydrate and kill the insect/spider. More information about ORANGE GUARD® can be found here.

    All-in-one Pest Control & Inspection Company Melbourne

    all in one pest control & termites

    0423 053 729

    All-in-one Pest Control & Termites is a renowned pest control firm in Melbourne's western suburbs that provides economical services.

    Both residential and commercial premises can benefit from our pest control and termite inspection services.

    If you have termites in your home, you could be in for a lot of structural problems.

    Rather than attempting to exterminate the termites yourself, it is preferable to hire professionals to execute a complete job that is safe for you, your family, and your pets.

    Termite Barriers, Chemical Termite Barriers, and More

    Are you looking for a professional exterminator to deal with termites in your home or business? We’re professionals at All In One Pest Control & Termites when it comes to environmental pest control solutions for everything from mice to bed bugs and termites. We service Melbourne’s northern and western suburbs, so whether you live in Sunbury, Point Cook, or Brookfield, we can assist you with our pest management services.


    Do you need pest treatment in Point Cook or the surrounding area? All In One Pest Control & Termites provides pest control services in Melbourne’s northern and western districts. If you live in Melbourne’s western or northern suburbs, we can assist you with all of your pest problems. Just give us a call if you need our services in Sunbury, Point Cook, or Brookfield, and our expert exterminator team will come to your location with eco-friendly pest control solutions that actually work!

    We are highly respected pest extermination professionals at All In One Pest Control & Termites. We provide long-term pest management with a 6-month warranty on all pest control services. We recognise the necessity of eradicating pests, including termites, rather than simply disturbing them when it comes to pest management. For the protection of your family, pets, and the environment, we provide comprehensive services that include effective environmental pest treatment.

    Cannon Pest Management - Pest Control & Inspection Company Melbourne

    cannon pest management

    1300 025 943

    Termite Inspection Services Conducted By Industry Professionals In Melbourne

    The majority of homes in the Melbourne area are in danger of termite infestation, particularly in areas where eucalyptus gum trees are located nearby (within a radius of one hundred meters of the structure). More money is spent on house repairs due to damage caused by termites each year than is spent on repairs due to damage caused by natural catastrophes. However, the majority of homeowners’ insurance policies do not cover damage caused by termites.

    In most cases, the most valuable asset you own is the house your family lives in. You will ensure it, make repairs to it, and frequently make upgrades to make a living there more comfortable. But when was the last time you had a licensed Timber Pest Inspector do a termite examination on your property?

    How frequently ought termite checks to be carried out? In places where there is a higher termite risk or known activity, the Australian Standard for Termite Protection (AS3660) suggests that regular inspections be carried out more regularly than once every 12 months as part of a monitoring program.

    Pest Control for Households in the City of Melbourne

    For homeowners who are concerned or worried about a recent or potential pest infestation that may be hazardous to their family or cause damage to their home, we investigate and eliminate the pests that are causing the concern or worry.

    Cannon Pest Management is concerned about the well-being of your family as well as your pets; as a result, we provide safe, dependable, and comprehensive pest treatments that offer protection throughout the year.

    We take the time to learn about your pest control needs or concerns for your house so that we can recommend the most effective solution. We walk you through the steps and provide guidance so that you are aware of everything that is to come.

    Best Termites Control - Pest Control & Inspection Company Melbourne

    best termites control

    1800 780 829

    Solutions for the Control of Termites


    Every homeowner should be concerned about termites. The idea that something could compromise the safety and security of the place that we have come to call home is a terrifying one.

    Best Termites Control provides comprehensive termite inspections as well as termite treatments in areas where damage or activity has been identified caused by termites.

    Inspections for Termites in Private Homes

    In many cases, the presence of termites is not discovered until after significant damage has been done. In order to assist in the detection of termite activity and infestation, Best Termites Control makes use of the most recent technological advancement of thermal imaging. Our professionals are now able to detect termite activity that is covered by wall linings, floors, ceiling plaster, and other materials without having to physically penetrate the structure or do any harm.

    Our qualified inspector will perform a comprehensive inspection of your home, checking and testing for any signs of activity and or damage as well as wood rot, excess moisture, water leaks or any other situation that is conducive to termites. This inspection will take place both inside your property and outside your property.

    After the inspection is over, a thorough report will be produced detailing what was discovered and, if necessary, will offer the most effective treatment approach, which will be tailored to match the particular requirements of your home.

    The specifics of appropriate treatment, along with an explanation of the process in full, will be supplied.

    High Tech Equipment For Inspections

    Best Termites Control uses the latest technologies, the most advanced tools and the best available products for termite inspection, termite treatment, and termite protection in Melbourne.

    Our new high-tech tools provide more professional, more accurate and faster detection of termites. The Termatrac termite inspection solution combines the three critical technologies in order to detect, locate and confirm the presence of termites more efficiently.

    • Termite Detection Radar
    • Thermal Sensor with Laser Guide
    • Moisture Sensor

    Why Call Us?

    • Best Termites Control is family owned and managed Australian company.
    • We specialise in termite treatment and control both in existing and new buildings.
    • We have accredited registered installers of HomeGuard Blue, Greenzone and Kordon Termite Barriers to slabs and subfloors and other foundations.
    • All our technicians are highly qualified, trained and licenced.
    • We have prompt service, and we respect our appointments 100%.
    • Substances we use for termite Management systems are deemed to be environmentally friendly, biodegradable and registered for use in Victoria and as per AS 3660-2000.
    • Owner Henry has worked for over 20 years in the building industry, and our team of technicians have 10 years of combined experience in termite work, giving us a great understanding of the termite control needs of builders /owners.
    • Accredited by the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association, our technicians have the confidence to execute any termite protection, inspection, and treatment job.

    Quality Pest Control and Maintenance Company Melbourne

    quality pest control and maintenance

    0422 805 250

    The Quality Pest Control and Maintenance company is run by members of the same family who founded it. Our pride comes from our established reputation, which in turn comes from the high level of service that we provide. Because we take a personalised and consultative approach to working with our clients, we are able to fully comprehend the issue at hand and eliminate unwanted insects or animals on the very first try.

    The Quality Pest Control and Maintenance company is run by members of the same family who founded it. Our pride comes from our established reputation, which in turn comes from the high level of service that we provide. Because we take a personalised and consultative approach to working with our clients, we are able to fully comprehend the issue at hand and eliminate unwanted insects or animals on the very first try.

    After the service has been completed, our team will provide you with skilled maintenance that has been meticulously prepared to guarantee that the safety of your loved ones, your property, and your place of business will always come first in our care.

    You may have confidence that we will plan a time that is convenient for you to have your pest problem evaluated and/or treated fast and effectively if you take advantage of our same-day service.


    1. Qualified Experts: Our pest control experts are trained and qualified technicians who have the experience and skills to solve your pest problems.
    2. Environment: Our products are environmentally friendly and pose no long-term harm to occupiers of an area that has been treated for extermination.
    3. Same Day Service: Our technicians provide free quotes for all queries and same day service.
    4. Solutions: We work in both commercial, residential and pre-construction environments to provide the best solutions for your pest problems.
    5. Quality: We guarantee the best quality performance with the best equipment and products available to assure you of the safety and effectiveness of our service.
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