Are Granny Flats A Good Investment?

are granny flats a good investment?
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    The lowly granny flat is typically regarded as a method through which one can add more space to their existing residence. It's possible that you have an irritable adolescent child who is looking for more space (while still appreciating the benefits of staying at home), or it's possible that your ageing mother or father is looking for a place to live that's close to the grandchildren.

    You and your family could benefit financially from the rental revenue generated by a granny flat that is used as an investment property. They are simple to construct or purchase, require little in the way of upkeep, and have the potential to be a reliable source of revenue. Find out more about the advantages and disadvantages of investing in a granny flat by reading on. Purchasing or constructing a granny flat for the purpose of using it as an investment property is not without its associated dangers.

    Granny flats add value in many ways.

    The purchase of a granny flat is considered by many homeowners to be a wise financial investment, and it's possible that it will be for you as well. As a consequence of the lack of available housing and the concomitant increase in the cost of living, the governments of Australia are gradually relaxing their attitude on granny flats, which makes it simpler to construct them and rent them out.

    The value of the property will rise, although it may not rise by a significant amount.

    The extent to which the general public begins to view a granny flat as a desirable asset determines the degree to which it will influence the final sale price of a property.

    In most cases, the addition of a granny flat will not result in a considerable increase in the value of the primary residence. Planning to build a home? MJS Construction Group brings your building project alive!

    In other words, the expense that a homeowner incurs to build their granny is typically not greater than the value-added to the property or the value that a future buyer perceives the property to be worth. It's possible that you'll end up in a worse position! There is a possibility that the additional value added to the property as a whole will be less than the cost of building a granny flat.

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    To avoid a scenario in which the granny flat detracts from the value of your property, it is vital to plan ahead and perhaps even invest a little bit more money than you had originally intended. It's probably not the best idea to build a granny flat that takes up the whole backyard.

    If you currently own a home with a granny flat attached to it and later discover that it does not conform with local building codes, this can be a significant problem for you. In most cases, a non-complying granny flat will result in more headaches for the future owners rather than added value. It is not possible to rent it out, and it may be necessary to demolish it, which would be an additional expense.

    There are several lifestyle benefits.

    It is crucial to recognise that the addition of a granny flat to your property can have significant value beyond the monetary aspect of the transaction. It is not always necessary to measure a successful investment in terms of monetary value!

    The original function of granny flats, which was to provide housing for elderly relatives, is the most valuable aspect of these structures. Co-living arrangements with elder parents are the solution that many households are seeking for as a means of mitigating the rising costs of housing and senior care facilities. Not only do the parties save money on their living expenses, but they also have more freedom to spend quality time together anyway they like. And nobody can beat granny when it comes to providing quality care for children!

    There are additional advantages to the lifestyle that may be enjoyed by older families who make the decision to construct a granny apartment. Teenagers want more space and a location where they may concentrate on their schoolwork free from distractions as they get older. When you're trying to focus on a university project but your brother is in the next room blasting his music at full volume, it can be difficult to concentrate. Not to mention those evenings spent practising the guitar.

    Additional rental income in many states

    Even while this is not the case in all states, a granny flat has the potential to bring in additional rental income. The majority of property owners in New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory, the Northern Territory, and Western Australia are able to generate revenue through the renting of their granny flats. It is possible that some local governments in Queensland and Victoria will permit it, but the decision will be made on a case-by-case basis. The situation is slightly more complicated in the state of Victoria.

    The rental income generated by granny flats has the potential to be extremely considerable, particularly for people who live in more urban regions. A granny flat is usually a welcome alternative, especially in areas where rental homes are in short supply and rents are on the rise. Tenants are far less likely to be interested in granny flats located in rural locations.

    Extra space for visitors

    The majority of individuals in today's world value having some additional living quarters available to accommodate guests. It is a blessing to be able to put friends or family up in your very own granny flat when they come from another state, since this is a convenience that they will greatly appreciate. It enables you to have a lot of fun spending quality time with one another without the stress of having to spend an excessive amount of time together. It is without a doubt a very good investment for families who have frequent visitors as well as for expats who have friends that fly from overseas to see them in order to make sure that guests have their own area.

    The Benefits Of Building A Granny Flat

    Extra rental income

    This is the most important advantage of having a granny flat on your property. The days are long gone when they were utilised as a place to store your teenager or a table tennis table. Granny flats have the potential to be a stable source of income, bringing in as much as $350 a week in major cities. Whether you rent out a granny flat on an investment property to generate a second income or you rent out a room in your own home to generate additional income, the additional money you bring in can speed up the process by which you pay off your mortgage and move you closer to achieving financial independence. Check out our selection of dual occupancy builders to see whether one of them is right for you.

    Spreading your income risk

    The majority of people in Australia are dependent on just one source of money to keep their life afloat, and that source is their job. You can create a second stream of revenue by letting out a granny flat in your property. If you only own one property for investment purposes, renting out your granny flat will ensure that you never spend more than a few weeks without receiving any rental money. If you only have one rental property and it is unoccupied, you are not receiving any money from that property each week. The presence of a granny flat, on the other hand, makes it improbable that both of the homes will be unoccupied at the same time.

    Increasing the value of your property

    The value of your home can go up if you build a granny apartment on it. For a family, they would consider it an additional bedroom for one of their older children or grandchildren. If someone is an investor, they will consider the potential for the property to provide additional revenue, and as a result, they will be ready to spend more money to purchase the property. Talk to a real estate agent in your area to get an estimate of the exact increase in value that it would bring to your property.

    More tax depreciation available to you

    Adding a granny flat to your property and renting it out enables you to make additional claims against the value of your property throughout the depreciation process. If you construct it from scratch, you will be able to claim a significant amount of paper losses, which will reduce the amount of annual tax you are required to pay as a result.

    The Risks When You Build A Granny Flat

    It could cost more than you expect

    It is possible that the project will cost more than you initially anticipated, regardless of whether you start from zero while constructing your granny flat or renovate an existing structure or granny flat. When constructing a home or other structure, there are almost always unexpected expenses that crop up. Have a conversation with your builder about what these might be and how you might be able to prevent them or, at the very least, be ready for them. Some builders may start by conducting a survey, and then they will present you with a fixed pricing that is extremely unlikely to shift.

    Increased property management costs

    You should expect an increase in the expenditures associated with managing your property now that you have an additional dwelling that you are renting out. Having a granny flat will result in higher property management expenses first and foremost, but it may also result in the creation of "shared areas," which will require you to pay for professional gardening services. Since neither of these properties provides complete access, they cannot be held fully responsible for anything. In many cases, this problem can be solved by designating specific space in both the main house and the granny flat.This article will help you make a decision about home building constructionHere at MJS Construction Group, we’re committed. 

    More potential headaches

    When there are two properties, there are potentially twice as many problems to deal with. The more properties you own, the greater the number of possible problems that could develop, ranging from concerns with maintenance to conflicts with tenants. Having a capable product manager will assist in reducing the amount of headaches experienced to the greatest extent possible.

    It may not rent, leaving you with increased expenses.

    If you are unable to find tenants for the property, then your costs will most certainly grow. Mortgage payments that are higher as a result of additional development costs related with the granny flat, as well as other associated expenses. Granny flats, on the other hand, due to the fact that they are extremely inexpensive housing options, have a tendency to rent out quite quickly in desirable locations.

    You need to ensure you have the correct council approval.

    It is now easier than ever before to acquire the consent of the council to build a granny flat; nevertheless, you still need to make sure that you have completed all of the necessary paperwork. It is important to consider some factors, such as the size of your block and how close it is built to a fence.

    Making a Granny Flat Investment Work for You

    A clever and low-cost option to increase both your income and the value of your property is to build a granny flat onto your existing house and use it as an investment. To ensure that you do it correctly, please follow the instructions that are outlined below.

    Know the local regulations

    Different states have different legislation regarding granny flats. You are not allowed to construct a granny flat on your property in the state of Victoria, for example, unless the person who lives in it is considered to be dependent on you. In most instances, you are required to remove the granny flat in addition to that person's move.

    You should check the regulations with your local council or the state government before beginning your construction project. This will guarantee that you are allowed to build and that you are aware of any restrictions that may be imposed if you do.

    Choose the right builder.

    Your choice of function will determine whether or not your granny flat turns out to be a profitable investment. Choose a partner who can:

    • Is dependable, timely, and honest in all dealings.
    • Specialises in the construction of granny flats.
    • Has relevant insurance.
    • Provides a diverse selection of possibilities for the design.
    • Utilizes Vendors With a Strong Reputation and a Well-Known Name
    • Possesses a valid builder's licence.

    It is also a good idea to enquire about seeing one of their completed projects so that you can go on a tour and get a firsthand look at the level of craftsmanship they provided.

    Know the costs

    Always be sure to receive at least three quotations from different trustworthy organisations before deciding on a supplier and beginning construction. You should ask each provider for an estimate that covers everything, and you should make sure that you have a good understanding of how much any additional work will cost (e.g. connecting of services like plumbing and electricity).

    Once you have all of these quotations, the next step is to determine whether or not you can afford the construction without experiencing any undue financial strain and then choose your prefered function.

    Prioritise liveability

    In order to turn your granny flat into a profitable investment, you need to make sure that it is the kind of place where people will want to rent an apartment. This indicates that it ought to have a lot of natural light, a private or semi-private entrance, and a design that is both practical and appealing. The addition of amenities such as a small deck, premium fittings, or split system heating can result in an increase in expenses, but it might also enable you to charge a higher rent and boost the value of the property.

    Currently, granny flats are experiencing a meteoric rise in popularity. With the help of a brand-new granny flat, you, too, have the potential to increase your monthly income and accelerate the payoff of your mortgage if you do your homework and select the correct builder.

    If you had the option of spending $100,000 on a granny flat, which is an investment that makes less than $8,000 per year, has limited potential for capital growth, and makes your property less sellable, or spending $100,000 on a deposit for two properties that are below market value, offer promising growth prospects, and have neutral cash flows, which option would you choose?

    If you invest in two of these types of properties, you will have equity that you can utilise to raise your net worth position and leverage the money that you are investing to accumulate more; the larger your portfolio, the better your chances are of retiring early. See our list of available builder services melbourne to help you make an informed decision for your treatment.

    Nathan has stated that he would prefer to put his money into real estate investments that have a neutral cash flow, good growth potential, and are purchased at a price that is lower than the market value. They present a significantly greater opportunity for increasing your asset base and accumulating equity. It's possible that having a granny flat will bring in some extra revenue each week, but beyond that, they don't really have much else going for them.

    A granny flat can be a profitable investment if you have sufficient room on your property and the suitable location. Be sure to investigate the many investment opportunities available to you and gain a better understanding of the associated risks before making a decision about whether or not this is the best investment choice for you.

    Granny flats are becoming increasingly valuable as a result of the growing population in Australia and the increasing congestion in its major centres. A parcel of property that has the potential to be quickly developed into a granny flat will likely see an increase in value. In the future years, residents of Australia will inevitably be forced to start becoming more inventive in terms of the living arrangements they choose to make. It's possible that the granny flat will turn out to be the perfect investment for you.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Granny Flats

    The average price of building a granny flat in Melbourne ranges between $81,000 and $120,000 depending on the size of the structure.

    Granny flats can also be used as an investment property to generate rental income for you and your family. They're relatively cheap to buy or build, easy to maintain and can provide a steady source of income.

    Mobile homes (“on wheels”) are typically the cheapest option for granny flats.

    Victoria is the only remaining state that does not permit leasing out a granny flat

    Granny flats are growing in popularity among those who'd normally struggle to buy homes, such as some newlyweds and single parents. This is because granny flats take less time and less money to build than conventional houses.

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