Top 50 Garage Shelving Solutions Australia (2022)


Shelving in a garage is often an afterthought. But, proper shelving can make your garage more functional and organized. If you're looking for some garage shelving solutions, read on!

If you're like most home owners, you've probably got a lot of stuff crammed inside your garage. And while it's great to have all that extra storage space, it can be tough to find a good way to organize everything. That's where garage shelving comes in! Not only does it give you a place to store your stuff, but it also makes your garage look neater and more organized. Check out these garage shelving solutions for inspiration!

To help you get started garage shelving solution hunting, we’ve rounded up our favourite Garage Shelving Solutions from right across Australia.

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    Ultimate List Garage Shelving Solutions in Australia

    StorageSmart - Garage Shelving Solution Australia


    1800 517 294

    Reclaim your garage with FLEXIMOUNTS®

    StorageSmart® exclusively introduces FLEXIMOUNTS® to Australia, the leading DIY Garage Storage brand in the world. FLEXIMOUNTS® is AMAZON’s top-selling Garage Storage brand with 20,000+ positive reviews and ratings. FLEXIMOUNTS® garage storage products are also the top seller in the world’s three largest home improvement stores, THE HOME DEPOT, LOWES & WALMART.

    FLEXIMOUNTS® garage storage solutions are wall mount oriented, which has a distinct advantage over protruding & impinging floor-based shelving units. Garage floor space is a premium. Get everything up off the floor! FLEXIMOUNTS® products are easy to install, come with a comprehensive installation guide, template and high-quality mounting hardware.


    GarageSmart - Garage Shelving Solution Australia


    1800 517 294

    Shelving, Baskets & Hooks

    GarageSmart® offers a comprehensive range of Shelving, Baskets and Hooks that simply clip and engage on your SmartWall System.

    Shelving, Baskets and Hooks are easily reconfigured as they are totally adjustable across your SmartWall without the need for direct fixing. With an endless number of possible storage configurations, you’ll love the flexibility and storage space that our SmartWall accessories create.

    During our onsite visit, your experienced GarageSmart® consultant will advise on what and how many accessories you will require based on what items you have in your garage. You will be provided with a tailored garage storage solution that meets your specific needs.


    GarageSmart® is a team of friendly, professional garage organisers committed to creating the perfect customised storage solution for your garage.

    GarageSmart® is owned by Enficet Group, a 100% Australian owned and operated Company. GarageSmart® aims to bring great products to the Australian market.

    GarageSmart® pioneered the ‘SmartWall’ garage storage system in Australia in 2004 and has built a reputation for providing a premium product along with friendly and professional service.

    At GarageSmart®, we love nothing more than seeing our happy customers being able to clear up the clutter and reclaim their lives.

    Tailored Solution

    At GarageSmart®, we take pride in delivering a tailored storage solution that can adapt to your changing lifestyle and needs.

    Customer Friendly

    We enjoy long-lasting relationships with many of our customers who return to upgrade existing solutions or who require fresh ideas for their new homes.

    Quality Products

    We pride ourselves in offering a variety of home and outdoor storage products that make organising your interior space, backyard and garage a stress-free process.

    Garage Shelving Solutions Australia

    garage shelving solutions

    0428 714 947


    Our products vary in size, colour and weight rating, perfect for all customers and businesses from big to small. We currently do deliveries and stock places all over NSW and QLD. We provide high-quality products at an affordable price.

    About Us

    Garage Shelving Solutions provides only the best products for all storage and shelving needs.

    Our wide range varies in size, colour and weight rating, perfect for any garage, workshop or warehouse. Our range is made up of various suppliers, selecting only the highest quality products at the best prices, making them available all in one place, backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 12-month warranty policy on all of our new products.


    • For shelving units (Medium or Heavy duty), each shelf/level is fully adjustable in height, with a minimum of 2 levels required in each bay. The average amount of shelves is 3 to 5 depending on the height of the upright/application.
    • Widths are fully customisable to suit your space. Utilising each side of the upright, they can be joined together to create multiple bays with ease.
    • Shelves/Levels and Uprights are sold separately to maximise your unit, ultimately saving you money and helping to get the most out of the product.
    • Applications include: Over-bonnet storage, workbenches, shelf/workbench combinations, mezzanines... the possibilities are endless.


    • We have built our range to suit almost every situation.
    • We provide delivery at a discounted price to the Orange, Bathurst, Forbes, Dubbo, Mudgee, Tamworth, Newcastle, Central Coast, Port Macquarie Coffs Harbour, Grafton, Northern NSW, Hunter region, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Stanthorpe, Warwick, Toowoomba, Mackay, Townsville, well as various other picks up points in NSW and QLD.
    • Freight delivery is also available. 

    FAQs About Garage Shelving Solutions

    While many garage cooling ideas help you beat the heat once it’s there, one of the best ways to keep your garage cool is to prevent the heat from building up in the first place. You can do this by improving the insulation in and around your garage.

    One of the first things to consider is inserting or increasing the amount of insulation in the walls around your garage, especially the exterior walls that are most likely to be exposed to heat. If your garage already has drywall in place, you can consider blown-in insulation. If your garage isn’t finished and doesn’t have drywall, consider installing Batt insulation. It’s cheap and easy to install, but you’ll want to cover it with drywall to prevent children or pets from messing with it.

    Another option is to install new weatherstripping around your garage door and the windows. This may be especially effective if your home is older since the weatherstripping that’s already in place has likely worn out after years of use. In addition, new weatherstripping will improve the garage’s seal, preventing hot air from slipping in through cracks and crevices around the door or windows.

    Insulating the ceiling of your garage is also an option to improve your garage’s overall insulation, especially if your garage ceiling isn’t finished. Of course, you can take this opportunity to finish the ceiling with drywall. Still, if you don’t want to spend the money or time on an extensive project, you can simply staple Batt insulation along with the ceiling and then set it in place using netting designed to hold insulation where you want it.

    Another ideal way to improve your garage’s insulation is to replace your existing garage door with an insulated garage door. An insulated garage door is similar to a standard garage door, except it’s constructed with one or more insulation layers in between the door’s panels. The insulation inside the door is designed to block outside air from penetrating the door and making its way into your garage. In other words, an insulated garage door is designed to keep hot air out in the summer and cold air out in the winter.

    Begin With a Thorough Cleaning

    Start with a good, thorough cleaning if the garage is quite dusty. Do this systematically, beginning by cleaning high shelves and workbench surfaces of all dust and debris and working your way down to the floor. For the most thorough cleaning, use a three-tier approach:

    1. Sweep up dust and debris.
    2. Vacuum all surfaces using a shop vacuum.
    3. Damp-mop or use a microfiber dust cloth to remove the finest dust from all surfaces, walls to the floor.

    Pay particular attention to any powder efflorescence on the concrete foundation walls and floor. Make sure the concrete isn’t currently shedding. If so, make sure to seal the concrete.

    Seal the Concrete Slab

    One source of dust in a garage might surprise you: the concrete floor. Concrete that isn’t properly sealed will eventually break down slightly when moisture and substances such as oil or grease seep into it. This causes the concrete to eat itself, producing a fine sheen of rock and Portland cement dust. When you walk, drag items, or drive a car through it, this dust becomes airborne and settles everywhere.

    Seal every concrete surface in the garage with a good impregnating or penetrating concrete sealant. This will not only stop your concrete from producing excess dust in the future; it will also help prevent staining in the case of spills or oil leaks. Make sure you get a sealer that goes into the concrete, rather than just sitting on top as a surface layer. A good penetrating gel sealer will impede any kind of moisture or staining, which is what causes the concrete to begin to break down. They will also help fill any hairline cracks in the concrete, helping to prevent future damage and making your floor last even longer.

    Repair or Replace the Door Seals

    A considerable amount of dirt and dust can blow into a garage underneath doors with bad or missing seals. Check the condition of the seals on the main garage door and any side passage doors to make sure they are in good condition. Reattach any that are loose, or replace seals that are cracked or torn.

    Change the HVAC Filter

    Do you have an AC or HVAC system heating or cooling your garage? If so, it may be time to change the filter. Filters on your AC or heating unit help pull particulates out of the air. Unfortunately, when the filter becomes clogged, it can’t do its job effectively. This makes your garage dustier than it should be, and it also causes your HVAC system to work harder, driving up your energy bills and requiring more frequent maintenance.

    Install an Air Filtration System

    If you don’t heat or cool your garage with a filtered appliance, consider running an air filtration or dust containment, a system like those used in woodworking shops. These systems work only to clean the air—they don’t affect the air temperature. Many work with an electrostatic filtration system to pull dust and other particulates out of the air. Filtration or containment systems are particularly helpful in garages used as shop spaces.

    Clean Lawn Equipment and Garden Tools

    After each use, clean your lawnmower and garden tools outdoors before storing them away in the garage. Grass clippings and garden dirt from tools comprise a surprisingly large amount of the dirt and dust in a garage. Outdoor play equipment should also be cleaned before storage.

    Vacuum, Don’t Sweep.

    Once your garage is thoroughly cleaned, and you have taken the logical steps to reduce and control dust, you will still need to perform ongoing cleaning. A shop vacuum with a good internal filter is a much better way to keep things clean than pushing around dust and dirt with a broom. The dust in a garage often consists of very fine, almost microscopic particles, and a broom may simply redistribute this dust rather than remove it. Clean or replace the filter on the shop vac regularly so that it continues to catch fine dust.

    Use Sealed Storage Containers

    If you are storing things like potting soil, grass seed, playground sand, fertilisers, clothing, sidewalk salts, plaster, or drywall compounds in the garage, make sure to keep them in covered and sealed containers. Any loosely stored dry materials can contribute to dust in the garage. Buy some convenient plastic storage containers to keep these items safely sealed. Sealed containers will also prevent rodents from infiltrating your belongings.

    It’s a dark and snowy night in early December. You go to unpack all of your holiday decorations in preparation for decorating your home the next day. Still, instead of finding neatly arranged ornaments and perfectly strung lights, you find complete Christmas chaos. Broken Christmas bulbs and ornaments, tangled string lights and tinsel, chipped ceramic figures. Those Christmas mugs you take out once a year for holiday hot chocolate? Who even knows where those are.

    While your own experience unpacking your decorations in preparation for the holidays might not be quite this disastrous, pretty much all of us have experienced the frustration of improperly packed Christmas supplies. There are a few reasons for this, most notably that decorations are challenging to organise and pack efficiently by their nature. They’re extremely fragile and often in a wide variety of odd shapes. Couple that with the fact that packing them up is a big and time-intensive undertaking, and it’s no wonder organising and packing holiday decorations can be such a mess.

    Decorations bring the magic of Christmas to life! The holidays wouldn’t be the same without tinsel, handmade made knickknacks, Christmas trees, lights strung everywhere, snowmen, and pine-scented candles. Holiday decor is a very special ingredient to experiencing the magic of the season, but as joyful as it can be, it is often filled with angst and stress when it comes time to take them down and store them away. Between having too many decorations and figuring out how to pack it up, the magic begins to fade, and the stress piles on.

    Pros of Concrete Sealing

    • Sealers help a concrete garage floor repel moisture. Concrete is a very porous material. A layer of sealer seals the pores, keeping them from absorbing any moisture.
    • A layer or two of sealer will help extend the lifespan of a garage floor. It serves as a protective layer that keeps damaging elements at bay.
    • Sealing the garage floor helps enhance its aesthetics. Epoxy flooring, for example, dries to a high gloss, making the floor look polished and shiny.
    • If you have coloured concrete garage flooring, sealers can help keep the colour from fading, flaking, or peeling off.
    • Sealers keep any type of liquid from staining the garage floor. Remember how easy it was for grease and oil to leave ugly stain marks on the floor? With a layer of sealer, the grease and oil stay on the surface, making it easy to wipe away completely.

    Cons of Concrete Sealing

    • Sealer application is an additional expense for the homeowner. The wider the floor area, the more sealer is needed, the more expensive it is.
    • Some concrete sealers dry glossy, making the surface less slip-resistant. However, fine aggregate can add some kind of non-skid texture when it dries.
    • Sealers will dull and fade after a few years. Faster if the garage floor experiences heavy vehicle and foot traffic. It would need to be reapplied every couple of years or so.
    • Sealing products can not be used on newly poured concrete. Homeowners would have to wait 28 to 30 days to cure the concrete completely. Applying the sealer too early will be detrimental to the durability of the new concrete slab.
    • Most sealers are made of chemicals that can be dangerous to humans and the environment. Environment-friendly versions are being developed nowadays, but it costs more than traditional sealing products.

    Reducing Energy Costs

    If you are looking to reduce your energy costs, the best bet is to put time and energy into insulating the attic space over your attached garage. This helps balance the temperature in that part of your house. But, unfortunately, insulating your garage will not make much of a difference with your energy bills.

    Insulating a Portion of It

    You do not need to insulate the entire garage; you could do fine insulating just the internal wall of the garage. Install insulation in the walls between the actual living space and the garage. You will experience more comfort within your home. This helps prevent the escape of heat from out of the walls of your home during the wintertime and vice versa during the warmer months.

    Best Reasons to Insulate a Garage

    Some people may have more of a need to insult their garage than others. For instance, someone who works in their garage often likes car repairs or other reasons. If you are in your garage space often for any particular reason, it only makes sense that you would want the space to be comfortable. And in some cases, people are interested in turning their garage into a living space.

    So, Is it Really Worth It?

    Is insulating a garage worth the investment? Admittedly, it isn’t the best bet for reducing the cost of your energy bill, but we don’t suggest throwing the idea completely out the window. You can make other changes to your garage that will be quite helpful, such as putting up a storm door on the garage door that goes into the house. You can also block or weatherstrip the garage doors and windows. Don’t close off your garage so much that exhaust fumes can’t escape, however.

    CNA Storage Solution - Garage Shelving Solution Australia

    cna storage solution

    0480 251 050

    Garage Shelving

    Find a great collection CNA Storage has high-quality garage shelving for your Aussie home.

    Our high-quality racking has all sizes and for garage or any other domestic use, so get storage and organisation ideas to maximise every inch in your home and keep things off your floor with our racking unit.

    Secondhand Pallet Racking

    Good supplies of second hand or used pallet racking with brand names like Dexion, Colby and Schaefer

    We stock all the leading brands at the best prices, including new and secondhand pallet racking for sale in Melbourne.

    Rapid Stac Shelving - Garage Shelving Solution Australia

    rapid stac shelving

    0452 241 376


    Our coolroom shelving products are the first choice for many of the hospitals, coolroom suppliers, canteens and food franchise companies in Perth and across Australia. Our products include some of the best shelving Perth has to offer as it’s food-safe, non-corrosive and custom-built. Our products include a range of entirely plastic storage systems composed of high-impact, non-toxic plastic.

    Our products include a range of products, including coolroom, plastic, modular, long span, garage, dunnage and plastic pallets, changing room benches, hospital and leisure accessories. Because it is composed entirely of high-impact, non-toxic plastic, our coolroom shelves are lighter and easier to handle than shelves made from conventional wood or metal. The product wipes clean, has no risk of corrosion, thus reducing bacterial spread.

    Supplied in a flat pack kit form, it is easily assembled by hand. All come with the extra option of castors (option of 100% plastic castors)for mobility. With a weight-bearing capability of 400 Kg/M2 and temperature resistance of -40 deg C to +80 deg C, it is versatile in coolrooms and kitchens alike. Our cold room shelving products are widely used in kitchens, food production, dry stores, and anywhere where the hygienic storage of food is a requirement. If you are in need of a shelving unit, whether a storage rack or any other units in Perth to assist in storage space, contact us today.

    Garage Shelving Perth Units

    It is important to determine the type of garage organisation system that will work well with your storage needs as well as the available space in your garage. Some of the common types of garage shelving include:

    Freestanding shelves

    Freestanding shelves are made of various materials, and you should consider what you intend to store before buying a shelf made of a specific material to ensure that it can withstand the weight. Freestanding shelves enhance flexibility as you get to choose the number of shelves that you want to be placed on the storage unit according to the number of items you want to store.

    Some shelves come with additional bins that create additional storage space for your items. Adding wheels to freestanding shelves allows you to easily move the shelves from one point of the garage to another.

    Wall-mounted shelves

    Wall-mounted shelves are perfect for use in garages that are limited in space. They enable you to keep your items off the floor while making use of the vertical space. Some wall-mounted shelves come with accessories such as hooks which allow you to attach additional storage systems like racks for extra storage space. Using wall-mounted shelves allows you to use the floor space of your garage for other purposes, increasing the functionality of the garage.

    Ceiling shelving

    Ceiling shelves are mostly used to store things that you don’t use frequently. They are created in the space between the garage door and the ceiling and should be made of strong and quality materials so that they are able to hold a considerable amount of weight without falling off.

    About Us

    Rapid Stac Shelving officially opened its manufacturing facility in Perth in 2017, providing supreme shelving, storage and seating solutions for residents primarily in WA and beyond. As a family-run business, we guarantee a professional service and ensure our RSS systems can be used to make your home, coolroom or storage facility more organised and spacious.

    Our RSS systems cater to storage solutions in coolrooms and freezers, garages, wardrobes, poolside seating, hospitals and medical rooms, hotels, leisure facility benching, recreation centres and more. In addition to our shelving products, we also provide solutions for leisure facility locker room seating and benching, dunnage pallets and trolley systems.

    What sets us apart from our competitors is that all our shelving products are custom-made. We can custom make shelves to suit your needs, whether that be for inside your home, in your coolroom or even your kitchen. Our products are also very easy to assemble and set up. However, we also provide assistance in this area if needed. Because our shelving products are made from plastic, they easily wipe clean, and they have no risk of corrosion or rust, which therefore reduces the spread of bacteria.

    Due to the lightweight systems we provide that are composed entirely of high-impact, non-toxic plastic, our products are lighter and easier to handle. Our shelves can act as a storage system substitute for a drawer, cabinets or bookcases.

    Our main objective as a shelving company is to provide systems and units that exceed your expectations helping you stay organised and be more efficient. Our products are appropriate for establishments whose day to day activities include a high degree of cleanliness and sanitation. If you are looking for shelving in Perth, contact us today and get a quote from our cost calculator, and our friendly team will be in touch shortly.

    Storage Sam - Garage Shelving Solution Australia

    storage sam

    0405 713 999

    About Us

    Storage Sam is an Australian owned and operated Sydney based Company. Since opening in 2007, we have specialised in providing high-quality storage solutions at competitive prices. Our products are designed for the Australian market and offer storage solutions for both the home and business environment. We are dedicated to providing high-quality products that are reliable, versatile and cost-effective.

    Our quality products are backed by our commitment to offering a high level of customer service. Customer satisfaction is very important to us and is paramount to our business model.

    Our aim as a company is to become the leading retailer in the shelving industry by continuing to offer our high-quality products and excellent customer service.

    Storage Sam is proudly a 100% Australian owned and operated Company.

    Garage Storage World - Garage Shelving Solution Australia

    garage storage world

    08 9248 4849

    Garage Storage Systems & Organisation Solutions

    We organise your garage, guaranteed!

    Garage Storage World is the first and original Garage Organisation company based in Perth, WA.

    We provide complete storage, organisation and enhancement solutions for your garage.

    So whether you need a particular product, a specific solution or a complete makeover - we have you covered.

    Contact us today for a free consultation and no-obligation quotation!

    About Garage Storage World

    Garage Storage World (GSW) is Perth’s and one of Australia’s first fully dedicated companies focused on garage organisation and storage products.

    GSW was founded in 2007 with the simple goal of providing the leading products of garage organisations from around the world for the people of Australia.

    Since 2007 GSW has helped thousands of people clear their garage clutter and become organised while at the same time enhancing garages and adding value to their property.

    With GSW, you are dealing directly with the owners and employees of the Company, assuring you of the highest level of personalised attention, service and workmanship.

    Contact us today to see how Garage Storage World can help you.

    StoreWALL - Garage Shelving Solution Australia




    Expand and organise your space with wall-mounted storage solutions from StoreWALL Australia. Organise your garage, workshop, storeroom or even laundry with StoreWALL’s superior garage storage solutions.

    With superior materials and construction, our products are built to last. Our superior strength Slatwall panels are rugged and waterproof and can be installed on all surfaces, including plasterboard, concrete, brickwork, metal or wooden studs. Compliment your StoreWALL Slatwall panels with our extensive range of industrial-grade Hooks, Brackets, Shelves, Totes, Bins and Baskets.

    All StoreWALL accessories come with our exclusive all-metal CamLok™. This amazing device helps keep accessories locked in place… until you decide to move them. We offer a great range of finishes to suit your room. There’s a look for every space. Trust the things you value to StoreWALL, the best value in garage storage solutions.

    Get started today with our StoreWALL Wall Panel Estimator. Enter the size of your wall, and we will calculate the number of panels you need and an approx investment. Get started here.


    StoreWALL offers the most customisable Slatwall panel system enabling you to securely add Hooks, Brackets, Shelves, Totes, Bins and Baskets to store your belongings. Then update and change it whenever you need to. Whether it’s for your garage, workshop, laundry or gym room, we can help you get organised.


    StoreWALL’s range of accessories are industrial grade and built to last. StoreWALL systems are constructed to hold your heaviest items (90KGs or more). Our waterproof thermoplastic garage wall panels won’t weather, dent or fade. Our exclusive CamLok™ locking technology secures items to your new wall.


    StoreWALL offers the best and most secure range of accessories on the market. We have over 40 varieties of industrial hooks, bins, baskets, shelves and brackets. All accessories are made of industrial steel. Move them around, remove them and add them. It’s easy, safe and secure.


    StoreWALL offers an easy installation process enabling you to install our system yourself. Alternatively, contact one of our installers. We offer a great range of installation support materials and videos to help you organise your garage area. Our Installstrips ensure your new walls are solid and ready to support your heaviest items. The finish is clean without drill holes, a professional look. We can also offer a free cutting service should you need your panels cut to specific lengths before they are shipped to you.

    StoreWALL Australia

    StoreWALL has been available in North America since 1997. Through StoreWALL Australia, the complete range is now available and supported locally out of our office in Melbourne. Browse through our site and discover a great way to clean up your messy garage, workshop, gym room or laundry.

    Steelspan Storage Systems - Garage Shelving Solution Australia

    steelspan storage systems

    1300 851 378

    About Us

    Steelpan Storage Systems is a family-owned Australian business. We serve clients across Australia and internationally.

    Steelpan provides a range of tailored storage solutions for the domestic and commercial markets. Products currently include a modular system of steel shelving, cabinets, tool hanging, lockable tool drawers, workbenches and small parts storage bins. View our products pages to see our current range of storage solutions.

    Steelpan is focused on finding solutions for our customers and is small enough to respond flexibly to particular requirements. If you have a particular storage requirement, please do not hesitate to contact us to see if we can assist.


    All products are backed with a 3 Year Warranty.

    We take quality, safety and environmental sustainability seriously and ensure our products are certified to the following Australian and International standards:

    ROSSS Pallet Racking: AS 4084: 2012 Steel Storage Racking, AS/NZS 1170.0-2002 Structural Design Actions, AS/NZS 4600: 2018 Cold-Formed Steel Structures, TUV Product Service - GS, EN 1993-1-3, EN 15512, Environmental Management Systems ISO 14001, Quality Management Standard ISO 9001

    Oz Shelving Solutions - Garage Shelving Solution Australia

    oz shelving solutions

    1800 697 436

    Premium Quality Retail Shelving Units & Fixtures

    Complement your store with innovative shelving solutions and excellent shopfitting displays

    As Australia’s leading experts for high-quality retail display shelving and shop fittings, Oz Shelving Solutions delivers a huge range of functional and tailored solutions to complement your needs.

    Going above and beyond to cater to your shop floor and visual merchandising requirements, increase the aesthetic appeal of your store design with reliable and durable display shelving and shopfitting supplies.

    Enjoy budget-friendly prices, with no compromise on quality, across our entire range of retail shelving systems and shop fittings, including:

    • Gondola metal shelves
    • Slat wall panels
    • Industrial storage shelving
    • MDF shelving units
    • Shelving accessories
    • And much more!

    The Retail Display and Storage Shelving Experts

    At Oz Shelving Solutions, we stock a wide range of high-quality retail display shelving and shopfitting solutions at Australia’s most affordable prices. Our friendly team will provide you with personalised advice and are happy to assist with any queries you may have. Supplying shelves for shops and other equipment to many industries, our customers have the privilege of buying from the importer directly, meaning a more cost-effective and timely process.

    When you are setting up your business, you want to know you are getting high quality and reliable shop shelving that is going to keep your products stored safely. We can help with measurements, supply and fit-out of your new shelving, as well as showcases, counters, display units or glass shelving to enhance your shop design.

    Shop Shelving for sale to suit your exact requirements.  

    We are happy to offer our customers a range of shelving units and other display cabinets and storage that is unique from our competitors. If you are unsure about what you require, please contact us for advice. Best results are achieved by sending us a shop plan with all dimensions marked. With our large range of products, we’re sure to find a solution that maximises your sales area.

    Shelving and Racking - Garage Shelving Solution Australia

    shelving and racking

     (08) 8349 6623


    Design Services

    Our sales consultants will work with you to understand your requirements and develop a design concept to enhance storage capacity, efficiency and safety, taking into account your operational requirements.

    A clearly documented layout clearly explains the proposal – and easily allows for customer feedback on the final design and layout of your storage system.


    Shelving & Racking Australia has an experienced installation team – ensuring your installation is safe, efficient and built to the correct specifications and standards.

    We can provide Safe Work Method Statements for all installations.


    Our experienced installation team can dismantle, transport and reinstall your pallet racking and shelving.

    We can provide an assessment of your existing pallet racking system prior to your relocation project to ensure it complies with pallet racking standards and safe working loads can be correctly applied.

    Damaged pallet racking should not be reinstalled – we can undertake repairs and maintenance or assist with replacement components to ensure your pallet racking is reinstalled safe and ready to use.

    About Us

    What we do

    Shelving & Racking Australia is a South Australian owned and operated business specialising in the provision of commercial and industrial storage systems. Our warehouse is located in Wingfield, SA, conveniently located to service the Adelaide and wider South Australian market.

    Our service offering can cover the full life cycle of your storage system; design and layout of storage systems, supply and installation of storage equipment, inspection, maintenance and repair work, additions and relocations, and dismantling or trade-in of surplus and end-of-life components.

    Our products include :

    • Pallet racking
    • Cantilever racking
    • Industrial shelving
    • Display shelving
    • Parts trays
    • Plastic storage bins
    • Steel cabinets and lockers

    Shelving & Racking Australia sources a number of Australian products as well as brings stock factories direct from overseas manufacturers. As an independent business with decades of industry experience, we are able to bring our customers the best of both markets.

    We are passionate about helping people with their storage solutions. Our customers range from large corporates to small traders and residential. If you have a storage issue – we’d love to hear from you!

    Mission Statement

    Our mission:

    • Create great solutions in answer to our customers’ storage problems and deliver them reliably and efficiently so that our customers can get on with running their business.
    • Enhance business value through building our base of loyal repeat customers, maintaining strong collaborative supplier relationships and through the combined experience of our employees and their passion for helping our customers.
    • Provide a safe and fulfilling work environment for our employees.



    Shelving & Racking Australia was started in the mid-1980s by David Hislop, who has owned and operated successful transport, warehousing and forklift businesses. His experiences in the transport and materials handling industries led him to establish Shelving & Racking Australia (originally the Hislop Group).

    In the early days, the Company traded mainly in secondhand storage equipment. As the business expanded and requirements became more demanding, Shelving & Racking Australia moved its focus to new industrial and commercial storage products to better meet customer needs.

    The business is now managed by David’s son, Dougal Hislop.

    GarageKing - Garage Shelving Solution Australia

    garageking storage cabinet solutions melbourne

    1300 208 503

    World Class Garage Storage Systems in Melbourne & Beyond

    GarageKing has earned a long-standing reputation for producing world-class garage shelving solutions. Based in Melbourne and available to deliver to most major Australian cities, our designs are guaranteed to maximise available space in your garage or shed. Additionally, when incorporated with our modular kits, including everything from wall bays and workbenches to golf bag holders and tool racks, we have everything you need to ensure your garage is space optimised.

    Each of our products is created using high-quality materials, including stainless steel. This helps ensure their longevity so that you can have a convenient, highly efficient work or leisure zone at your disposal for years to come. Check out the awesome collection here in our online store and find out why we have earned a reputation for producing the best garage shelving systems in Australia.

    Highly Modular Garage Shelving, Cabinets & More

    GarageKing has been crafting functional and stylish garage products for over 45 years. Therefore, when you come to us for your high-quality modules and accessories, you can be sure that they are designed with ultimate precision and manufactured with materials that will make them last for many years, even with regular daily use.

    With everything from state-of-the-art cabinets to fishing rod holders, wine racks and workbenches, we manufacture products that are every DIY lover and lifestyle enthusiast’s dream. We do this because we believe in nothing less than creating the very best for you and your garage or shed.

    The GarageKing design team have been producing outstanding components for years and work with a design ethos of smart finishes produced with the highest quality materials to ensure they do the job with the highest level of efficiency.

    An awesome collection of accessories

    Whether you’re a golf lover, a weekend camper, a cyclist or a DIY expert, GarageKing has the shelving and organisation accessories you need. We produce world-class accessories that are product-specific, allowing you to comfortably and safely store the items you want to be kept the safest. This includes tool holders, golf bag racks, wine racks, fishing rod holders and more. Each product seamlessly fits into your garage’s overall organisation system and fulfils its purpose with ease.

    About Us

    Garageking® offers the solution that you need to create storage within the unused areas of your home with an extremely versatile wall system that is high in quality as well as being extremely affordable.

    This unique modular steel system has been designed to suit each individual need allowing you to utilise every aspect of your wasted space.

    GarageKing® has been developing for over 45 years in Australia to ensure we have the best possible product for you.

    It is manufactured in 1.2mm mild steel with all components powder coated in a Hammer tone texture, giving it added durability and resistance to normal wear and tear, as well as an attractive and modern look.

    The garage is often the forgotten room, but with GarageKing, you can turn it into a storage haven and, at the same time, add value to your home.

    Versatility, Flexibility and Quality were all things that GarageKing kept in mind during the design process allowing ease to you.

    GarageKing has a very easy installation process, and all products and accessories then ‘clip’ into place, which also allows them to be re-arranged with your changing needs.

    GarageKing has a diverse range of accessories covering a wide variety of uses. You name it, GarageKing can store it!

    Accessories range from Cupboards, Shelves, Shoe & Wine Racks to Bike Racks, Stainless Steel Work Benches, Fishing Rod Holders, Baskets, Hooks and more.

    There is no doubt that with the help of GarageKing, you will be the envy of all your neighbours.

    Super Rack - Garage Shelving Solution Australia

    super rack

    1300 884 483

    Garage Shelving Best Seller | Brisbane | Melbourne | Australia

    Are you looking for Garage Storage Solutions or Warehouse Storage Systems? You are at the right place! We collect the widest range of garage shelving, with different sizes and load ratings available. They are the most popular units for garage shed and warehouse storage.

    We integrated a fully functional online store on our website, so now you can order your long span shelving, check freight quotes and complete the whole purchase process all in one place! Most Importantly, PayPal, Afterpay and Zip are now also available for your convenience.

    In Super Rack, we always have something to suit your needs. Please take your time to browse through our shelving collection.

    Super Rack is an Australian company specialising in storage solutions. We are experts in pallet racking, cantilever racking and long-span shelving. With over 10 years of experience in the racking and storage industry, we aim to deliver high-quality products backed up by our reputation for outstanding customer service. Currently, we have customer service centres and warehouses in Brisbane and Melbourne.

    Why Choose Us

    **Excellent Quality with Unbeatable Price**

    Super Rack’s racking products are designed, engineered and manufactured to comply with (and exceed) the Australian Standards: AS4084-2012 (Steel Storage Racking), AS1170.1-02 (Structural Design Actions – General Principles) and FEM 10.2.02 (Racking Design Code).

    Our manufactured and imported products are competitively priced and offer the best value solutions for all our customers’ needs.

    **Extensive Product Range**

    Our comprehensive range of storage products ensures a bespoke solution for every industrial and commercial customer. We can supply Cantilever Racking, Pallet Racking, Long-span Shelving, Gondola Shelving, filing cabinets and Storage Lockers for all general-purpose storage requirements.

    For special storage, we can design and customise our racking systems tailored to the customer’s needs. Our Super Rack consultants will work closely with our customers to assess their needs and provide appropriate solutions.

    **Exceptional Customer Service & Support**

    Customer satisfaction is a hallmark of our Company which we value highly with pride.

    Fittingly, we provide a wide range of services and supports to our customers; including, site inspections, storage system designs, and racking installations that are leading the storage sector and which are delivered in a manner to suit the customer’s timelines and includes same-day delivery.

    Stormor - Garage Shelving Solution Australia


    1300 880 845

    Stormor is a leading supplier of shelving, racking and storage.

    Buy direct from our website or contact our experienced team who can deliver off the shelf and tailored full turnkey storage solutions for any application - on budget and on time.

    Garage Shelving

    Stormor has everything you need to maximise your garage storage space. Whether it’s heavy-duty racking, tool storage or a new workbench, Stormor has the garage storage solution you’re looking for. We have a wide variety of shelving kits that come in multiple sizes and are easy to assemble so you can get the exact configuration required to fit your space.

    Toprax - Garage Shelving Solution Australia




    Storage issues? Overcrowded floors? Are your things are piling up, and your business is utterly disorganised?

    Having your warehouse, your business or your working area disorganised can drastically decrease staff productivity and impact your ability to reach your business goals. The same applies to your life and your home. A house or garage with clutter is bad for your health, and it ruins productivity.

    Stop damaging your business and your life and organise your chaos today.

    At Toprax, we have a massive range of shelving and storage racks. Whether it’s your home, garage, warehouse or office space, we have the organisational solution which is right for you.


    At Toprax, we have a wide range of industrial shelving and warehouse racking too. This range includes everything from,

    • Heavy-duty metal shelving
    • Industrial shelving units
    • Industrial storage shelves

    As the experts in industrial shelving, we’ll help you select the right storage solution for you. Our shelving experts understand safety and comply with all Australian standards. Pallet racking in Australia is covered under a standard, and when buying pallet racking, you need to be sure what you get is compliant and installed to this standard.

    You’re guaranteed all our industrial shelving is compliant with these Australian standards, which means you’re providing a safe working environment for your business and keeping it protected at the same time.


    Want maximum storage? Flexible packing options and absolute durability? Great. Then you need heavy duty storage metal shelving.


    • It’s sturdy and long-lasting
    • It’s a multifaceted storage system
    • There are a variety of different types
    • It’s excellent for bulky loads and unconventional sized items
    • Strong frame bracing
    • Create space
    • Store delicate items safely
    • Your items remain visible
    • Good for safety regulations


    Heavy-duty metal shelves will give you the most out of your storage space. They create verticle space along walls and throughout your warehouse, allowing you to store a considerable number of items of all shapes, weights and sizes.

    So, clear your warehouse or garage floor today.


    Delicate items are best stored safely and alone from other things, which could create potential hazards. Don’t let fragile items get damaged. Use heavy-duty metal shelves to prevent them from getting harmed in any way.


    Not to worry, because sturdy metal shelving is for you. Metal shelving creates a safe space for storing unusual and substantial sized items, which includes things like heavy-duty machinery parts, car or truck parts and various sized tools.


    Clear the clutter today with metal shelving or warehouse raking and create a neat and visible space for your things. Storing your items on shelves gives you premium visibility and ensures you’ll quickly locate and get the item you need fast. You’re viewing items that are in front of you and close to your eye level. This means it’s far more comfortable and better for your back than searching for items that are on the floor or inside storage containers.


    We get it, in warehouses, there are many rules, regulations and compliances which you have to follow. Metal shelving is brilliant for any fire or hazards you may be up against. Such as its durability against heat and humidity, and it also withstands being bumped and knocked around.

    Toprax has heavy-duty metal shelving in Melbourne available in a variety of widths, depths and thicknesses. Further to this, we have a wide range of beam sections and lengths as well.

    Our staff at Toprax are masters in the area of industrial shelving, and together with our expert customer service, we guarantee you’ll get your clutter off the floor and onto your shelving in no time.

    So, whatever your storage problem, Toprax has the best solution for you.


    Can’t find a thing in your garage? Does it look like a junkyard, and you’ve never parked your car inside?

    Everything which doesn’t fit in your home ends up in your garage. Items such as tools, things for the cars, gardening equipment, sports gear and camping gear too all end up in your garage. It’s great if you’re storing all of these things in your garage but what’s the point if you can’t find any of it?

    Clear the clutter now and convert your garage from a junkyard into an organised dream with our premium garage shelving solutions.

    At Toprax, we have heavy-duty garage shelving and garage racking which are durable to hold all heavy-duty items securely and off the ground.

    Toprax’s comprehensive range of garage shelving in Melbourne and garage racking are versatile, expandable and simple to instal.

    The shelves can be positioned at your desired height and locked securely in place. The frames can be bolted to the floor or walls if desired also.

    Your safety, along with our garage shelving and raking durability and quality, are our top priorities. We use the best quality materials to ensure longevity in your shelving and ensure they’re safe in your garage too.

    We’re specialists in supplying Australia with innovative safe and durable storage systems for your home, garage, warehouse or office space.

    So, whatever your storage problem, call on Topax to clear the clutter today.

    United Storage Shelving - Garage Shelving Solution Australia

    united storage

    1300 993 416

    Garage Shelving

    United Storage offers a range of metal garage shelving for sheds, home and retail garages.

    Our shelving is affordable, versatile and of high quality.

    Here are some great features:

    Made from high-grade steel (can hold 200kg per shelf or 800kg per bay)

    • It is extendable and future proof
    • All lengths and heights to suit your specific needs
    • Click-in system making it quick and easy to install
    • Adjustable shelves to accommodate different loads
    • It can be bolted down for extra security
    • Finished in medium gloss powder-coated bright colours that are both attractive and easy to see

    If you would like to know more about United Storage shelving, please take the time to read our blog post, ‘What Is Longspan Shelving? ‘.

    If you require heavy-duty, extendable heavy duty shelving that is hard-wearing, can carry large weight loads and is aesthetically pleasing. Then United Storage garage shelving is perfect for you.

    Who We Are

    United Storage is one of the success stories of the independent storage sector, growing organically since 2010. Its growth is attributed to providing quality products and, most importantly, to exceptional customer service. The United Storage return policy is one of the best.

    United Storage has developed strong relationships with manufacturers, allowing them to offer the best prices. United Storage offers some of the best quality products for the money.

    Products and Marketing

    The Company’s initial success was founded on its ability to source a range of quality, competitively-priced products through its knowledge and contacts. United Storage quickly acquired a reputation for selecting and supplying products that offered high performance and dependability at prices attractive to the highly discriminating customer base it serves. 

    Our continued growth will be built on further developing relationships with established vendors and customers and continuing to add to a portfolio of leading-edge products utilising existing, dependable technologies as well as taking advantage of the latest technological innovations. Over the years, we developed strong relationships with product manufacturers. With strong channel relationships, we have access to better support programs, product information, and allocated products for our customers.

    Key personnel

    United Storage is actively managed by the Company’s founders, who have continuous experience of the storage market extending back to the early nineties. Their technical and commercial experience embraces the sale and support of our products and services to our diverse range of customers.


    In addition to administrative staff, the Company employs dedicated sales and technical personnel. Technical support is an important element of the Company’s customer service, ensuring rapid resolution of the issues which may arise from time to time. The Company also carries out extensive testing and evaluation of new products prior to their selection and introduction to the range.

    Able Storage Systems - Garage Shelving Solution Australia

    able storage systems

    (03) 9305 3677

    State Of The Art Pallet Racking And Warehouse Storage Solutions

    Are you looking for a safe and secure storage solution for keeping heavy and oversized materials or products in your industrial plants? At Able Storage Systems, we are one of the renowned providers of industrial storage systems in Melbourne, Australia.

    From small businesses to large distribution centres, we provide helpful warehouse storage solutions to all. We have a unique range of pallet racking systems capable of holding larger building materials in a space-saving manner. Contact our team for Melbourne’s leading provider of industrial storage systems.

    The storage system you decide to use in your facility inevitably becomes the backbone of your operation. Managing storage and inventory without a strong, flexible storage system is a logistical nightmare waiting to happen.

    At Able Storage Systems, we are one of the renowned providers of industrial storage systems in Melbourne, Australia. From small businesses to large distribution centres, we provide excellent warehouse storage solutions to ensure maximum storage with minimum space. We have a wide range of pallet racking systems capable of fulfilling various products storage requirements in a space-saving manner.

    As an Australian owned company, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and quality products, providing premium warehousing and storage solutions for businesses across Melbourne and all over Australia.

    With over 40 years of industry experience, our team has the knowledge and expertise to provide solutions that maximise efficiency and increase the space and storage capacity of your warehouse.

    Your Trustworthy Storage Racks Supplier?

    Provides Useful Industrial Shelving Solutions

    Whether you require complete design and installation services for your new warehouse racking systems or wish to enlarge your present storage amenities, we are here to assist you in the best way. We provide you with cost-effective industrial shelving solutions tailored to your needs.

    Priorities Customer Satisfaction 

    We have a skilled team of experts providing you with the best shelving storage service, including pallet racking design, delivery, relocation, inspection, and installation. Our professionals will ascertain business needs and customise an optimised solution to ensure customer satisfaction.

    Trustworthy and Reliable

    Being Melbourne’s trusted industrial storage system provider, we ensure reliable warehouse storage solutions as per your business specifications. You can trust us for your various shelving system needs, from mini-load shelving to long-span shelving storage.

    Industrial Storage Systems Certified To Australian Standards

    All our racking and shelving storage systems are high quality and comply with all Australian Standards for products of their type. For us, safety comes first. Thus, you can be confident when choosing our pallet racking systems, knowing that your warehouse products will be protected.

    Fast and secure Pallet Racking Installation. 

    We provide the best services to fulfil your storage requirements, from measuring your premises to the final pallet racking system installation. Various companies across Melbourne trust us because we ensure all our products remain the very best standard for our loyal consumer base.

    Shed and Shelving - Garage Shelving Solution Australia

    shed and shelving

    (08) 9418 8302

    Perth’s Shelving and Storage Solutions

    Lacking organisation in the garage, shed or office?

    Shed and Shelving is your local specialist supplier of 100% steel storage solutions, and our direct warehouse prices make your dollar go further!

    Our steel cabinets and shelving solutions will assist you in getting the most out of your limited space and even lock it up for safety.

    Own a storage unit or warehouse?

    Storage units and warehouses will find the distinctive blue and white coloured range of heavy-duty long span shelving to be flexible enough to suit an endless number of applications. It may be assembled in various lengths and will accommodate from 3 shelves per bay.

    Put together with a workbench, and you have the perfect workspace.

    Need Help?

    We are the experts in storage solutions. Call or visit our showroom for expert advice and assistance in planning your storage area. 

    Long Span Shelving

    Garage storage has been made super easy with our boltless long span shelving units. Our 2000mm high customisable long span shelving units can be configured in a choice of 1500mm and 2000mm lengths and 500mm and 600mm depths.

    Long span metal shelving units are constructed of sturdy, long-lasting steel components that hold even the heaviest of boxes for storage in your garage, shed or warehouse. They will not warp or sag when exposed to moisture, which is so often the case with MDF or chipboard alternatives.

    Our long span metal racking is suited to a range of applications and can be configured to suit your requirements when space is valuable, and you need to get the most out of your storage area.

    Shed and Shelving’s long span shelving is perfect for:

    • Home garage storage       
    • Workshop or shed storage solutions
    • Shipping container fit-out
    • Small scale warehouse/industrial use (picking packing shelves)
    • Self-storage units

    Wire Shelving

    Wire mesh shelving units allow air to circulate around stored items. Adjustable shelf heights allow for storage of utensils, machinery, stock of varied sizes.

    Great for additional storage in the kitchen, pantry, storage cupboards, shed, garage – just about any application around the home, office or in retail environments.

    These chrome wire mesh shelving systems are perfect for displaying stock in a retail environment.

    Chrome wire mesh shelving is boltless and easy to assemble.

    Advanced Racking and Shelving Australia

    advanced racking and shelving australia

    Advanced Racking and Shelving can supply and install racking & shelving systems for your Industrial, Commercial and Domestic space.

    Our aim is to provide quality products with professional advice to maximise your storage space at a competitive price. We are more than happy to come out to your site and speak with you directly to ensure you get the best product to suit your purpose.

    We are distributors and suppliers of many leading brands and have access to a large variety of products, and are always willing to source the right equipment to meet our customer’s needs.

    We are based on the Sunshine Coast servicing all South East Queensland, Gympie, Fraser Coast (Hervey Bay, Maryborough), Bundaberg, Gladstone, Rockhampton, Mackay, Townsville and Toowoomba (& Surrounds).

    Skyteck - Garage Shelving Solution Australia


    1300 822 828


    What’s the one thing every person with a shed hates? When that shed is a mess!

    Every shed owner knows that proper garage shelving, whether it’s using shelving units or properly made/installed shelving racks, is essential for minimising clutter and mess, for improving productivity and organisation, and for making it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for in your shed, whenever you need to find it.

    Think about it: you’re in your shed, trying to work on a project for your home or business, but you can’t find the things you’re looking for to get the job done – and worse, there’s clutter, rubbish and materials all over your workspace preventing you from getting the job done!

    Now imagine your shed, looking clean and clear, with all of your materials stored safely and securely and everything you need is located on easily-accessible, sturdy shelving units. You can get your job done quickly and efficiently and find everything you need whenever you need it!

    The difference has strong, sturdy garage racks that are capable of safely storing everything and anything you need to store.

    For your home shed or garage is a must-have for anyone who has materials and items they need storing.

    But what sort of garage shelving units are ideal for your space? That’s a great question.

    At SkyTeck, we have options that are perfect to suit all of your garage shelving needs: our range of heavy-duty shelving racks and are custom designed to hold all of your materials, no matter how heavy, what size or shape or how many of them there are. Employing a simple yet highly effective construction method and the highest quality materials available that can be customised to fit any space in your shed or garage, you can trust SkyTeck’s shelving units for all of your storage requirements.

    SkyTeck’s garage shelving units are ideal for storing:

    • Nuts, bolts, screws and washers, Tools
    • Electrical hardware and power tools
    • Lengthy materials (wood, metal and plastic)
    • Heavy materials (steel and stone)
    • Garden maintenance equipment
    • Building materials (bricks, metal and concrete)
    • Pots, buckets and containers
    • Heavy containers of sand, gravel and stone
    • Camping gear
    • Scaffolding and support struts
    • Toys and fitness gear
    • Auto repair and maintenance tools and kits
    • And anything else you need to store in your garage or shed!

    At SkyTeck, our garage racks and shelving units are heavy duty and have been stringently tested to ensure that they are capable of safely and securely storing heavy materials for long periods of time. Our garage shelving units employ robust and sturdy construction and are fabricated using only the highest quality materials.

    Got a tight space or hard to reach area? Our shelving units can be customised to suit any space in your garage or shed that you need to utilise for storage – scroll below to see our product range, and if you can’t see what you’re looking for, then simply give us a call or email us at SkyTeck and we’ll be able to provide you with the customised storage and shelving solution you’re looking for.

    Incorporating lightweight and yet extremely strong materials, SkyTeck’s garage shelving units are just what you need to help keep your shed or garage clean and organised and your materials safely stored and easily accessible. Our garage racks are simple to put together and will last as long as you need them to – so why wait! If you need materials stored in your shed or garage that require durable and reliable shelving units, get in touch with us at SkyTeck today.

    Company Information

    Skyteck Pty Ltd was established in 2014.

    It is a Melbourne based company that provides an extensive range of products, including storage racking and shelving, aluminium ladders, metal toolboxes, pet cages and fences, and others.

    Skyteck has its own partner manufacturers who are the best in the industry.

    They have advanced equipment, first-class technology and strong capabilities.

    All products are manufactured through professional treatment procedures and under strict quality control.

    Direct Storage Systems - Garage Shelving Solution Australia

    direct storage systems

    (03) 5277 0827


    Here at Direct Storage Systems Geelong, our passion is to offer a wide range of storage solutions, such as; Pallet Racking, Office Furniture, Small Parts Storage and much more. We cater for Warehouses, Commercial, Industrial, Small business, Offices and Homes. We service Geelong, Melbourne and much more.


    Longspan is a durable, cost-effective storage solution that allows our customers to utilise the benefits of high-quality shelving at an affordable price.

    Having the right storage system in place is the best way to maximise storage space and increase productivity, so a proper shelving system is a must to keep all stored items and goods organised.

    Longspan shelving is ideal for all of your storage needs, including Box Storage, Archive Storage, Retail Displays, Storerooms, Workshops, as well as Industrial, Commercial and Residential use.

    One of the many benefits of Longspan Shelving is that our frames are pre-assembled to make construction fast and simple. This provides you with a time-efficient and economical way to transform your storage area.

    Our step beams allow a flush-fitting that can include either chipboard, mesh decks or metal shelves, depending on your storage needs. Our Longspan is a standard gunmetal grey colour that has been electrostatically powder coated for a smooth and durable finish.


    Direct Storage Systems has an extensive range of Gondola shelving that is primarily used in a number of retail businesses, including grocery stores, supermarkets, chemists, hardware stores, discount stores and convenience stores to maximise space and to merchandise and sell your items effectively.

    This type of shelving is available with many different types of hardware accessories, including wire fronts, wire dividers, wire baskets and dividers, scanning hooks, straight hooks, square tube hooks, gooseneck hooks, data strips and 300mm extensions which gives our customers the freedom to be able to use the shelving to suit their direct requirements, making their storage solutions easier.


    Our affordable workbenches are the perfect option that provides you with ultimate flexibility. They are quick and easy to assemble and are extremely durable. We offer them a Longspan option for home garages or picking and packing orders, or for a heavy-duty commercial application. We recommend using Pallet Racking. For example, if you wanted a bench mounted grinder, vice, saws or pipe benders, this would be the option.

    All benches come with the choice of Particleboard, melamine, steel or stainless steel food grade benchtops. Shelf levels are easily adjusted, allowing for flexibility, and the uprights can be bolted to the floor for extra safety.

    Our workbenches are fully customisable and come in a variety of configurations, sizes and lengths, from 1200mm to 2800mm, depths ranging from 460mm to 1219mm. Benches come either fixed or mobile and are available in standard heights or can be made to suit each clients’ specifications.


    Our Cool Room Shelving is the perfect storage solution in a food environment when paired with mesh decks. It is an easily adjustable system featuring a positive locking arrowhead beam connection for fast onsite assembly. It can also be used for another warehousing, office, commercial, industrial and domestic environments.

    All components have an electro-galvanised coating to protect the system from corrosion. It makes it an ideal system for use in cool rooms when paired with mesh decks. This system also has pre-welded frames with wire lift-off shelves for air circulation and easy cleaning. 

    The height-adjustable pads provide load distribution and an easy way to level each unit. A wide range of accessories is also available.



    Simon, the owner of Direct Storage Systems, was born and raised in Geelong and has run the business for over 10 years. He prides himself on providing the highest quality service for local businesses, as well as Australia wide. Simon has developed the business from a one-man show to now incorporate a whole team of staff. Direct Storage Systems is continually growing due to the support of the wonderful people we meet and work with every day.

    One of our core values here at Direct Storage Systems is developing and maintaining relationships and partnerships with our customers. All of our staff take pride in providing exceptional quality customer service and strive to give our customers a great experience every time.

    We understand that every business has different needs. We love creating individual storage solutions for our customers and have a large range of stock available to suit any requirement. We offer personalised quotes and measures for Pallet Racking & Office Furniture and have a fantastic team of installers.

    Our highest priority is ensuring that your business is operating safely and efficiently. You can rely on us to provide you with the perfect storage solutions to ensure your business runs as smoothly as possible.

    Visit our Facebook page to keep up to date with the latest news, products and competitions at Direct Storage Systems.

    We would love the opportunity to help you with your storage needs, so please don’t hesitate to give us a call today.

    TuDay Storage Solutions - Garage Shelving Solution Australia

    tuday storage solutions

    (02) 6653 3356

    Residential, Commercial & Industrial Storage Solutions In Coffs Harbour

    At TuDay Storage Solutions in Toormina, we create storage opportunities you wouldn’t think were possible.

    Our innovative storage products allow your growing business to make the best use of floor space.

    The TuDay warehouse is the Coffs Harbour source for pallet racking, long-span shelving, cool room shelving, office furniture, shopfitting products and more.

    We provide storage solutions for clients in commercial and industrial, as well as residential sectors. Based in Toormina, we serve clients throughout the Taree to the QLD border, Coffs Harbour and also the Western NSW area.

    Maximise Your Work And Office Space

    TuDay Storage Solutions brings store and order for more useable space in your warehouse, workshop, retail outlet, office and home.

    We’ve built a trusted reputation for delivering innovative storage solutions during our 13 years of business, along with the 35 years of experience between our team at TuDay Storage Solutions. 

    Servicing the wider Coffs Harbour region from our Toormina warehouse, we supply our commercial and industrial clients with an extensive range of space-saving storage products.

    The products we source are versatile and price-competitive. Our racks and shelves can be found in workspaces, warehouses and coolrooms of all sizes and in all industries. We are proud to support Australian products from local businesses wherever possible.

    Our mission is to provide the best storage solutions for the unique needs of both individuals and businesses.

    Making excellent use of vertical space, our pallet racks and display shelves free up valuable floor space while keeping supplies safe and properly stored.

    In addition to commercial shopfitting products, we also supply quality plastic storage containers, from spare parts to food-grade crates that are perfect for coolroom use.

     We have products ideal for areas from the garage at home to shop displays right through to warehouses.

    RockSolid Shelving - Garage Shelving Solution Australia

    rocksolid shelving

    +61 425 780 571


    RockSolid Shelving distributes our instant shelving & workbench systems Australia wide. Warehouse Racking & Garage shelving designed to be set up quickly, easily adjustable, no bolts or screws required. Choosing RockSolid shelving will ensure you have a high-quality, practical storage solution to maximise & organise your garage or warehouse space. We now have shelving stockists in Melbourne, Swan Hill, Wangaratta, Bairnsdale, Mildura, Gippsland, Mansfield & Horsham.

    City Shelving - Garage Shelving Solution Australia

    city shelving

    +61 8 8345 1267

    Top Shelf Products & Services

    City Shelving has been serving our customers for over 20 years now, so you can be confident that we know our business. Whether you just want a bay of industrial shelving or a complete raised storage area, we will put the same dedicated effort into supplying you with the best solution for your needs. We care about finding you the right product and want you satisfied doing business with us.

    Our experience enables us to get to the root of your storage issues to gain efficiencies and utilise available space to maximise your storage potential. We have installed many raised storage areas in Adelaide where clients were considering moving into larger premises. Our raised storage areas have doubled storage capacity in their existing building.

    With high-quality products and brands that you can rely on, we can complete a whole warehouse fit-out. This could include pallet racking, industrial shelving, workbenches, cabinets, lockers, materials handling and safety products. Check out our client projects and testimonials to see some of our completed jobs and satisfied customers.

    One of our long leading span products, called Mini Span, is the storage and shelving dynamo. It is available in a wide range of sizes for industrial, commercial, retail and garage applications. Mini Span is the perfect solution to store anything from smaller items to larger cartons. This is an all-steel product offering strength and durability with the benefit of being fast and easy to assemble. Mini Span has become so popular that enquiries for industrial shelving in Melbourne and other states are drawn towards this product.

    So whether you need raising storage in Adelaide, pallet racking, drive-in racking, cantilever or even cable racking, we’ve got you covered. Need some industrial shelving in Sydney or Melbourne? That’s not a problem either as we ship Australia wide. You may be surprised by how economical it can be.

    Our helpful team members welcome your enquiries via the website,, or our toll-free number 1800 83 84 85 with advice that you can trust.

    If you are running out of space, you’re at the right place – call now. Don’t get left on the shelf.

    About City Shelving

    Humble Beginnings

    Serving customers across Australia for 28 years, City Shelving has acquired a reputation as a trusted and leading commercial shelving, pallet racking and storage provider.

    Beginning in 1992, City Shelving started by selling a basic selection of office furniture. Over time, City Shelving introduced storage products to its range. The Company has now settled into a new office and warehouse facility on Port Road, Thebarton, South Australia. 

    Experienced Professionals

    City Shelving can provide expert advice, recommendations and design consultation for all your storage needs. In addition, we also conduct racking inspections and safety audit certifications in line with Australian Standards AS4084, Steel Storage Racking.

    With a dedicated and experienced team across Sales, Account Management, Project Management and Installation, we have the ability to provide a solution to suit every requirement for your Company.

    Solutions For Almost Everything

    We have experience conducting installations from small domestic customers to large commercial enterprise projects.

    From architectural inclusion and bespoke design to new fit-outs and relocations, City Shelving is inclusive and transparent with a hands-on approach in consultation through to final fit-out.

    ABRSS - Garage Shelving Solution Australia


    (03) 9762 9556

    Racking Melbourne

    With over 100 years of industry experience servicing various customers, including large established businesses and smaller jobs of all shapes and sizes, the ABRSS team have the capability and skillset for any storage solution and challenge!

    ABRSS (All Brands Racking and Shelving Solutions) experienced team brings the best of what the industry has to offer to all customers at an affordable price.

    They are supplying both commercial and residential storage systems, with product quality, customer service and price all in front of mind. We supply new and used pallet racking, long span shelving, cantilever and drive-in racking business owners require for their warehouses, and the shelving and storage solutions homeowners require for their garage or home workshop.

    Pallet Racking Melbourne

    Supplying, designing and installing the pallet racking businesses require for versatile storage solutions, the ABRSS team draw on decades of industry experience and are always happy to discuss your custom requirements for a better solution.

    You have every right to expect a quality solution at a great price, and that is exactly what we supply. We are safety standard compliant, with all of our products and installations meeting the AS 4084-2012 steel storage racking requirements. We also offer safety audits to ensure your existing warehouse racking solutions are also safety standard compliant.

    We take your safety seriously and can advise on warehouse layouts that increase efficiency, as well as supplying the safety barriers and warehouse line marking that you need for better traffic flow and a safer workplace.

    Would you like to speak to the experts in long span shelving, raised storage and pallet racking?


    ABRSS is always assisting customers of all sizes with the utmost highest customer service, quality products at an affordable price point. Adding value to your storage solution is at the core for all ABRSS customers, and we take pride in going the extra mile for each and every customer, no matter what the size or job value.

    Due to our extensive industry experience as a team, we see storage solutions as an asset and enabler for a business rather than an expense. Recommendations on design, product and solution selection and much more are always included as part of our customer service. We see ABRSS as an extension of your business, giving you the tools to develop and/or expand for years to come.

    ABRSS was established in 2018. We are a family-owned business that is all committed to ensuring the highest quality of products is delivered at the best price point. We believe in delivering all our services with high-quality customer service. The ABRSS team have combined over 100 years of experience in the industry, which ensures every customer is always receiving knowledgeable, expert and trusted advice.

    Gerry Brown’s - Garage Shelving Solution Australia

    gerry brown’s

    07 4633 2424



    Make better use of your vertical space with a wide range of Shelving Solutions from Gerry Brown’s.

    It’s easy to improve efficiency and workflow when you maximise your storage potential. Our team can help you plan and design a customised solution to get your space working better for you with quality shelving products built to be practical, utilise space and last. We offer Australian Made shelving systems for a wide range of applications :

    • Industrial or Warehouse Storage
    • Stylish Retail Display Options
    • Food Grade Coldroom & Hospitality Storage
    • Customised Workbenches

    Or you can choose from a range of quality flatpack options that can be used throughout the home, in the garage, workshop, shed and at the office. Gerry Brown’s Flatpack Shelving Kits are of great value, great strength and ready to go!


    Specialising in Pallet Racking, Shelving & Storage Solutions, Gerry Brown’s is your local licensed shelving specialist in Toowoomba on the Darling Downs.

    No longer doing secondhand Tyres, Gerry Brown’s is still your local stop for all your DIY tyre repair and fitting accessories. 

    As a family-owned business, we pride ourselves in specialised service, ‘If we don’t have it, we will do our best to find it for you.

    This website offers you a place to browse through our range and see what you may need ready for a specialised quote adapted to fit your particular needs. Our Shelving, Office and Storage products cater for the home to warehouse and everything in between. Our online shop is growing every day, so if you don’t see what you need here, give us a call or come in and see us.

    Our Warehouse and Showroom are located at Shop 5, 13 Carrington Road, Toowoomba, with plenty of easy off-street parking. Call in and see us today!


    With a lifetime experience in running a small business, Gerry and Norma Brown started Gerry Brown’s Tyres over 30 years ago. Not long after, and with a need for good quality shelving, they expanded into Shelving and became the local Spacerack distributor for the Toowoomba area. 

    Before finishing school, their son Josh came and worked under Gerry and Norma, learning the business and specialising in the Shelving side of it. Now with over 20 years of experience, Josh is now the director of Gerry Brown’s Shelving and Storage Solutions.

    Multiple Storage Solutions - Garage Shelving Solution Australia

    multiple storage solutions garage cabinet melbourne

    03 8390 4484


    The organisation really does equal efficiency. Often, however, it’s not a case of not having enough space to organise our workplaces, but rather knowing how to maximise the space we do have. That’s where shelves can come in.

    Shelving is a fantastic way to maximise space and organise important items and materials for easy access. With a huge variety of shelf sizes and types available, Multiple Storage Solutions specialises in designing and installing shelving units that suit your unique space and requirements.

    Plus, all of our shelving products and accessories comply with Australian standards and codes, ensuring the highest standards of safety and reliability. Whether you need shelves for your home, office, warehouse, or factory, we’ve truly got you covered.

    Shelving styles available at Multiple Storage Solutions include:

    • Rolled upright type (RUT) shelving (like a strong, steel, modular bookcase-style shelving unit)
    • Gondola shelving (like the open-style shelves you usually see in retail stores, attached to gondolas)
    • Rivet shelving (open shelving units with strong frames held in place by rivets)
    • Compactus units (the ones you can move on tracks with a handle, often used in offices to store files, saving space)
    • Long-span shelving
    • Cool room shelving
    • Mobile shelving

    Shelving Accessories

    We also sell all the accessories you might need for your shelves, including:

    • Parts bins for louvred panels
    • Rolled-type louvred panels
    • Flat-type louvred panels
    • Stackable parts bins
    • Parts trays


    We have built a business based on more than 30 years of making sure our customers walk away happy every time they deal with us – and we plan on keeping it that way.

    At Multiple Storage Solutions, the same people you talk with on the phone will be the same people coming out to install, check or dismantle and remove your racking, shelves, or mezzanine floor.

    We’re with you all the way, from buying to expert installation to audits, repairs and selling.

    Not only will we give you a great deal on your new racking, shelving or mezzanine floor, but we’ll also install it for you too strict Australian safety standards.

    We can then conduct regular safety audits and repairs to help keep your racking and shelving compliant with those standards, including WorkSafe guidance on pallet racking operation and maintenance.

    And if and when you need to sell your racking or shelving, we’ll make sure you get a fair deal.

    We’re quick, fair, friendly, and experts in what we do – and we’re here to make it as easy as possible for you.

    Give us a call today.

    Rackmart - Garage Shelving Solution Australia


    08 9478 5756 

    Why Rackmart

    Rackmart is the office and storage equipment expert! You can fit out an entire office in just a few clicks with our simple online store. Whether you seek secondhand storage racking, new heavy-duty workbenches or anything in between, Rackmart offers the best quality at the lowest prices.

    Rackmart will make your life easier with both in-store and online purchasing options available. Don’t have time to come to us? No worries! Delivery is available on all flat-packed furniture, and we will even drop off those larger pieces directly to your nominated street address*.

    Browse our online store, and for more information, please contact us today.

    About Us

    Since 1995 Rackmart Pty Ltd has provided storage solutions for homes, sheds, offices and warehouses. From humble beginnings in a small Bayswater warehouse, we quickly grew to premises in Belmont, now we have gone back to our roots in Bayswater to continue to grow with a showroom and warehouse. We pride ourselves on an extensive range of quality new, used and factory second products at prices to suit all budgets.

     All of our racking and shelving products meet Australian Worksafe standards (AS4084-2012). With the backing of an engineering department and selection of quality products, Rackmart Pty Ltd offers a service second to none.

    Rackmart provides a national delivery service, or you can pick it up from the Bayswater warehouse. Shopping is made easy from either our online shop or in-store. Whether you’re chasing a filing cabinet for the home office or a complete warehouse fit-out, Rackmart has the expertise and products to cater for your every need.

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