50+ Best Bathroom Renovations Melbourne, Victoria (2022)

bathroom renovation mjs

There’s something special about a great bathroom. Do you ever get back to the table in a restaurant or hotel and feel compelled to comment on how wonderful the bathrooms are? When we find ourselves in a beautiful bathroom, it’s easy to feel calm, happy, and a little bit fancy. 

If you’re looking for bathroom remodelling ideas, you might be feeling overwhelmed by the choices. Bathroom renovation magazines and websites are full of stunning designs that each look as lovely as the last. So which one is right for you?

Although it’s often subconscious, we’re drawn to bathrooms that have been thoughtfully designed to meet our needs perfectly. On the hunt of bathroom renovators in Melbourne, Victoria? Finding the right bathroom renovators can be a stressful endeavour. After all, there are so many stores, options, and prices out there to consider.

To help you get started looking for bathroom renovations, we’ve rounded up our top bathroom renovation companies from right across Melbourne, Victoria.

Read on to discover where to start your search.

Melbourne’s Top Bathroom Renovations

Hitch Property Constructions – Bathroom Renovations Melbourne

hp constructions


1800 22 1111

Our renovation services cover everything from bathrooms, kitchens, garages and even hidden rooms or mancaves! We also offer all of the various renovation-related trades (including such things as painting, tiling, re-stumping and more) for all of those times that you don’t need a full renovation.

We are a small team of capable tradespeople who love what we do and want to help you make the most out of your home. Our home maintenance and repair services, waterproofing services, and renovations are second to none.


Not sure if you should extend, renovate or rebuild? Since 2000 we have helped thousands of happy clients create their dream home in some of Melbourne’s most desirable suburbs. Call our building and design experts for answers or advice. With over 10 years of experience and a real focus on customer satisfaction, you can rely on us for your next renovation, driveway sett or home repair. We provide a professional service for private and commercial customers.


The maintenance division looks after every aspect of your home’s maintenance and repairs, both internal and external, from patching and painting a scratch in the wall to rebuilding collapsed fences. We’re also not just restricted to residential buildings – this division will also carry out repairs and maintenance to commercial and industrial buildings. The waterproofing division looks after internal and external waterproofing, as well as recovery and repair services for properties damaged by inadequate waterproofing.



Are you looking to get a home renovation done? Whether you need a bathroom, kitchen, laundry, garage, or even a full home renovation, we can help you out! We have renovation services to suit every budget. Hitch Constructions has been helping Melbourne, Victoria’s growing families extend and renovate their homes for over 10 years. We specialise in design and construction and are able to fully renovate all types of houses.


Upgrade every aspect of your home! Demolishing and rebuilding a home is a long and exhausting process. You also end up without usable accommodation for months on end. It’s incredibly expensive!


Renovating the kitchen is the most popular type of major renovation in a home. It’s also the best way to increase a home’s value if it were to be put on the market.


We are highly dedicated to providing you with quality, affordable bathroom renovation services. Our quality work and excellent customer service have made us one of the most trusted names in the business.


Demand only the finest in your home. We have more than 10 years of experience in the field, specialising in delivering complete bathroom renovations in Victoria and surrounding areas. From the initial design consultation through to after-sales service, our clients are thrilled with our service. We are an Australian owned and operated business that designs and builds beautiful bathrooms in a range of styles across Victoria.

We are highly dedicated to providing you with quality, affordable bathroom renovation services. Our quality work and excellent customer service have made us one of the most trusted names in the business. We are a Victorian based design and build Company specialising in high specification, modern, new, or custom remodelled bathrooms. Locally owned and operated with over 10 years of combined experience in our industry, Hitch Constructions specialise in delivering complete and affordable bathroom makeovers in metropolitan Victoria and surrounding areas 7 days.


Adding a room (or more than one) is also very popular. Often, families with two or more children and not enough bedrooms choose to add on so each child can have their own bedroom.


Laundries are one of those ‘throwaway’ rooms that no one really thinks about or cares much for. They’re small, usually cluttered, utility areas that serve a purpose but never really have much ‘soul’. 


Turning your yard space into a paradise, you can really enjoy! Are you looking to improve the beauty and functionality of your front and back yard spaces? There are many things that can be done to the exterior of your home to improve value, so it’s time for you to get creative with your ideas.


Have you fantasised about having your own hidden lair? Most people have dreamt about having a secret hideaway somewhere in their home—a place where they can just relax completely and not worry about being disturbed.


Are you under-utilising your garage, or is it just plain old, dark and spider-infested? It might be time to consider a garage renovation so that you can make better use of all that space! 

We provide professional renovation and installation services with a real focus on customer satisfaction.

Our installations are carried out by fully trained staff to the highest professional standards.


We combine quality workmanship, superior knowledge and low prices to provide you with service unmatched by our competitors.


We have the experience, personnel and resources to make the project run smoothly. We can ensure a job is done on time.


Work with us involves a carefully planned series of steps centred around a schedule we stick to and daily communication.

Renoworx Bathroom Renovations Melbourne



0403 278 663

Refresh your bathroom with Renoworx

If you’re looking for a Melbourne bathroom renovation company that listens to your needs, offers innovative suggestions and advice, and delivers a bathroom that not only meets your brief but exceeds your expectations, you’ve come to the right place. At Renoworx, we specialise in renovations, remodelling and updates for bathrooms across Melbourne. Our bathroom renovations are easy, affordable and high quality, designed to suit your needs and match your style – all within budget.

Bathroom Renovations Designed Especially For You

Whether you’re after a luxury bathroom or something practical and budget-friendly, something modern or more traditional, we have the experience and expertise to deliver the bathroom of your dreams. We work with bathrooms of all sizes and are experienced in remodelling and updating existing bathrooms or renovating entirely from scratch. No matter how small or large your bathroom, and no matter your budget, Renoworx is ready to create your perfect bathroom.

Bathroom Renovations, Remodelling and Updates Made Easy

At Renoworx, we make it our business to ensure that the bathroom renovation process is as seamless as possible. Our expert team can help you with the design, supply and construction of a whole new bathroom, even in an area that doesn’t exist yet. We can also assist with the remodelling of an existing space, updating everything from the layout to the tiles. Or, if your bathroom is already in relatively good condition or has a good existing layout and just needs a refresh, we can help with a cosmetic update that will see your bathroom lasting many years to come. Ultimately, whatever you are hoping to achieve with your bathroom renovation at your Melbourne home, Renoworx has the skills, experience and expertise to bring your vision to life.

First Class Service From Start to Finish

We pride ourselves on offering every single customer the highest quality service at every step of the way. Right from the get-go, we’ll be doing everything we can to make sure that renovating your bathroom is a stress-free and enjoyable experience. Our professional team of bathroom renovators is highly experienced and fully qualified. We’re also incredibly passionate about what we do and will work hard from start to finish to ensure that your new bathroom exceeds every expectation. Additionally, we’re fully insured. Whether you have a bathroom renovation project or a home renovation project in Melbourne, when you choose Renoworx, you don’t need to worry about a thing.

Quality Suppliers for Bathroom Renovations Melbourne

We work closely with suppliers across Melbourne to bring you only the best quality materials and service. This ensures that we are delivering premium bathrooms and bathroom products, including fixtures and fittings, that will stand the test of time.

Increase Your Home’s Value With a Bathroom Renovation

If you’re planning on putting your home on the market, a new or updated bathroom will add significant value and potentially increase your chances of selling and selling at a higher price. With a stunning bathroom that is as beautiful as it is functional, prospective buyers won’t be able to resist. Or, if you’re planning on staying in your home, an updated bathroom will improve the quality of your day-to-day. You’ll only wish you’d found us so much sooner.

Request a Quote – No Strings Attached

If you’d like to find out how we can help you create your dream bathroom or assist you with home renovation for your Melbourne home, simply get in touch with us today. We’ll visit your premises for an onsite assessment and will provide you with an obligation-free quote.

Renoworx – Bathroom & Building Renovations

Renoworx prides itself on delivering premium building services and customer satisfaction. With over 30 years of experience within the building industry, Renoworx wealth of knowledge and experience in various projects ensure we have the skills to provide our clients with quality products and services.

There is no job we won’t tackle; it may be as simple as erection of an internal wall, recladding the exterior of your home all the way through, to offering turnkey services for a complete bathroom renovation, home extension, concreting, and custom building. We can also assist during the design stage by offering 3D design services.

We constantly engage our clients and ensure they are well informed of any works and have signed off throughout the various stages of your project.

Based on the fringe of Melbourne CBD, we cater to most areas within a 20km radius.

Our building Network is complemented with reliable and certified trades which consistently deliver to quality renoworx standards.

Please feel free to contact us via the web enquiry.

BK Bathroom Renovations Melbourne

bk bathroom renovations


0417 345 465

BK Bathroom Renovations has a longstanding reputation for quality. Whether providing vanity unit installation, basin tap set installation, fitting a shower screen, or all of the above, our team of highly skilled and experienced renovators and plumbers have your space’s style and efficiency close at heart.

With over 20 years of experience providing Melbourne homes with comprehensive bathroom renovations, you can be sure that when we take on your home’s job, we will dedicate our time, skills and expertise to that job. 

As part of our bespoke renovations service, we provide floating vanity installation, bathtub fitting, plumbing, and a full host of other services. We understand that this space is important to you and that you want it to be as pristine as it is functional. Therefore, when you choose the BK team for your remodel, you can expect to see incredible results.

Why Choose Us

We are a small family run business and established approximately 20 years ago. My father was in the trade for over 40 years and passed on to me the values of honesty and quality, and they are second to none. We offer focused attention to your job with great detail….this is our business value and motto! We do not have a huge team or fancy display offices, which has a hefty price tag, instead, we offer a unique one on one customer experience

  • Bathroom Renovations, Shower Makeovers & Plumbing services also offer Garage remodelling, Laundry and Pre-auction inspection services
  • Quoting over the phone or email or site visit
  • Work with other contractors and providers if required i.e. cabinet makers, painting, cleaning
  • Flexibility in customer purchasing of materials
  • Quality workmanship
  • Accurate Quoting
  • Attention you deserve
  • Flexible to meet your needs

Bathroom renovations plumbing

BK also offers our valued clients a complete plumbing service to accompany our refurbishments. When remodelling these spaces, it is important that your water systems are arranged in a way that complements the reworking. Our team of qualified, experienced plumbers will ensure that your system is running in a way that excels the efficiency of our redesign.

Vanity top installation & full renovations

BK Bathroom Renovations has a longstanding reputation for quality. Whether providing vanity unit installation, basin tap set installation, fitting a shower screen, or all of the above, our team of highly skilled and experienced renovators and plumbers have your space’s style and efficiency close at heart.

With over 20 years of experience providing Melbourne homes with comprehensive bathroom renovations, you can be sure that when we take on your home’s job, we will dedicate our time, skills and expertise to that job. 

As part of our bespoke renovations service, we provide floating vanity installation, bathtub fitting, plumbing, and a full host of other services. We understand that this space is important to you and that you want it to be as pristine as it is functional. Therefore, when you choose the BK team for your remodel, you can expect to see incredible results.

Contact our professionals today

If you would like to discuss redesigning a space in your home or would like to find out more regarding the services we offer, simply get in contact with the friendly BK experts.

Call us on 0417 345 464 or submit an enquiry form via our contact page. We will get back to you as soon as possible, and with all the information you require.

The Bathroom Pro Renovations Melbourne

the bathroom pro


1300 979 766

The Bathroom Pro team have been creating Melbourne bathrooms that are both functionally unique and visually captivating.

Our team have extensive experience in dealing with small and large-sized bathrooms and can provide you with invaluable insights into design and layout, especially when dealing with internal space restrictions.

We pride ourselves on capturing different bathroom design’s no matter the budget.

As part of being a Melbourne based bathroom renovation company, we offer a range of different service to ensure that our clients are incapable and experienced hands from the design stage through to implementation.


If you are looking to renovate your bathroom, then look no further than The Bathroom Pro – the experts in small and large bathroom renovations Melbourne.

When renovating your bathroom, it’s important to make sure the design suits the whole family.

Young children may need a bath, while teenagers look for space and privacy – whatever it is you need, The Bathroom Pro can help you work through all your bathroom renovation options in Melbourne.

Our Melbourne bathroom renovations stand apart from all others.

The Bathroom Pro design team will look at your needs and also the design of the rest of your home.

It’s important that the flow of your home is complemented by your bathroom renovation.

Wet areas in a new or renovated home can make or break your home design. With The Bathroom Pro creations, you will know you have made the right choice the minute you see your new bathroom.

If you want help in designing a bathroom that suits your home, then The Bathroom Pro has the answer. Get in touch with us on 1300 97 97 69 for the best bathroom renovations in Melbourne has to offer.

The Bathroom Pro is a bathroom renovation builder based in Melbourne. We are passionately dedicated to providing each of our clients with a “Bathroom Experience” that is successfully project managed, functional and innovative.

We create leading bathroom designs and ideas within Melbourne and hire expert bathroom builders that specialise in small and large, modern or traditional bathroom renovators.

We have established practices and procedures in place to guarantee your experience with us is successful and stress-free.

Some of these procedures include;

  • Locked in commencement and completion dates.
  • Weekly progress meetings are allowing you to stay apprised and up to date.
  • Interior design services to assist you in creating your bathroom vision.


We pride ourselves on delivering an assured quality bathroom. Each bathroom is a true reflection of our client’s individual needs both from a functional and aesthetic standard.

Functionality includes utilising the area effectively to maximise open space as well as creating niches and customised cabinetry to assist when dealing with internal space restrictions and or pipe allocations.

We have established practices and procedures in place to guarantee your experience with us is successful and stress-free.

Some of these procedures include;

  • Locked in commencement and completion dates.
  • Weekly progress meetings allowing you to stay apprised and up to date
  • Interior design services to assist you in creating your bathroom vision and help with colour pallets and design choices.

The Bathroom Pro is passionately dedicated to providing each of its clients with a “Bathroom Experience” that is successfully project managed, functional and innovative.


The Bathroom Pro sources and uses quality fixtures from trusted suppliers around Melbourne. Alternatively, we can use a supplier of your choice.

GIA Bathrooms Renovations Melbourne



1300 442 739

Creating beautiful spaces for over 25 years

GIA Bathrooms & Kitchens is a specialist design and renovation company in Melbourne. With over 25 years of experience, our reputation has been built on quality, professionalism and reliability.

We provide exquisite and unsurpassed transformations personalised to each clients’ needs. Find out more today.

Peace of mind

  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Complete Home Renovations
  • Structural Extensions
  • Guaranteed commencement and completion dates
  • Specialist design and construction team
  • Award-winning design team
  • Registered Building Practitioners



Our team of professional bathroom designers will commence working on creating your designer bathroom in your Melbourne home. They will cover all the different elements of bathroom renovation with you: layout, joinery detailing, fittings, tiles, lighting, paint.


Our professional bathroom design team will guide you through the process of selecting products. We work together to find the perfect products to bring your dream bathroom to reality.


Once plans have been finalised, the construction team will have an onsite meeting to go over all the works with you. Any technical questions you may have, we can discuss them, and we will have the opportunity to point out the finer details of the bathroom renovation process.

Quality, professionalism and reliability

GIA Bathrooms & Kitchens Melbourne is an industry-leading company when it comes to renovating kitchens, bathrooms or simply extending your home. We are registered builders, which gives us the ability to undertake any structural works that your renovation or extension may require.

Our award-winning design team work collaboratively with each client to understand their needs and create their dream renovation. Our carefully selected management team will ensure that your renovation is completed on time and on budget. We have a team of qualified tradesmen that will ensure your renovation or extension is completed with quality workmanship.

Stress-free and straightforward process

The renovation process here at GIA Bathrooms & Kitchens is stress-free and straightforward, which provides our clients with peace of mind. Each client is in safe hands, knowing that all of the works from start to finish will be managed by one experienced design and management team.

Your initial contact with GIA Bathrooms & Kitchens will be handled personally by our friendly team, who will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. You will also be asked several simple questions about your goals and expectations so we can determine if we can provide the solution for you. Following this, we will arrange an in-home consultation with our expert renovation solutions manager.

Bathroom Connections – Bathroom Renovations Melbourne 

bathroom connections


1300 886 597


Our three-generation family business was established in 1985 and is Melbourne’s oldest bathroom renovating company, with over 35 years in business.

As registered builders, we are happy to discuss your needs for bathrooms, en suite and laundry requirements. Based in the southeast suburbs of Melbourne, our bathroom renovators have completed projects from the Mornington Peninsula, Frankston to the CBD, and the wider eastern suburbs, delivering fantastic designs, remodels and renovations, regardless of locale. Ideal for apartments, our small bathroom renovations and designs make even the most modest space a work of art, blending form and function into one beautiful package.

About Bathroom Connections Pty Ltd

Our experience, attention to detail and professional team of designers, can comfortably handle all your renovation needs. The Bathroom Connections team have accessed and developed close business relationships with architects, engineers, and building inspectors to help personally create your perfect environment.

Our clients in Frankston and across Melbourne feel comfortable knowing a registered builder is managing the whole process.


Complete design & or remodelling of your bathroom.

We also specialise in stepless & walk-in showers & were one of the first companies to build them.

We have earned ourselves a reputation for being trustworthy, reliable & paying attention to detail.

We are proud to be HIA Platinum Members and have enjoyed membership for the last 35 years with no building defects or reprimands whatsoever:

Good building practice

We offer a complete design &/or remodelling of your bathroom

You will be dealing directly with the builder who has had over 30 years of experience in the industry


Our team all come together to deliver the perfect bathroom. They boast years of experience and are highly skilled, qualified & licensed.

We are particularly known for the hassle-free, smooth operation of the on-time building of your bathroom.

We also specialise in stepless & walk-in showers & were one of the first to be building them.

Our attention to detail, we’ve always been told by our endless list of clients, is superb!


Our team of bathroom builders work very closely with specific suppliers, ensuring you are provided with exceptional service for all your renovation choices. This is where we make that difference and work closely with you throughout all stages of the project, all bathroom designs, big or small.

Ensure you have a knowledgeable, experienced team working on your project and contact us today. We welcome enquiries through our contact page, and licensed builder Nathan Coles is available for a discussion on 1300 886 596 or 0418 836 207. Our bathroom renovations services extend throughout greater Melbourne and the eastern and southeast suburbs, into areas such as Frankston, Sandringham, Cheltenham, Glen Waverley, Mt Waverley, Highett and Bentleigh.

Ultimate Kitchens & Bathrooms Renovations Melbourne



03 9882 4103

Luxury bathrooms

Imagine your own private sanctuary, where everything is just the way you’ve always wanted. Now, let’s make it happen. Whatever your style, we’ll design and build a bathroom that’ll make your day every day. Tranquillity awaits with Ultimate Kitchens and Bathrooms.

Ultimate isn’t just our name.

It’s our promise to you.

You have dreams. We have the team. You don’t have the time. We promise peace of mind. From an elegant bathroom or stylish kitchen to the most complex multi-room renovation, we’ll take care of everything from start to finish—no dealing with different tradies. One Project Manager will organise it all, so you can sit back and relax. We’re Ultimate Kitchens and Bathrooms. Ready to design, create and ultimately make the most important rooms in your house the most incredible.

Our dedicated team. One simple philosophy.

When we founded Ultimate Kitchens and Bathrooms, we made a promise – to be the team you can trust to bring your dreams to life. Thousands of projects later, we believe we’ve lived up to it and continue to do so. Our collaborative approach, out-of-the-box thinking, and attention to detail set us apart.

We have a passionate team of experts, and we work with experienced tradies who are just as dedicated – carpenters, electricians, plumbers, plasterers, tillers, stone & glass manufacturers and cabinet makers – so you don’t have to do anything.

Rest assured, we’ll only recommend the best value products, quality finishes, and we only use Australian cabinetry and joinery. We’re here to add value to your home and your lifestyle. So, if you’d like a renovation that comes with real peace of mind, talk to us.

Bathtime Bathrooms Renovations Melbourne 

bathtime bathroom


(03) 9069 9514

After working together for over 18 years, perfecting the art of bathroom renovations, Tony and Wayne combined their skills and expertise to form Bathtime Bathrooms.

Having established a strong reputation in bathroom renovations, remodeling and design in Melbourne, they now also apply their talents to Kitchen and Laundry Renovations.

Their strength lies in their combined knowledge and experience linked with a deep dedication to customer service.

Bathroom Renovations Melbourne

We’re the bathroom renovation specialists in Melbourne!

Bathtime Bathrooms provide Melburnians with a complete start-to-finish bathroom renovation service, including all aspects of the design process, project management, and construction – all of which are looked after by our very experienced team every step of the way.

So you’ve been dreaming of that luxury bathroom that you’ve always wanted for a while now, well, we can help you make that dream into a reality.

Our team of bathroom renovators will first schedule an appointment with you to uncover what your dream bathroom would look like. We then use sophisticated 3D software to model your bathroom, and we then begin the Bathroom Renovation Process.

The Bathtime Bathrooms difference

  • In-home consultation (no callout fees)
  • No obligation quote proposal
  • 3D Concepts to visualise your proposed space
  • Full compliance certificates
  • Onsite project management
  • 7 years Builders Guarantee

Our trade-qualified personnel and representatives are registered and licensed within their respective fields. We work as a team and together hold the same values and objectives on each project we undertake. Our customers expect nothing less for their bathroom, kitchen or laundry renovation.

Victorian Bathroom Company Renovation Melbourne

victorian bathroom company


(03) 9909 5359

Bathroom Renovations Melbourne

We are the bathroom renovation specialists, working with mid to high-end bathroom and ensuite renovations. We also do new bathroom installations and shower repairs, as well as laundry renovations throughout Melbourne.

Bathroom Renovation Designers in Melbourne

At the Victorian Bathroom Company, we specialise in mid to high-end bathroom and ensuite renovations, in addition to new installations, shower repair and laundry renovations. We provide the highest standard of workmanship. With over 19 years of experience in the bathroom, plumbing and building industry, we pride ourselves on hard work and professionalism. Customer service is a priority to us. If you’re looking for a high-end finish that you’ve only dreamed of, you can trust the Victorian Bathroom Company to deliver the best results every time.

We are based in Mordialloc, Bayside and service the East, South East and Mornington Peninsula areas. We offer a bathroom service that includes plumbing, tiling, waterproofing and plastering. For bathroom renovations Melbourne can rely on, look no further than the Victorian Bathroom Company.

As a Registered Building Practitioner (Limited) and Licensed plumber with the VBA, you can feel confident knowing you’re working with a high-quality bathroom renovation company. Being a Registered Builder with the Victorian Building Authority is a vital factor for ensuring you receive not only a well-built project but also a legal one. The legislation calls for any renovation work above $10,000 to be carried out by a Registered Builder with the VBA.

We at the Victorian Bathroom Company know that your bathroom has to be practical while still reflecting your style, taste and personality. It should be a space where you can feel comfortable and relaxed. 

Bathroom remodelling can be an overwhelming experience, and it is difficult to know where to start, so trust the bathroom renovations specialists to be with you every step of the way. Check out our basic guide of bathroom renovation costs to find out more.

If you want to create your dream bathroom, ensuite or laundry, trust the Victorian Bathroom Company for the best bathroom renovations Melbourne has to offer.

Why Victorian Bathroom Company?

We offer a wide range of services, eliminating the need for you to hire multiple contractors to have your dream bathroom completed, saving you time and effort. We have the necessary licenses that allow us to work on bigger projects, meaning you can build the bathroom you’ve always wanted without having to stress about the legal side of things. Our staff support us as the bathroom designers Melbourne residents trust. Get to know our team.

WDC Services Bathroom Renovations Melbourne

wdc services


0425 801 005

WDC Services specialises in Kitchen, Bathroom & laundry renovations.

Including electrical, split system airconditioning, Carpentry, Water Proofing, Tiling and most domestic and commercial handyman services.

Our team consists of licensed tradesmen, including plumbers, electricians, tilers, certified waterproofers, and carpenters.

We can help with the design and layout of your project from start to finish, and we guarantee the best possible outcome.

Feel free to contact us for a free measure and quote or general advice on your specific requirements.


Here are some reasons why you should choose us!


WDC Services specialises in Kitchen, Bathroom & laundry renovations. Including electrical, split system airconditioning, Carpentry, Water Proofing, Tiling and most domestic and commercial handyman services.


Our team consists of licensed tradesmen, including plumbers, electricians, tilers, certified waterproofers and carpenters.


We can help with the design and layout of your project from start to finish, and we guarantee the best possible outcome.

NMB Homes Bathroom Renovations Melbourne

nmb homes


Welcome to NMB Homes

NMB Homes is a construction company located in Melbourne with a team of experienced professionals. Company Director Ninos Mikhael is a licensed and registered builder. With years of experience, our friendly team can take care of your next renovation project specialising in Bathroom, Kitchen, laundry, Open living Plan and Complete home renovations. We take pride in our work, communicate and meet all client budgets and time frames. Our aim is to provide our clients with great quality work. Customer satisfaction is our primary objective, and therefore, our job is complete only once the customer is satisfied. So book an appointment to get a free consultation & quote.


  • Complete Home Renovations
  • Bathroom Renovations
  • Kitchen Renovations
  • Laundry Renovations
  • Open Living Plan

ABELA Total Bathroom Renovations Melbourne

abela total bathroom renovations


0422 609 771

Quality Bathroom Renovations

ABELA Total Bathroom Renovations use only fully qualified licensed and insured tradespeople to deliver your renovation services. Depending on your bathroom renovation, there may be different skilled tradespeople who expertly carry out different jobs, electricians, tilers, plasterers, cabinetmakers, etc. We ensure each one of these arrives with a smile, is polite and courteous, respects your home and not only does an expert job but cleans up too! We deliver the best bathroom renovation services in Melbourne’s western suburbs.

Bathroom Reno

Does your bathroom need a lift? ATBR have helped dozens of clients maximise their home’s value by updating their bathroom.

The tilers at ABELA Total Bathroom Renovations have decades of experience renovating and upgrading bathrooms and ensuites for domestic clients around Melbourne and are keenly aware of the importance of their workmanship. We coordinate all trades to complete your partial or full bathroom renovation to a high standard. Why DIY when we can take the stress out of the process and complete your project quickly and efficiently.

Our renovation services include:

  • Domestic renovations – Partial and complete bathroom and ensuites.
  • Disabled bathrooms
  • Tiling for new construction, renovations and extensions.


We service Caroline Springs, Sunbury, Bacchus Marsh, Melton and surrounding areas in Melbourne’s western suburbs. If you’re in this region and are considering a bathroom renovation, simply drop us a line.

  • 10 Years experience renovating bathrooms
  • 85+ Completed Projects
  • 7+ Skilled Professionals
  • Best value
  • Save time & stress
  • Always within budget

Founded by Jamie Abela in 2006, ABELA Total Bathroom Renovations has established itself as one of the most in-demand providers of construction focused bathroom renovation services in Melbourne’s western suburbs. We provide a professional renovation and installation service with a real focus on customer satisfaction.

We offer

  • Quality workmanship, superior knowledge and realistic prices
  • Assurances your job is done on time and on budget
  • Proven results for setting exceptional standards in cost control
  • Professional renovation services for private and commercial customers
  • 10 years experience and a genuine focus on customer satisfaction

With bases in Caroline Springs, Altona, Sunbury, Maribyrnong, Essendon and Footscray, the ABELA team is perfectly positioned to deliver exceptional bathroom renovations quickly, affordably and with a minimum of fuss.

Bathroom renovations are a complex project and really should not be undertaken by the home handyman.

There are many processes involved and must be performed in a systematic order using a variety of tradespeople. Coordinating tradesmen and having them arrive at the correct stage of the project makes bathroom renovations one of the more difficult home renovation tasks. Errors or miscalculations can be very costly, so it pays to call in the professionals and be confident in your decision.

If you’re considering updating your ensuite or bathrooms, give us a call or contact us. We’re happy to visit your home to discuss your needs and inspect your installation at no cost or obligation to you.

Only after inspecting your site will ABELA Total Bathroom Renovations quote you on the job required. Beware of those businesses offering free bathroom renovations quotes over the phone or via their websites.

Nobody can realistically quote on an unseen job, and we hear almost daily of renovations where quoted prices skyrocket once tradesmen start on a job. Don’t be caught out.

Simply call ABELA Total Bathroom Renovations on 0422 609 777, and we will arrange a time to visit that suits you.

Melbourne Complete Bathrooms Renovations

mcb melbourne complete bathrooms


0409 090 800


Are you in need of a professional service specialised in bathroom renovations and based in Brunswick, Melbourne? Melbourne Complete Bathrooms are the experts when it comes to all kinds of bathroom renovations. Reinvent your space today with our highly skilled staff who have your best interests at heart. We value a high level of customer service and strive to provide this to all our clients throughout every renovation project.


With over 15 years of experience and hundreds of big and small bathroom renovations completed to suit all budgets, we strive to deliver the bathroom that you desire. We will work closely with you throughout the entire process from start to finish and guarantee a high quality finish every time.

Bathroom renovators based in Brunswick, we provide a range of services for affordable prices, so you can undertake renovations today and create your dream bathroom, whether large or small. Industry experts, we have worked on a range of projects in the past and have a proven track record of success in creating stunning bathroom spaces, valuing aesthetics as well as functionality. Built for purpose, our bathrooms are of the highest quality. Providing service to the northern suburbs and across Melbourne, we are reliable and get the job done. 

Melbourne Complete Bathrooms has been transforming bathrooms for over 15 years. The business owner started his career as a floor and wall tiler, and over time, this progressed into completing his Certificate 4 in Building and Construction and obtaining his limited builder’s licence for bathroom renovations.

Renovating bathrooms is a rewarding process not only for the client but also for the builders. We get great satisfaction and pride from transforming an out of date bathroom and bringing it back to life. This is reflected in our dedication to achieving the highest level of workmanship in all of our bathrooms.

The cost of renovating a bathroom can be a daunting step to consider. Let Melbourne Complete Bathrooms help with this process. We understand the need to keep prices competitive. We make this possible by lowering our overheads and passing on this benefit to our customers. Large businesses incur large costs to cover overheads such as showrooms and salespeople. Melbourne Complete Bathrooms do not have these excess costs.

We project manage each and every bathroom with a hands-on approach. We will be onsite every day to keep the process moving as smoothly as possible. During construction, communication is the key component to a successful bathroom renovation, which is why Melbourne Complete Bathrooms work closely with all of their trades and customers to guarantee a professional and high-quality renovation is achieved.


Don’t choose a cheap bathroom renovations company – work with the professionals who’ll deliver quality at a great price. Our highly skilled tradespeople are passionate about their work and take great care when working within your home. We treat your home as if it is our own and pride ourselves on consistently delivering high-quality service.

Our aim is to keep overheads low and to pass this benefit on to our customers. We keep prices competitive – a beautiful bathroom can be achieved without spending large amounts of money.

A K Tiling & Bathroom Renovations Melbourne

a k tiling & bathroom renovations melbourne


0404 631 685

Ak Tiling Renovations offers the best tiling services in Melbourne.

We are located in Melbourne and travel to all suburbs.

We offer a range of services, including:

  • Tiling in Melbourne
  • Bathroom Renovations
  • Waterproofing
  • leaking showers
  • Grouting
  • Re-grouting
  • Tile Removal

We offer a free measure & quote. You can call us to book a free quote or visit our website and book online.

Yada Property Services Bathroom Renovations Melbourne

yada property services


0404 444 999

Experts for New and Renovated Home Construction

Yada Property Services caters across Melbourne suburbs that include small residential job to big commercial projects. What we offer-

  • Kitchen and bathroom renovation.
  • Home interior demolition, including kitchen, bathroom and living rooms. We remove old tiles, carpet, fittings, shower screens and remove the resulting rubbish afterwards.
  • Supply and installation materials for cement sheet.
  • Supply and installation material for floor levelling or screeding.
  • Indoor and outdoor waterproofing for wet areas.
  • Supply and installation materials for plaster repair.
  • Install brick and timber fences.
  • Pressure cleaning and painting.
  • Simple yet trendy landscape design as gardening.
  • Concreting

High-End Bathroom Renovations from Experts

Yada Property Services have helped lots of clients maximise their home’s value by updating their bathroom.

Our goal is to implement each project in partnership with our clients so the results always meet their expectations.

Bathroom Renovation Process

1. Renovation assessment:

A site visit is required to discuss your needs and prepare a comprehensive quote at no cost or obligation to you.

2. Strip-Out:

It could be partial or full strip out, depending on your project. This includes ensuring that all work is done in a safe and environmentally conscious manner.

3. Plumbing, electrical and Carpentry:

Qualified plumber and electrician will start implementing new basins, showers, bathtubs, taps, toilets and lights. Once the plumbing and electrical is sorted, several other qualified tradies will come onsite to deliver some other services such as plaster repair, floor levelling, and waterproofing.

4. Tiling:

Starting with floor tiling, then moving to wall tiling, including feature walls, shower niches, feature tile strips, which will bring the beautiful visual design of your new bathroom alive! After laying the new tiles, grouting is required, then Caulking.

5. Fit out:

This includes Fitting new plumbing, cabinets, mirrors, towel rails, new lighting and ventilation, painting and decorating, new shower screens and blinds… And after all, cleaning up.


  • Over 20 years building experience
  • Affordable budget prices
  • Complete project management
  • Free in house consultation
  • Timely
  • Organised
  • Attention to details

My Bathroom Renovations Melbourne

my bathroom


It’s time to design your dream bathroom!

We are a family-owned business specialising in bathroom, kitchen and laundry renovations.

We pride ourselves on providing excellent workmanship and customer service for all our renovation projects.

Led by Carl Lacorcia, the team has over 10 years of experience and consistently proven results for our clients.

We are proud to be one of Melbourne’s leading bathroom renovation companies.

My Bath takes pride in our transparent and easy to follow the bathroom design process. Feel rest assured that you are in good hands from the initial consultation until the completion of your Melbourne bathroom, laundry or kitchen.

Our latest design software will generate a 3D plan of the proposed project, giving all clients a realistic illustration of your renovation.

Custom Bathroom Renovations in Melbourne

Bathrooms are some of the busiest spaces in your home, so they need to be beautiful and charming, yet also functional and practical. With our innovative designs and quality workmanship, My Bathroom can bring your unique vision to life.

Though bathrooms are often smaller than other rooms, there can be a lot involved. This is why we believe in transparent and clear lines of communication, excellent service, and building lasting relationships. With the latest 3d modelling CAD program, you are able to visualise your dream bathroom before we even start!!

From the initial free consultation and itemised proposal of your bathroom renovation to the final clean, we want the process to be easy and stress-free for you. Our tradespeople are clean, respectful and efficient. You will have a dedicated project manager and a team that has worked together for over 7 years now, so rest assured your project will run smoothly. We will provide you with a fixed start and finish date for your custom bathroom renovation.

Because the initial demolition can be dusty, we lay down heavy-duty mats to protect your floors, seal the project to confine debris, and clean up every day. At the point of fixture installation, we pay great attention to detail as we complete a final punch list, ensuring all fixtures align perfectly, towel racks are at your desired height, tiles are cut to exact measurements—nothing is overlooked.

Small Bathroom Renovations

Depending on your budget and specific requirements, sometimes small bathroom renovations are the best option. We can assist with your project no matter what the size! Smaller bathrooms can require more thinking to come up with practical and functional solutions to maximise the space. So, it’s always good to employ a professional for the job.

Call us on 1300 842 736 for an initial consultation regarding your small bathroom renovation anywhere in Melbourne. We will get an idea of everything you’re after, answer any questions and then provide an itemised proposal for the project. Also included is the latest 3D modelling, allowing you to visualise your small bathroom before it even starts! View some of our recent work here.

Bathroom Remodelling Melbourne

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home, with Melbourne residents spending an average of 180 hours inside their bathroom every year! Whether it’s showering, cleaning your teeth, shaving, applying makeup, relaxing in the bath, or doing your “business”, it’s important the space feels optimal. If your current layout isn’t working for you, then bathroom remodelling is a smart move. No matter where in Melbourne you’re located, our expert team can perform an initial consultation, free of charge, a 3D proposal and quote, and fast turnaround times with amazing results for all our clients. 

Why Choose My Bathroom

  • Custom Bathroom, Kitchen and Laundry Renovations
  • Experienced and Reliable Tradespeople
  • Receive a 3D plan of your project prior to commencement
  • Guaranteed commencement and completion dates
  • Hundreds of Satisfied Clients

My bathroom is a small family-run company that specialises in bathroom, kitchen and laundry renovations in Melbourne. We are your total renovations solutions, from the concept stage, through the construction stage, until hand over.

With the latest designing software, My Bathroom provides a 3D plan of proposed renovations, providing clients with a realistic illustration of their renovations. This also provides critical information such as colour and tile combinations, widths between fixtures and doorways, and use of space.

Following a transparent and easy to understand process, My Bathroom strives for a quick turn over for our clients with our trades team on site every day until completion, with the average jobs duration being 2-3 weeks.

For any technical enquiries regarding our website, please contact our development and digital marketing team, Temerity.

Q Bathrooms Renovations Melbourne 

q bathrooms


0421 123 446

Your Bathroom Makeover Specialists

Q Bathrooms are specialists in renovating and remodelling your bathroom. From large and small bathroom renovations to a brand new design, we’ll create the perfect bathroom for your home.

Bathroom renovation specialists

The bathroom you want for your home.

We are your Melbourne bathroom renovation specialists, designing and creating inspiring spaces. Whether you just need a change or you want to add value to your home, we can help.

Q Bathrooms was founded by George Sergio, who has over 10 years of experience across bathroom design, tiling and waterproofing (he was named Tiler of the Year). He loves to create inspiring designs for your space.

George works with you to get the design right, manage the project and then gets on the tools to get the job done to his high standards. George is a Master Builders Member, and his team of qualified tradesman are fully insured.

How we work

We take pride in our work and take your needs seriously. From the first time we discuss your project, we’ll communicate clearly and provide clear quotes with no hidden extras.

We know it can be tough having trades underfoot in your home, so we provide clear start and finish dates. We respect your home and protect existing fittings and flooring as we work. A bathroom reno can be a messy job, so our team cleans the site every day.

Our attention to detail is a pleasant surprise to most of our customers. We want you to love what we create for you and how we get the job done.

The Q Bathrooms difference

Two things set us apart from other bathroom renovation companies: our attention to detail and quality finishes and our commitment to making sure our customers love the end result.

We’re ready to get your bathroom reno project started and get the job done on time and on budget. Our prompt after-sales support ensures you can relax and enjoy your new space.

More than bathroom renovations

The Q Bathrooms team can help with more than just remodelling a bathroom, en-suite or toilet. We can makeover your kitchen or your laundry too.

Our team can help you choose fittings, fixtures and tiles from our recommended stores. We’ll guide you with advice on products to make the space the best it can be for you and your family.

Aquarius Bathroom Renovations Melbourne

aquarius bathroom renovations


03 9859 9883

Bathroom Renovation Services

Renovating any room in the house requires careful planning, especially the bathroom, which is one of the main active rooms in the household, so it’s important to invest extra time and planning for renovating bathrooms. Our team of expert Renovators and Architects can provide a streamlined bathroom design to ensure that it suits your bathroom structure perfectly and can work around your requirements with minimal interruptions.

Planning for renovating bathrooms

Once you make contact with us, a Design Consultant team member will advise you face to face and discuss your plans.

Bathroom drawing planning

Bringing Out the Best in Bathrooms

Our bathrooms can be designed by a highly experienced Architect and with teams of high-quality Craftsmen and Tradesmen to ensure a luxurious outcome.

Bathroom under construction

Bathroom under construction

Our Project Management team are always ready to explain to you the timelines, build process and what’s required. For any further questions, you can read our ‘F&Qs page.’

Bathroom Finished

Time and planning for renovating

We understand the importance of bathrooms, that’s why our team of expert Renovators keep a tightly integrated process in making sure it’s finished on time.

Why Aquarius Bathrooms?

At Aquarius Bathroom Renovations, our values are paramount in providing high-quality renovations to all aspects of the home, including Modern & Period bathrooms, kitchens, laundries and wet areas. Our point of difference is the team of high-quality Craftsmen and Tradesmen who respect your privacy and will make your experience with us as short and inconvenient as possible. We have decades of experience from the smallest to the largest bathroom renovations in Melbourne, and we are all about delivering high-quality work with our Satisfaction Guarantee. For a full bathroom, renovation consultation call us on 9859 9888.

Why choose Aquarius Bathrooms?

With the option to use a renowned Architect to design your bathroom, quality and luxurious bathrooms are made easy and will add value to the bottom line of your property.

  • In-home consultation
  • Renowned Architect design option
  • Options to suit all budgets & finishes
  • Work areas always covered
  • Same day rubbish removal
  • Professional and licensed tradespeople
  • Professionally cleaned before handover
  • Certificate of compliances
  • 100% guarantee on all workmanship
  • Finance options available

Our team of expert renovators can change your bathroom design irrespective of its size or shape and ensure that it suits your bathroom structure perfectly. With many years of experience in bathroom design, we have come to understand the varied barriers that are involved in both small and large bathroom renovations.

Smarter Renovations – Bathroom Renovations Melbourne 

smarter renovations


1300 168 720

Welcome to Smarter Renovations By Design.

Smarter Renovations By Design is a family-owned business. We have been delivering concept design services and high-quality bathrooms, kitchens and laundries in Melbourne for more than 10 years. We are a one-stop renovation company with a kitchen showroom located at the Hallmarc Business Park in Clayton.

​Our team of designers and tradespeople are qualified and experienced with a strong commitment to customer service and satisfaction.

The superb service we offer begins and ends with our staff. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to provide many benefits of our service, from fast turnarounds to excellent results. From consultation to installation, our reliable teams will make the renovation experience smoothly, affordable and stress-free. We pride ourselves on exceeding our client’s expectation by providing excellent service and quality products throughout the entire process to make your dream come true.

Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations in Melbourne

Are you asking yourself, “who can provide top quality kitchen and bathroom renovations near me?” At Smarter Renovations, our boutique renovation company can design beautiful and practical spaces for homes of all types and sizes at an affordable cost. Whether you want a bathroom planner who can create a one-of-a-kind sanctuary or kitchen re-modellers who take your needs and lifestyle into consideration, we can provide renovations that improve aesthetics while also increasing functionality.

Why Choose Us?

There are many reasons to choose Smarter Renovations for home renovations in Melbourne, some of which include:

We specialise in bathroom renovations and kitchen renovations in Melbourne. Our goal is to create unique, modern spaces that tick all your boxes and satisfy your every need. From offering all kinds of benchtop options and cabinet solutions for innovative kitchens through to installing different tiles, fittings and fixtures for smarter bathrooms, there’s nothing we can’t help you with.

  • We’re a family-owned kitchen and bathroom renovation company with more than 10 years of experience servicing local suburbs in Melbourne.
  • We have a team of designers and tradespeople who are fully qualified, licensed, insured and equipped to carry out jobs of all types and sizes.
  • Our bathroom and kitchen renovation projects include a work schedule so you can know what’s happening at every stage.
  • We provide complete project management, from initial consultation and installation to completion, providing our clients with smooth and stress-free house renovations.

In addition, we have an extensive understanding of materials, installation techniques and more. We can assist you with design and material selections for your renovations.

How we manage our projects with CoConstruct

To ensure a smooth, effective and hassle-free experience with us, we use CoConstruct. It’s a construction project management software tool that syncs data from our team to you on estimates, selections, specifications, budgets, bids and change orders with QuickBooks Desktop or Online. Access this information anywhere from your desktop or tablet and even in the field using the mobile app.

CoConstruct also offers client and subcontractor management, scheduling, communication, file management, warranty tracking and much more. While the project manager feature means that our team can easily communicate and track to-dos, coordinate schedules, track jobsite activities and sync complex installations.

This ensures that the process from start to finish is completely streamlined and stress-free.

JLT Bathroom Renovations Melbourne 

jlt renovations


1300 400 930


Our bathroom renovation and project management team excel at providing high-quality services, no matter the nuances of the project. Whether you want a timeless classic design or a modern contemporary vibe, our professional bathroom renovation Melbourne team will bring out excellence in each custom bathroom. No matter what your taste is, we aim to design a modern bathroom around YOUR ideas. As a result, our professional team have designed bathrooms Melbourne wide, which is nothing less than perfection.


If your bathroom needs a makeover, we can help. Transform your bathroom from dull and drab to elegant and luxurious. From designer tapware to lavish bathtubs, no matter what bespoke items you need, JLT Renovations will offer you that and much more.

Bathroom renovations and remodelling jobs can turn out to be stressful if not planned for and managed properly. To avoid any stressful moments, it’s always important to plan ahead and ensure smooth execution. Our expert team at JLT is dedicated to working with our clients from concept to completion to deliver astonishing results.

At JLT, we don’t believe in being ordinary. We strive for excellence. If you are looking for an elegant, luxurious and minimalist bathroom remodelling in Melbourne or something more extravagant and showy, we will help you create the bathroom you desire. So, contact us today, and we will schedule a meeting with you, so we talk in detail about what you want to change in your bathroom and, based on that, give you a free detailed quote.


Our team of bathroom specialists have extensive knowledge and experience in delivering high-quality bathroom remodelling Melbourne wide, with excellence in mind. We help our clients with the whole process, from bathroom design ideas to completion. Our expert bathroom renovations are committed to providing amazing results and ensure that their work complies with all industry standards.

At JLT, we believe in going the extra mile and ensuring that every piece is installed to perfection. Our exceptional work ethic and quality thereof is why our bathroom renovation projects turn out to be the best bathrooms Melbourne has seen, as they will prove to be functional, reliable and visually stunning.


New concepts and designs have changed bathrooms in Melbourne to intimate spaces that reflect both style and functionality. From unique vanity designs to showerheads, tapware and tiles, our team help you create a signature bathroom design that is attractive and functional. The craftsman at JLT are all prepped and will work with you on bathroom design ideas to create the ultimate dream bathroom you desire. Whether your taste is classic, timeless white design or a stylish contemporary one, our bathroom builders in Melbourne will reflect on your bathroom design ideas and seamlessly blend your unique choices in with your interiors.

CMD Plumbing Bathroom Renovations Melbourne

cmd bathroom renovations melbourne


03 9727 3413

Bathroom Renovations Melbourne

CMD Bathroom Renovations have been creating and providing beautiful Melbourne bathroom renovations for over 15 years!

Our experience, attention to detail and professional team, is what sets us apart from other bathroom renovators.

We combine your ideas with our experience to help design, create and deliver beautiful, functional bathroom renovations.

We look forward to creating a stunning bathroom renovation for you.

Our Bathroom Renovation Process

Bathroom Renovation Step 1

Simply contact CMD Bathroom Renovations for a FREE Quote and expert advice on 9727 3418.

Bathroom Renovation Step 2

We will arrange a suitable time with you to come out to your home and discuss your bathroom renovation requirements. We listen to your ideas, wants and needs and will provide expert advice on all aspects, including your desired design, fixtures and fittings.

Bathroom Renovation Step 3

We will measure up and list all your requirements and then forward you a comprehensive no-obligation complete bathroom renovation quotation.

Bathroom Renovation Step 4

Once you are happy with our quotation, we will arrange a mutually convenient start date to commence your bathroom renovation.

Bathroom Renovation Step 5

We complete all the works within the specified time frame, clean and remove all rubbish, so your newly renovated bathroom is ready to use right away!

We’re your Renovation Experts!

Our experienced, professional, with our attention to detail team, is what sets us apart from other bathroom renovators.

From start to finish, your complete bathroom renovation will be handled with expertise and built to the highest standards.

CMD Bathroom Renovations use only fully qualified licensed and insured tradespeople to attend to your needs. We ensure each one of these arrives with a smile on their face, is polite and courteous, respects your home and not only does an expert job but cleans up too!

All our work is guaranteed for 7 years, and we will issue you with a Certificate of Compliance at the completion of the renovation.

As one of the leading bathroom renovation, makeover and remodelling experts in Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs, we also offer our clients affordable bathroom renovations with our extensive network of trade suppliers for all fixtures, fittings and appliances.

You benefit from a more affordable bathroom renovation because we give you access to trade prices – not normal full retail prices, which can make significant savings on your complete bathroom renovation!

We pride ourselves in delivering our clients a prompt, professional and precise service and invite you to discuss your bathroom renovation ideas so we can provide you with a complete bathroom renovation cost and quotation that is affordable and without obligation.

Glen Iris Bathroom Renovations Melbourne 

glen iris bathroom renovations


03 7035 6971

Enhance Your Bathroom Experience

Glen Iris Bathroom Renovations is a champion among other home improvement companies in Melbourne, offering the A-Z of bathroom design and installation. We are seasoned experts with bathroom upgrades, tiling, latrine fixes, shower repairs, plumbing, and some more. Our team consists of qualified washroom designers, and renovators focused on delivering first-class benefits within your styles and spending essentials.

All our home improvement specialists are licensed and insured to work in their specialised areas. We are a reputable company, and we offer our services within the local building codes. We invest heavily in using high-quality materials, hi-tech hardware, and having capable workmanship. Our bathroom specialists can manage little and gigantic tasks and deliver consistent outcomes within your style and budget requirements.

Main Bathroom Renovation

Remodelling a restroom includes so many aspects, for example, replacing the fittings, tiling, and including additional highlights. Our experienced builders can redesign your restroom to make it more appealing and useful. A washroom is one of the most generally utilised spaces in a home; subsequently, it should be maintained consistently to stay valuable. Our washroom specialists and renovators are familiar with primary restroom repair, and they can deliver perfect outcomes within your timelines.

With our tremendous skills and experience, we can deal with any undertaking little to huge, private, business, and industrial. Our bathroom experts can restore your washroom, replace destroyed tiles, install another restroom, and fix showers within your budget requirements.

Our services are cost-effective and redone to suit your style and inclinations. Our restroom specialists know about shower fixes, tiling, and sink establishment. Get in touch with us presently to talk about your project and get a free design appointment.

Bathroom Remodelling Experts

Our services have brought us a long list of customers who tend to use our services from time to time and, through word of mouth alone, have been successful in gaining a foothold in this business. Over the 10 years of sincere effort, our business has grown, and so has our customer base. From small renovations to complete installations and designing new bathrooms, we do it all. 

We offer affordable services and keep no hidden costs. Right from the first meeting, you are transparent about what is going to happen in your bathroom, how it would look, and how much it will cost. From the brand and style of materials, we will use the durability and lifetime of these materials, and we list them all. As renovators, designers, builders, and re-inventors, we take pride in our job. Our choice of styles, colours, fittings, and combinations have inspired people, evoked emotions, and brought life to a dull space in the house. We list below a few reasons to pick us from anyone else. 

  • Offering free onsite/home consultations
  • Expert in planning, designing, lighting and plumbing
  • Simplified and convenient process.
  • Free quotations and no hidden charges.
  • On-time delivery of fixtures as well as plans.
  • Licensed and insured staff.
  • Only high-quality products and workmanship.

Why Us?

Glen Iris Bathroom Renovations intend to give you complete significant serenity during the redesign and renovation of your restroom.

We endeavour to deliver high-quality services by giving a more personal approach with an immediate correspondence line direct with the proprietors of the business and with the least burden to yourself and your family.

With more than 10 years of bathroom renovation experience under our belts, we specialise in creating custom made bathrooms that are unique and breathtaking.

Our mission is to make designing and building beautiful bathrooms stress-free for our customers.

We know that life is hectic and can get out of hand sometimes. Whether you’re a busy working couple, a family with young kids, or you’re looking to downsize, often thinking about renovating is just another time-consuming headache.

Using our expertise, we’ll help you choose the right materials, products that suit your style and requirements, then our skilled team of tradesmen create and install your new bathroom.

Butler Bathrooms Renovations Melbourne

butler bathrooms


1300 791 059

Welcome to Butler Bathrooms, Melbourne’s turnkey solution for all bathroom, kitchen, laundry and full house renovations.

No matter the scale of your project or budget, we’ll help you to create a beautifully designed, perfectly functional space that you and your family will love to use.

Living up to our reputation for excellent service and exceptional results, we’ll deliver a premium-quality, professionally executed renovation supported by expert full-service project management from start to finish.

With some of Melbourne’s most experienced trade professionals working on your renovation – backed by our extensive guarantees on all products and workmanship – you’ll have a hassle-free experience and complete peace of mind from start to finish.

With over 30 years of experience in the construction industry, our family-owned business is excited to work with you to restyle your bathroom, kitchen, laundry and the entire home – creating an exciting new custom-designed space for you and your family.


Whether you’re planning a cosmetic makeover or an entirely new bathroom, our experienced team is here to ensure your bathroom renovation runs smoothly, from conception to completion. 

At Butler Bathrooms, we work with top-quality products and engage the most trustworthy. Results-driven tradespeople, delivering the highest quality built bathroom to your design and budget.

Each member of our team has their own area of expertise, so however simple or complex your project is, we have the skills and experience to deliver it. And with the support and guidance of our expert project manager every step of the way, we’ll take all the stress out of your bathroom renovation from start to finish.  

We believe that good relationships are the heart of any successful project. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality customer service and the ideal result, personalised specifically to you. 

We want the design process to be just as exciting for you as it is for us. Your project manager will be on hand throughout to help you balance style and functionality and prepare a renovation plan that works around you and your lifestyle. So let your creativity run free and rely on our technical knowledge and design expertise to bring your ideas to life. 

All bathroom, laundry and kitchen renovations must be performed by a registered building company. Put your next renovation in the hands of licenced professionals who care as much about every detail as you do.

Butler Bathrooms are a family-owned business with extensive experience in the renovation industry. 

We are a father and son team of skilled builders with both domestic and commercial building registrations and decades of experience in the renovation field. Butler Bathrooms are VBA registered and proud members of Project Management Institute, Master Builders Association and Housing Institute of Australia.

Our multi-skilled trade team includes some of Melbourne’s most experienced specialists in carpentry, plumbing, electrical engineering, plastering, tiling and painting. 

Butler Bathrooms also offers a dedicated and fully qualified interior designer and a qualified architect as part of our service.

We pride ourselves on our reputation for excellent service and exceptional results – and on providing an expert renovation service that is all about YOU.

Elite Bathroom Renovations Melbourne

elite bathroom renovations


1300 487 090

Bathroom Renovations Melbourne 

We specialise in all aspect of bathroom makeovers & are dedicated to giving you a fast, friendly and reliable service. Contact us today to get an obligation free quote.

Trusted Bathroom Specialists In Melbourne

Elite Bathroom Renovations Melbourne is your go-to local bathroom remodelling contractor based in Melbourne. Our friendly team includes tilers, plasterers, electricians, plumbers, painters, and cabinetmakers who love to deliver above client’s expectations with a truly professional touch.

  • We bring years of experience, so you can trust our professional team to exceed all your expectations in regards to your project, no matter how big or small the task is.
  • We back our work with a solid guarantee for your peace of mind. Our work comes with 10-year waterproofing, 10-year structural, and 2-year minor defect coverage.
  • We’re fully licensed, bonded, and insured with all work performed following the guidelines set out in the applicable Australia Standards.

Our skilled team is ready to deliver all types of bathroom renovations in Melbourne, no matter how big or small.

We Offer Affordability Without Sacrificing Quality

There are currently many service providers offering prices as high as $40,000 for remodelling luxury bathrooms in Melbourne. As with all other types of restoration work around your home, the sky can be the limit of how much you can spend bringing your bathroom renovations to life.

However, we know from our experience working with our clients that their budgets are a lot less than that. That’s why as a rule of thumb, we believe the budget for your bathroom upgrade should be set somewhere between 2% to 3% of the current value of your property.

We have a proven track record of providing bathroom makeover services within customer budgets without ever sacrificing quality. Don’t hesitate to contact us on 1300 487 099 today, and we’ll schedule a meeting with you to discuss the details of your bathroom facelift plans.

Let us help you bring your bathroom transformation ideas to life

Starting a bathroom upgrade can be an exciting experience. It’s essential to have a clear idea of what you want and how much the remodelling of your bathroom should cost. Let’s go through few things to consider when planning and setting your bathroom upgrade for success. Careful planning is the only way to ensure the final result is functional and match exactly what you had in mind.

Your choices will largely depend on the existing equipment which you plan to replace. When it comes to shower screens, you have the option of frameless, semi-frameless, or standard shower screens. Baths can be integrated or freestanding. You could select a standard toilet or a toilet with an in-wall cistern where the vanity can be wall-mounted to give a cleaner look and more floor space. We can run you through these options during our obligation free consultation, so you’re equipped with that knowledge to make an informed decision.

When choosing the fixtures, fittings, and tiles, we’ll provide you with guidance using our in-depth bathroom remodelling experience. Your materials choice will largely depend upon whether you want a hard-wearing, low maintenance, family-friendly bathroom or a sleeker architectural look.

There is an array of specific finishes readily available for your brand-new bathroom. Laminates, melamine, timber, or paint — they all have advantages and disadvantages. Bathrooms are one of the most frequently used rooms in a home, so it’s crucial to pick material with excellent wear and tear qualities.

Finally, one thing we’ve learned over the years is that if your bathroom needs major repairs, then almost always, it’s better to complete a full renovation of your bathroom. The costs will be very similar, and you will receive certificates guaranteeing the work for your peace of mind. 

We look forward to hearing from you so we can guide you through this exciting journey!

A Bathroom Renovation Can Add Tremendous Value To Your Home

Value Multiplier

Whether you’re renovating your bathroom with the intention of selling your house or solely for the enjoyment of having a new bathroom you love, a well-executed project delivered on a budget will most certainly add tremendous value to your home. 

Research shows that even a simple upgrade to your bathrooms more often than not add considerably more value than the actual costs involved. 

However, the key to success depends on choosing the right material and finishes while keeping in mind that more modest renovations tend to hold their value better.

Keeping It Within the Budget

We work together to put together a plan to find the right material and fixtures that align with your vision, taking into account the shape, style, colour, and all other essential attributes. 

Your plan should clearly differentiate between the “must-haves” and the “nice-to-haves,” so it helps to allocate the right amount of funding to the things that actually matter. 

Once the plan is in place with a clear picture of what your facelift should look like, there’s no need to worry anymore about any potential cost blowouts. 

If the initial cost estimates of your plan come higher than your budget, you can always adjust to remove some of the “nice-to-haves” to bring down the costs. You can even consider reusing some of the existing fixtures instead of replacing them.

Another option is to do your bathroom renovation in stages. Doing some things together can give you a cost advantage compared to doing them separately. For example, it makes sense to do the tiling at the same time you upgrade your shower. 

Having said that, if you got budget constraints, then there’s no reason why you can’t delay parts of the work to some time in the future.

More often than not, you won’t have to break down the walls of your entire bathroom and reconstruct it from scratch. 

The only exception is if you have to redesign the shape and structure of your bathroom, where you have to rearrange plumbing and electrical wiring. Other than that, a fresh coating of paint on your wall is all you need to give your bathroom walls that brand-new look.

Why You Should Choose Us

At Elite Bathroom Renovations Melbourne, we have a proven track record of supporting our clients through their bathroom renovation journey, which sometimes can feel overwhelming.

Our commitment to a high level of customer satisfaction and quality has given us the ability to maintain and cultivate partnerships with highly skilled sub-contractors. 

Our electricians, plumbers, tilers, painters, plasterers, cabinetmakers, and so on consistently deliver above our client’s expectations with professionalism and true craftsmanship. We stand firm behind our work and provide 10-year waterproofing, 10-year structural, and 2-year minor defect guarantees for your peace of mind.

We’re fully licensed, bonded, and insured with all work performed following the guidelines set out in the applicable Australia Standards. 

Here are the reasons why we think we stand out from the crowd.

  • Creativity in designing efficient yet functional spaces
  • Integrity and transparent business dealings
  • Ability to deliver on time and budget
  • In-depth knowledge of Industry-specific requirements
  • uncompromising quality
  • Competitive pricing

We look forward to hearing from you to partner with you on your bathroom upgrade journey.

Absolute Bathroom Makeovers Melbourne

absolute bathroom makeovers


0424 908 383


Because we are industry leaders.

With an outstanding reputation for quality, style and expertise, we are a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals committed to delivering to our clients a stress-free bathroom makeover on time and within budget. Combining your vision and expectation with our expertise and knowledge, we take the time to listen, understand and discuss all aspects and ideas. We can provide you with the latest in product innovation, functionality, practicality and design, to fully complement your individual personality and taste.


Create your dream bathroom.

With our meticulous work ethic, incorporating our high degree of integrity, honesty and attention to detail, accompanied by our enthusiastic, thorough and realistic approach, we have quickly established ourselves as an industry leader that not only promises but delivers the best prices, products, workmanship, services and finished results. Aided by our extensive 25-year bathroom renovation experience and backing from industry leaders, holding all relevant accreditations, you can rest assured that your bathroom makeover will far exceed your expectations.


Delivering quality outcomes.

Recognising the costs associated with a bathroom makeover may be daunting; we have great confidence in our abilities, efficiency and commitment, placing a great emphasis on ensuring the best prices, products and services be made available to what is an investment in your family’s home. Let Absolute Bathroom Makeovers take the hassle out of this daunting process and guide you through a smooth and enjoyable one.

Providing creative designs, custom solutions.

Bathroom Renovations Melbourne

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Bathroom Remodelling & Renovation Company

Based in the heart of the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne and proudly serving our clients across the city, we are your friendly, local, leading bathroom renovation company. For years now, we’ve specialised in helping homeowners, and property developers conceptualise, design, and remodel bathrooms of all sizes and with world-class results. Whether you’ve just bought a home and want to enjoy state of the art features of a new bathroom, or if you feel like your property could do with an update and modernisation – we are widely regarded as a leading bathroom renovation company in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, and for a good reason.

We utilise the finest materials, we bring an incredible level of expertise to the table, and we specialise in renovations, remodelling and everything in between. We understand just how important your bathroom is to your home’s value & appeal, and that’s why we prioritise quality and functionality above all else.

To learn more about us or to request a quote, simply get in touch with our friendly team today. 

Expert Results, Cost-Friendly Prices

At Bathroom Renovations Melbourne, we enjoy nothing more than helping our clients to enjoy state of the art, fully equipped bathrooms with minimal fuss. We take care of the technicalities, we prioritise your wants and needs, and we focus on affordable packages for all budgets.

From small bathroom renovations to the largest spaces, our team are on hand to offer help and support from the offset. We can assist with minor bathrooms remodelling projects, right through to extensive redesigns and everything in between.

What Do We Do?

Once we hear from you and learn a little more about your project, we’ll be able to offer advice and guidance on how best to proceed. Depending on your needs and expectations, we’ll be able to suggest the most effective course of action for your new bathroom build. 

This could be as simple as helping you to plan your remodel, or as productive as ensuring we are the right builders for you. We can also help you to secure planning permission if necessary and then assist in choosing the ideal materials, fittings and fixtures to get your project underway. 

Full Bathroom Remodelling

Our bathroom renovation company has been helping our clients for years – and in that time, we’ve honed our skills and learnt how to maximise the results of a project. For those of you in need of complete bathroom remodelling, you’ll be pleased to hear that our in-house design specialists are on hand to provide their expertise for projects of all sizes.

Minor Renovations

Another of our specialities includes minor renovations, particularly those relating to the modification and installation of new features. From bathtubs and tiles, right through to the flooring, cabinets, sinks, waterproofing and much more – our team specialise in the conceptualisation of ideas and layouts, as well as the installation of features to suit the wants and needs of our clientele.

Multi-Bathroom Renovations

Many modern homes feature multiple bathrooms, and our experts are often called upon to update the look and feel of these spaces simultaneously. We can help to create matching schemes, as well as define unique, compelling aesthetics for individual bathrooms to suit your preferences and style. And depending on the project size and requirements, we may be able to provide a lower quote for higher volumes of work. If this interests you, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Whether you prefer a classic look, a contemporary feel, a family-orientated layout, or even a more traditional approach, we have the knowledge, expertise and resources to look after your needs. At BRM, we focus implicitly on our skillset, and this allows us to focus solely on providing world-class bathrooms with results that speak for themselves.

To learn more about us, for a quote, or to get in touch with our team – simply send us an email today, and we’ll pull out all of the stops to answer your enquiries. We are as friendly as we are professional and as experienced as we are willing to help.

It’s this combination of skills and expertise that has led to us being recognised as one of the leading bathroom renovation services in Melbourne, and we’d enjoy nothing more than helping you with your requirements today.

The team at Bathroom Renovations Melbourne has been remodelling and renovating Melbourne bathrooms for over 10 years. Whether it is renovating an en-suite or small bathroom, creating a designer bathroom or even modifying an existing bathroom to suit an elderly family member or someone with a disability, we have the specialist knowledge, experience and personal approach to ensure that every aspect of the renovation is completed to match your highest standards.

We get to know you, your project and what you hope to achieve before working with your specific needs, your ideas and preferences to create a space that will help you to relax and unwind – whether you’re taking a shower, enjoying a bath, or simply showing your guests around. We are well equipped to cater to a variety of aesthetic needs, so if you have a passion for contemporary styles or if you prefer more traditional colour schemes, we can both innovate and collaborate with you – to ensure that you get exactly what you need.

Our standing and prominence in the remodelling industry over the years have allowed us to carefully formulate unique refurbishment strategies so that we can create stunning designs and fully functional spaces to meet your specific requirements. No matter what condition your current bathroom space is in, and no matter the budget, we can ensure to provide you with outstanding results every time, without a standard factory template anywhere in sight.

We provide prompt, reliable and friendly service with quotes received within 24 hours of the initial appointment. You will be dealing directly with someone who has had 10 years of experience in the renovations field. There are no pushy salespeople and no commissions to cover. We can therefore offer realistic and highly competitive prices.

All of our tradespeople are bathroom specialists who are fully qualified in their field. Our Project Manager, Brad Lynch, oversees all aspects of the renovation from ‘pull out’ to installing final fittings. Our tradespeople arrive on time, work with the least disruption to your routines and tidy up after they have finished.

Our business is helping you to achieve your perfect bathroom makeover. We can have you enjoying your new bathroom sooner than you think. All enquiries welcome.

Where Do You Start When Remodeling A Bathroom?

A bathroom makeover is an easy way to spruce up your home. But before you start taking measurements for an open shower, you should take the time to plan out your bathroom renovation step-by-step, so you know exactly what you’re getting into.

Know What a Bathroom Remodel Costs

Before you begin any project, it’s essential to put your expectations into perspective regarding how much money you’re willing to invest. The size of your bathroom, the quality of materials you want to include and whether you’re planning to do some of the labour yourself all can affect the cost of a remodel.


Most people believe that it will only take a few days if they remodel a small bathroom, or it will take much less time than a larger one anyway. Not always this is the case. Your contractor would have to go through almost the same measures as a larger bathroom, depending on how many things you change in the bathroom. Planning does, however, include not only determining the length of the renovation works but also other intermediate measures such as ordering and buying tiles, furniture, custom-built vanity or cabinets to ensure that they can be installed when the contractor requires them.

Establish Your Bathroom Makeover Design

Before you do any bathroom remodelling yourself, you should settle on a new design that fits your vision, as well as your skillset. There are so many different ways to approach a bathroom makeover, ranging from swapping out the vanity to gutting the space and starting over from scratch.

Here are a few design elements you need to nail down before you start your bathroom renovation:

  • Colour scheme: Are you a fan of blue hues? Or perhaps shades of grey fit the rest of your decor? Know ahead of time to make sure your new bathroom tiles don’t clash with your choice of paint.
  • New fixtures: Will you replace or remodel your shower/tub? Are you installing a new sink? Replacing one or both of these fixtures will add to your project time and budget.
  • Storage spaces: Where will you keep your towels and toiletries post-remodel? If you’re removing a closet to expand the room, make sure you have shelving or cabinets to make up for the lost storage space in your bathroom.
  • Location of utilities: Do you know where the electrical wiring and plumbing pipes are located? Make sure you have accurate measurements for each of these, so you don’t end up needing expensive repairs.

Works sequence

When it comes to bathroom renovation, you can save yourself from a lot of clean up time and errors by doing the job in a particular sequence. Whether you demolish sheetrock or just repaint, you’ll always want to start at the top of the room. Remodel first your roof, second walls, and third floors so you can avoid damage to your new components.

Gather Your Remodeling Tools and Supplies

Of course, you may need a few things outside of your essential homeowner tool collection, but the exact tools required will vary based on your renovation plans. But these are a few essential tools to have on hand for any bathroom renovation.

Essential Tools and Supplies for a DIY Bathroom Remodel:

  • Safety mask
  • Gloves
  • Goggles
  • Caulking gun
  • Silicone sealant
  • Hammer
  • Tape measure
  • Spackle knife
  • Spackle
  • Stud finder
  • Power drill
  • Pry bar
  • Bucket
  • Chisel
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Hacksaw
  • Utility knife
  • Chalk line
  • Extension cord

A Few Optional Tools We Recommend:

  • Wet-dry Shop-Vac: Very handy in case of any water spills while removing the toilet or other fixture.
  • Cordless drill: It makes it easier to move around and frees up your extension cord for other power tools.

If you don’t have either of these tools, they can rent at most home improvement stores for a minimal cost.


Do not overlook the advantages of hiring a contractor and save yourself a load of misery and time.

Plumbing fixtures and features

There is no complete renovation without the remodelling or restoration of fixtures and features that may very well create a separate checklist themselves: tub, bath, toilet, bidet, stove, faucets, and showerheads. You should also upgrade your mirrors and shower doors or fix them. You can also very quickly change your bathroom look by adjusting door handles, drawer pulls, and the hardware for your doors to the tub. If you have the budget, a new set of shower doors will make your room look completely different.

Cabinets, storage and shelving

In most cases, cabinet planning, shelving, and storage solutions are difficult task. It is even more so in small, irregularly shaped rooms, like the bathroom. They need to be practical and handle all your stuff while having it easily accessible, they need to blend in with the available room to make the most of it, and they need to look stylish on top of it all.

Walls and flooring

Virtually any material in the bathroom can be used to cover walls and floors as long as it is waterproof, either naturally or with an impermeable finish. Ceramic, marble and granite tiles make stunning, highly durable flooring and wall surfaces for baths, depending on your budget and style. Other options for flooring may include cement (painted or stained), sheet vinyl or vinyl tiles that are cheap and look better than they used to. Whatever your preference, always find another key criterion for selecting the flooring of your bathroom: durability and slip resistance.


Without adequate lighting, a bathroom can be made impractical or directly dangerous, preparing for functional lighting design and building atmosphere. The first plan to maximize natural light, whereas it is advisable to have at least 4 watts of incandescent lighting per square foot for artificial light.


Though seemingly insignificant in the overall project’s greater image, no remodelling without new accessories is complete. And oddly enough, the little items like clean sheets, laundry washing, soap dishes, mirrors, towel racks, bath mats add up to the final bill. If you are on a budget, you’ll find new hand towels better than nothing.


Ventilation in a humid room like the bathroom is important. It is also a tricky job that requires careful planning: choosing the correct fan, setting the right place for its installation, and managing the electrical wiring. Poor ventilation may make your bathroom damp, mouldy and may even harm your health. However, a well-ventilated bathroom isn’t just a good bathroom. Continuous airflow will also avoid the deterioration of any wooden trim or attachments and the depletion of building insulation.

Going green

Even if you don’t care about going green one way or the other, the market is trending toward this, so it’s something to consider. And there are plenty of budget-friendly ways to add a green touch to your bathroom.

Final clean

A thorough cleaning of all cabinets, inside and out, ductwork, walls, floor, windows and light fixtures should be included in the final cleanup. While often ignored in the planning process, you might want to consider hiring a cleaning service in the case of a major renovation which means additional costs affecting your budget. You might need to add a day or two to your initial timing if you feel up to do yourself.

The last finishing touch is to install the trim around the room and mirrors. The trim is the capstone for every bathroom remodel as it provides the last bit of detail your bathroom needs to feel complete. But of course, the real last step in any bathroom makeover is to draw a nice hot bath for yourself after all your hard work. You deserve it.

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